Connection to Sky — qigong for getting rid of diseases and prolonging life

Complex “Connecting to sky”

1. The purpose of learning the complex— to achieve fast health effect and a high degree of disclosure of mental abilities.

2. The principles of a variety of complex

The student throughout the course of employment must adhere to the following principles:

  • to be relaxed;
  • to follow the speech;
  • to remain in a calm, peaceful state.
3. Three main features of the complex

a) the Complex simple and accessible for any age.

b) the complex does not require immersion in “the rest”, it is reliable and safe.

C) the Acquisition of property does not require a long time. The complex consists of six sequentially linked exercises, and in fact – of the six elementary movements, which can quickly be taught to people of different ages, different cultural level, having a poor memory. Exercises can be performed standing, sitting, lying down, while walking, at home or travel. Not required creating a special atmosphere that allows you to learn anytime and anywhere.

During class you can freely speak, listen to music, watch TV, because they do not need to close your eyes, immerse yourself in “the rest”, “to concentrate the mind,” focus on the outbreak of the disease. Exercises are easy, fun, and you can slightly sing, to dance. Thanks to these features, the complex is completely safe

Only 1 – 3 classes, you will learn how to get rid of diseases, prolong your life, boost your brain power.

4. The complete “heavenly bell”

Sixty four million fifty one thousand eight hundred seventy three

 Original position (rice. 1 – 2).

Renounce all vain, bring yourself in a relaxed, serene state. On the face of a light, barely noticeable smile, eyes open, hands in front of chest, palms folded.

Mentally (easy, effortless) say the name of the Creator of the complex. The exercise can be performed in motion, standing, sitting (including the Lotus pose), and lying down.

Joining hands in front of chest with palms together and fingers pointing upwards, ready to begin execution of the complex.

Exercise 1: “listening to the celestial bell”

Fifty million seven hundred ninety four thousand two hundred fifty four

(rice. 3 – 6). Close both ears with your palms and run 9 strikes the fingers on the back of his head, then abruptly take away hands. Perform the exercise 3 times. If you are lying down, tapping on the head can produce. Return arms to original position (Fig. 2).


Exercise 2: “Climbing the heavenly stairs”

Fifty four million eight hundred eighty seven thousand four hundred eighty four

(rice. 7 – 12). Imagine in front of a staircase leading into the sky. Imitate climbing stairs, hands simultaneously or alternately clutching the railing, and feet, or performing voluntary movements (pacing forward, in place, patentovedenie), or not moving. If the exercise is done in the Lotus pose, the legs should be at rest; if in the sitting position – you can simulate walking in place or not moving them at all; in prone position the legs are at rest, you can also make them move up and down.

Regardless of the position of the body movements of the hands and feet must be coordinated.

The exercise can be performed with the music. In this case we recommend medium or slow tempo movements depending on the physical state without counting the number of “steps”. When performing exercises the hands should not rise above the head. Return arms to original position.


Exercise 3: “Go for sky bridge”Thirteen million six hundred seventy six thousand eight hundred fifty eight

(rice. 13– 17). Bring your hands in front of chest, fingers pointing upwards and follow their pendulum motion left and right in a medium or slow tempo (the fingertips should not rise above the chin), accompanying these movements with light slopes of the case in hand. During the exercise, you can slowly walk, stepping in place or do not move. We should not forget about the coordination of movements of hands and feet. Performing the exercise while sitting or lying down, follow the requirements of exercise 2.

Movement perform quietly, with a smile, turning away from all problems.

Return arms to original position.


Exercise 4: “Enter the gates of heaven”

Twenty two million nine hundred seventy four thousand one hundred seventy four

(rice. 18 – 23). Place bent arms in front of chest with palms facing forward, fingers up. Start hands soft rotational movement in front of him in the same direction in a medium or slow pace. After some time, change the direction of rotation. The amplitude of movements is chosen arbitrarily, but should not be too large. During the exercise from time to time change the direction of rotation of the hands. If you are tired, you can stop and rest or to continue practicing sitting or lying down.

While exercise can be walking, dancing, stepping in place or do not move your feet. Performing the exercise while sitting or lying down, follow the requirements of exercise 2.

During class stay in a calm, detached state, forget about their diseases, feel healthy and strong, don't think about the result, it will come by itself if you exercise diligence. Return arms to original position.


