20 hardened optimists who take everything from life!

A real optimist difficult to knock out a positive track. They do not give in to difficulties and always go to meet them with a smile. Here are a few examples of extraordinary optimism.

Optimists do not know this word, "unlucky". For them, any situation - space for creativity:

Trivia ...

What did not come up, not to go to school

Let them all laugh, the main thing - inner harmony

A short test of optimism. Half empty or half full? B>

Some people believe that optimists do not happen. Simply, there are people who do not have enough information about the world

And remember that if you can not change the situation - change the attitude to it

The main thing - is the belief in a better

Motorists even those optimists ...

View from the window of an optimist

When you're always 18

One foot in the grave

These guys always find pros

And in front of these people have to take my hat off

I want 150,000 salary, but do not know how. Well, not optimists?

The shark bit off the hand of the guy and he made tattoo

: Fishki.net

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