Banana roll jerboa

"Lateral impact truck while trying to turn. The machine is not cool.
The car is 300 km from Moscow, is it possible to deliver it directly to you? »

And so succinctly and "right in the forehead" in the format of a short telegram everything and we brew ...

We rented a car with a paddle and understood - how dangerous these reversals on the slopes ...

Very, very lucky that everyone is alive. A little more speed and a little worse than the brakes would have trucks and would give oaks not only the body of the Korean Tucson.

But right after scratching his left shoulder wagon driver still managed to ...

Here is such a blow to the left side was a nice crossover

In this starboard led a little bit, and that gave us hope to restore the banana

Doors in smyatku

Door trim is also stretched, with mounts

Roof "house»

Roof rack afield into

Press the left hit the threshold with a floor

Rear view shows how the rear wing led

Donor roof was found in this form, but it is cheaper than anywhere on the disassembly

But we are in fact right roof rack and do not require

The left-pillar with a threshold even got

And the back door.
Then, after a couple of weeks, we brought more front door and rear fender ...

Remember this one a wonderful view of the jeep covered raptor?
Hidden survey just out of the frame of the Tucson and conducted ...

But we ran forward ...
Hunted in the repair zone, that's what a hole in lobovuhe

Parse car repair
As MChSovtsy - cut out the front door on the left ...

Here is a view of an interesting
Top like and not so scary hall doorstep ...

A little less than a threshold - you can see how far gone the entire lower part of the threshold
And it wrapped roll ...

The back of the threshold generally boiled

The lower part of the B-pillar with a threshold twisted

But the full force of the blow took the top joint of the center pillar roof

Lucky that the joint endure impact and not torn on

Otherwise, bad things would be the driver ...


Parse salon hereinafter - the roof "house" inside view

Polurazobrannom car throws to stand
And tries to fix it there ...

Only here's the problem - the sill flange on the left side (standard mounting location of the body on the stocks) tightened all ...

Long or short - Make temporary additional fasteners and firmly secured body
We pull him a lot more ...

But in order to be able to pull the body - it should dissolve
Cut the first threshold

Pull the face of the car, almost removing banana

Then saw off the rear left wing

Grabs the rear spar and remove the taste of a banana on

Then we have all the snap off the left threshold to the average reception
This is how elegant remains of the floor
And it clearly visible waves!

The cut of the outer metal and amplifier threshold

Now, with a horrible screech pull the remnants of the floor

We manufacture custom krepezhik and try to recover 10 tons of hydraulic force amplifier rear left wing back

In order not to speculate on the stars on the size of the Korean factory, where and how to pull - to help us come good Avtorobot:

Hands reach for the Bulgarians again, she screams while and now the roof is not present at the Tucson

That wing is not present and does not have a roof ...

Donor cover we prepare
Otklёpyvaem with donor unnecessary us crumpled roof rack right (but here it is a whole)

Process the slices as the donor of the roof and pounces on the body

So if the curve is obtained simply "throw the roof»:

And this is exactly aunt-in-aunt, is obtained if to throw, fix, tighten, erode, tweak, succumbing :)

But the very process of the outline-pritёrki:

Now, the roof there, but I do not know about you, but to me that something is missing ...

Exactly - the threshold is still to be with the reception!
Otherwise - where the hell is this here to close the red door?

The second part of the ballet marlezonzkogo tightening gaps threshold + rack + roof
And that we still have not brought back wing !!!

We continue to build order out of chaos

How to install the rear wing so that the door closes zadnenkaya dark hair, and at the same time and to the trunk lid is not bulging?

A scrap-pillar, little crumpled, so also misses an entire roof!
Hydraulics stretches this little problems

Welded together the B-pillar and B-pillar roof and tighten hydraulics so that this thing was moving in one piece ...

Well, like everything is closed and get to the axes of the axis!
And about the rear wing of the forgotten ...

As in the joke about the "pool passed - athletes jump - soon and give the water" - the end of the body work - we bring and the wing :)

The wing we put, as if something was missing :)
IDA word passes through the mother of the one who brought us to this wing ...
Triangle at the junction of the wing and the roof looks good in principle ...
Maybe there is a ventilation hole?

Enough jokes stykuya door to door

And boil first amplifier
And then the outer metal

It turns out that's a doorway front left door

Also cook roof rack

Outside and inside

That's the outer seam metal turns

But the front of the cook
Many were probably interested in how we decided to rake the triangle?
And I will not tell, guess!

Boil rear wing on points
And ennobles the disc grinder their appearance

Loop through the wheel arches

And here are the results obtained touring activities for banana

Rack mean successfully docked

Well, here is a "box" made Deputy Director of the Department of sudden plugging the vents :)

We handle all standard tsinkarёm seams and seam sealant

Roof rack is not over yet ...

They get their final form when we generously cover all the corrosion-resistant primer

We do the same thing with the main front of our work - to the left-bottom threshold

Prepare to participate in a road accident details to paint, hood derive

The boot lid

And so on ... Well, for a long time or a short ... but the whole board is ready to paint, primed and dried

Ghonim chamber faster

Paste carefully

And spread paint on all sides of the gun on the painted surface :)

When one Avtomalyar lacks growth to paint the roof ...

Immediately appears Avtomalyar other, more experienced, it is in the form of stool, it climbs one that did not get ... and ...

And we prepared the roof !!!

Attachments paint separately

The trunk lid also paint

And all the wings

Yes dilators arches hatches fuel tanks

Kicked out piping hot
We hang all the gum on the openings

Paste the window rear left

And it is the right size !!!

Spread a carpet on the floor

Screwed the whole skin (with a showdown on the left side of the procured)

Spreads door zazorchiki dancing!

Lobovuhu paste and hang a mirror with a ribbon of St. George, which was previously hung here

And at least one item is not yet able to take us - expander rear left arch
Expels the cold handsome

At last!


We carry it to the sink and do a full dry cleaning
Since interior parts, and suffered in the accident, and changed


We consider the details





Bring back the expander, paint it and put






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