Two simple exercises for health and youth

In order to feel happy is necessary to the health of a person.
Lack of energy, chronic diseases, the presence of pain or stress from illness consuming power, make life sweet, hard, turning it into a struggle with the disease. In this struggle, he lost even more strength and health.

But the disease does not have to fight - a disease assistant and adviser. You do not agree?

The fact that the symptoms of the disease your body signals to us - here is the problem, look for power failure

. Today, it is not news that our body is surrounded by an aura - thermal field created by the operation of the cell. This field has its density, size, and color. The field has a specific vibration frequency.

In a healthy person the aura - the energy field - has a uniform structure, density, and the vibrations in which all organs are working in concert optimally

. The harmony of this field can be disrupted by external influences - electromagnetic fields from outside the influence of people, climatic differences, and internal reasons - stress response, internal conflicts, fear, uncertainty, anger

. Any disease - a violation of the harmonious functioning of the body, any disease is noted in the structure of the field

. Violation of the field - is a violation of its density, strength, uniformity, frequency. It is a violation of a harmonious functioning of the organism cells.
Therefore, it is important to restore the structure of the energy field, the work of the cells - and our body feels healthy

. I work as a psychologist with the inner human reaction to stress, and when you change the state of mind of a person, his power is restored.
But there are many schools - mostly eastern areas, who work directly with the body's energy. These schools are and qigong, and yoga, exercises of which I am using to restore their energy and recommend to their customers.

Today I offer you a few simple techniques that align and strengthen the body's energy. The regular repetition of these exercises gradually increases your energy potential, energy removes the lock, cleanses the body and mind from the harmful toxins and accumulations. The result - a healthy body and rejuvenation of the body, as the cells are updated more quickly, energy is added, and the stagnation of the blocks disappear

. You do not become a master of Qigong or "advanced" yogi. Quite a few exercises per day to maintain and restore their health, body recovery, which often is no traffic. In sedentary body all processes of renewal, purification and liberation from negative occur very slowly as a result is the accumulation of stress from negative influences and the organism ceases to cope with an excess of toxins, stress, emotional and electromagnetic loads, emerging diseases - signals violation of the body energy
To help the body cope with the excessive load, add some power exercises into your daily routine and life will be much happier than you thought before.
And now, a few important points about the exercises:

Exercises are done quietly in breathing mode. Movement adjusted to the breath, and not vice versa. Breath - movement, breath - the motion. Do not rush and break the rhythm of breathing.
Exercises are done smoothly without jerks and overvoltage. Imagine that your body is molded from clay or a fluid. Then the energy is redistributed evenly and does not injure the body of excessive load.
Exercises are done in the morning on an empty stomach is the best time. But you can do during the day and at night before bedtime. Or several times a day. The main condition - 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal
. and certainly do in comfortable clothes and ventilated room or outdoors.
However, it happens that these rules are an excuse to delay or cancel classes. It is not possible to engage in the morning, can not ventilate, for some reason, after 1 hour, dinner, do not fit into the schedule.

Perhaps I will be condemned for sedition. But I think it is better to do in uncomfortable clothes, in an unventilated room, and immediately after school to eat, what not to do at all.

Often it is difficult to find a few minutes in the hectic lifestyle for employment, and the rules further restrict. From my own experience - I began to do the exercises just to move in any situation, in any possible situation. And by the time involved, I felt their performance, and I wanted to carry them out under suitable conditions. And when a person wants, he will always find an opportunity.

Therefore, another advice - do not bother to conventions. Just follow.

And most importantly - in every move, looking for what is pleasing in every breaths. Pay attention, as the muscles stretch themselves, as air fills the lungs, as the crunch, becoming the vertebrae in his place as warmer and more fun skin is blood running through the body. The pleasure of the exercise - the most important element of the effectiveness
. Observe that has improved compared with the previous day.

Engage should regularly -. It is at least 3-4 sessions per week
And now a few exercises to warm up:

Follow them at any time of the day to revitalize your energy. Any number of pleasant, from 5 to 20.

Rub your hands together, bringing the energy to them. Warm palm press-to-face, covered their cheeks and eyes. Feel the surge of energy to face relaxation.
Use your fingers to stroke the eyebrows, and then from the middle of the forehead to the temples.
Stroke along the contour of the face from the chin to the ears.
On the neck - from the bottom up and top-down front - on the sides
. From the top of the head down to the head in different directions (to the ears, forehead, back of the head), as if revealing the crown - there is the crown chakra, which helps the body to be in contact with the cosmic energy
. Again, rub the palm of your hand and right hand index and middle fingers, rub the top and bottom lip at the same time.
Mash up the heat of the clavicle, expanding hand in the form of letter V - thumb along the right clavicle, the other 4 fingers - along the left (for right-handers)
. Plane palm heat the sacrum - the beginning of the spine
. These simple exercises influence on the active points of the body and helps promote energy, preventing it from stagnation.
And finally, two wonderful exercises from the book "The Art of Chi Kung" Author Wong Kew-Kit. This is a great master, he studied and taught the art of Chinese legendary Shaolin Temple for 30 years, brought up during this period, more than 8000 students from different countries. Here I quote excerpts from this book:
"Lifting the Sky" - Exercise for health promotion

Chi Kung - the art and crafts, and not purely academic. Practice is required.

