Extreme urban climbing in Russia

22-year-old photographer, Rufer and admirer of urban climbing Polatov Max demonstrates a new extreme fascination of the Russian youth.

1. Max Polatov balances over Moscow at an altitude of 130 meters, hooked foot behind the beam. Hanging in hundreds of meters above the ground, this daredevil plays in "climbing" version of Russian roulette. (MAX POLATOV / BARCROFT)

2. Small groups of young people have decided to conquer the tallest buildings in Moscow, at the risk of being detained by the police or accidentally falling from a great height. Photo: Max Polatov on the spire of a skyscraper at a height of 120 meters. (MAX POLATOV / BARCROFT)

3. Max conquers skyscrapers in Moscow 17 years. "Many people think I'm crazy - he said. - But while I hang over the edge of the building, I fully concentrate on your body and always plan all your actions in advance. I am not afraid, because I have to keep cool. But I would not recommend others to repeat these tricks without special training. " Photo: Max hangs over the edge of the building, caught his feet 80 meters above Moscow. (MAX POLATOV / BARCROFT)

4. "The majority of my photos I'm doing at an altitude of more than a hundred meters. So that death walks behind me, but I'm trying not to meet with her. " Photo: Max hangs from a building "Scarlet Sails" at an altitude of 180 m. (MAX POLATOV / BARCROFT)


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