Exercise 5: “Inhale the heavenly aroma”

Thirty nine million one hundred seventy six thousand six hundred ninety seven

(rice. 24 – 28). The index fingers of both hands 18 times lightly press down on the point Insan located in the nasolabial hollow under the left and right wings of the nose, and then “breathe” fragrant cosmic Chi. Following this, placing the brush palms against each other, in a medium or slow tempo spread them to the sides and again hold to the wings of the nose. Movements should be soft and graceful. Attempt to feel the heady heavenly scent of the waves penetrates into your nose.

Doing exercise, walk, dance, stand still or walk in place.

Requirements to perform the exercises in sitting or lying down similar instructions to the previous exercises.
During the class we have to forget about themselves, to open themselves to the light, the pain and difficulties others to perceive as their own, to enjoy the success of others, to give people the love and warmth of his heart. Only through giving yourself to others, you will be able to move forward in their classroom. Return arms to original position.


Exercise 6: “to Take a heavenly shower”

(rice. 29 – 41). Is the long-awaited rain. You are completely immersed in his grace-giving streams, the streams of water purify your soul and body, there is a feeling incomparable ease and joy.

The exercise consists of three parts:

One) Hands are freely lowered downwards with palms inward. Gently shake out with your fingers (Fig. 29).

Two) Continuing to shake fingers and hands, arms out to side palms up, as if trying to catch the rain. The arms can be raised in front of chest, overhead, arbitrarily them to move or keep still. The main thing – that the palm is turned upwards at an angle. The duration of the second part is not limited and is determined by the physical condition. You can give up and take small breaks.

Seventy two million eight hundred five thousand five hundred fifty five

Three) Stroking movements move hands alternately on both hands from top (shoulder) down (not touching the skin). Execute the movements gracefully and gently. Similarly, follow the movement in the direction of the head – face – chest – abdomen (see Fig. 39 – 40).

Six million two hundred thirty two thousand three hundred sixty nine

All three parts can be performed repeatedly in the sequence or selectively.

During the exercise the legs can stay at rest or to make any movement. In the latter case, be aware of the need for their coordination with the movements of the hand. Return arms to original position.


Final stage

Four million six hundred seventy seven thousand eight hundred forty eight

(rice. 42 – 48). Keeping calm, think about what you already took from the Creator of the complex naturalnuyu and razprostranen information high energy by “connect to the sky” and you can to conclude the session.

For this:

  • with a subtle movement, place the palm of your hand, superimposed on each other (men – right hand on top for women – on the contrary), at the navel and run ‘them for 18 spins in the other direction (change of direction does not matter) in a medium or slow pace;
  • RUB your palms against each other before the advent of heat;
  • RUB the face 18 times: tightly pressed hands to her cheeks to lift them up to the middle of the forehead and return to her cheeks;
  • knock teeth 36 times.
  • Return arms to starting position and lower down.

Exercise daily three times, each time from 30 minutes to one hour. If you do not have enough free time, you can do in 5-10 minutes.

Even after 3 5-minute lesson can't move on to other cases without performing the final stage. If the occupation does not exceed 20 minutes, it is possible to reduce the number of movements performed in the final stage.

The complex can perform both counting and without counting movements. The number of movements, their amplitude, motor load are selected individually depending on the patient's condition. The criterion is the absence of fatigue, a feeling of lightness and elation.

During the execution of the complex does not need to close your eyes, sink into rest, “to concentrate the mind,” focus on disease outbreak, to Ordinariate breath.

In the period of mastering the “Celestial qigong” is recommended to suspend classes in already developed methods, as well as learning new techniques. Classes “Celestial qigong” does not have a negative impact on the results achieved in the course of practice other related complexes.

It is not recommended to engage in a bad mood, after drinking, in a state of fatigue, during a thunderstorm and strong winds, near venkatarama, draughts and strong noise. It is impossible to do in the rain and Patsy in cold water immediately after training.

Before the start of classes must vacate their bowels and bladder.

The direction and time of classes are selected at random.

Classes this complex is contraindicated in people with mental illness, seriously ill,

The most effective group classes under the open sky.

During class complex “Connecting to sky” should be a lively, liberating atmosphere. You can talk and joke with partners, singing and dancing. All movements must be performed at a slow or average pace in accordance with the main requirements to the exercises, the fatigue you can take a break to relax. If it is not possible to perform a set in full, allowed selective execution of certain exercises.

To master the “Connecting to sky” it does not matter what other systems “Celestial qigong” has already mastered, as well as newcomers and Amateurs the Gong and those who practiced other techniques.

It is necessary to remember: the main thing – moral self-improvement and then the development of technology.published 


Author: Cagni, Letang (S. Sergeeva)


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