The following exercise is one of the best in Qigong - is helpful for both beginners and for masters. Moreover, some deviations are acceptable in the implementation of technology, even small errors.

The form of Qigong is not an end in itself, its task - to create a flow of energy within the body

. However, it is extremely important to breathe smoothly. Usually, beginners try to breathe as deeply as possible. They think that the deeper the breath, the more force will arrive. This is not true. Classes Qigong not only inhaled air, but cosmic energy. Efforts during inspiration often impede the flow of cosmic energy.

Another prerequisite is the ability to relax. Doing exercise, free your mind from unpleasant thoughts. These three points are fundamental to all Qigong practice. However, for the novice, a complete stranger with qigong, even they can be difficult. Dont be upset. For some time, just try to do the exercise without any tension.

Stand up straight, relax your muscles, legs put together. Hands down dip.
Turn the hands fingers meet so that there is a right angle between the hand and forearm.
Palms send to the ground and keep them in front of him (Fig. 1.1).
Raise your arms forward and up. The palms point upwards, towards the sky.
Keep your forearms perpendicular to them (Fig. 1.2).
Performing hand movements smoothly inhale through the nose.
Look at the fingers, raising his head. Gently hold your breath.
Apply palms up to the sky, keeping them perpendicular to the forearms.
Then lower your arms through the side down, gently exhaling mouth.
At the same time lower his head and look forward (Fig. 1.3).

Repeat the exercise 10 to 20 times.
Each time, moving his hands toward the sky, feel like back straightens. Dropping his hands, feel the flow of energy downward along the body.

This exercise is called "the rise of the sky." As in many other cases, it is deceptively simple shape. Important is not the form itself, and the flow of energy generated by the exercise. Follow if only this exercise ten times every morning, not missing a single day for three months. The results will be quite noticeable, and you will understand why "the rise of the sky" - one of the best qigong exercises

. The second exercise

If you are still young, but you feel like an old man, if you are already over seventy, but you want to be young, read the following lines from the poem Yu Lu Maybe they will give you hope and inspiration.

"Happiness - to be healthy and to live without fuss. At sixty, I climb the mountain without a cane. Ninety-chi fills me with vigor and strength. I look through thousands of books. ยป

Keep the moon and be young

Obviously, the mere reading of these verses, although they inspire and give hope, will not make you young. But if you regularly perform the following exercise, you will achieve the desired result (and it has been tested by many students). Exercise is called the "maintenance of the moon"

. Do it in the open air opportunities
Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, so as not to impede the circulation of blood and qi. Always dress well to practice qigong, and recall the recommendations of the last chapter - relax, breathe smoothly and free from extraneous thoughts
. Stand up straight, relax your muscles.
Then tilt the body forward and lower the relaxed hands down so that the fingers were slightly below the knee (Fig. 2.1).
Keep your arms and legs straight.
Touch the chest and chin to give your back
rounded shape. Gently hold your breath.
Imagine how the flow of qi rises from the anus along the spine up to the crown.
Slowly straighten the body, raising his hands (at the elbow bend) in front of a large arc (Fig. 2.2).
Continuing the movement of his hands, run them in a position above the head; at the same time gently inhale nose.
When the hands are over your head, imagine that you are holding a ball the size of a full moon.
Keep his thumbs and forefingers of both hands.
Continue to bend, shifting the hand back of the head.
Imagine if you are holding an imaginary ball-moon.
Then, stand up straight, lower your arms to the sides (Fig. 2.4), while making a smooth exhale mouth.
Imagine a top-down flow of qi along the body from the head, flowing like a waterfall to the tips of fingers and toes.
Feel the pleasant, anxious feeling, as if the stream is flowing inside your body.
Imagine the flow of internal energy takes all the excess out of your body: the negative emotions, disease, toxins, etc. The mud leaves you and goes into the ground through the feet
... At the same time fill the life energy every cell of your body, imagining myself healthy and young.
Do not move a second or two to enjoy the pleasant sensation of energy bottled inside.

Exercise finished. Repeat it 10 - 20 times

. "Maintaining the moon" can be performed alone or in conjunction with other exercises. You can, for example, start with a "lifting heaven" by doing it six times, then six times to perform "maintenance of the moon." Over time, you can gradually increase the number of povtorov- and surprised to find that the younger by the day!


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