6 female qualities for which take a wife

Let's try to deal with the main female character, through which you can acquire the status of his wife.

There are different opinions about what to whom men prefer to marry. And the poor lady trying to squeeze themselves in certain standards. Let's try to deal with the main female character, through which you can acquire the status of his wife.
Remember the popular Soviet film "Girls"? Many phrases from it for a long time went on the quote. However, it has one episode left unnoticed. In it a young man is surprised - why de our guys do not marry Anfiske, because it is so beautiful? A senior peasant replies, "At these do not get married!". But it does not explain why.

Anfisa plays one of the most beautiful actresses of Soviet cinema Svetlana Druzhinin. And then take it - "for such do not marry?" On the beautiful do not get married ?! Anfisa flirt, fashionista ... Men mad about her, and she turns them Wert. Why should not marry such?

On the other hand, small cook Tosya by Hope Rumyantsev wants to be irresistible to "the boys fell in front of her own in the pile stacked" ... The idea of ​​a socialist morality permeated the film that is not taking marriage for their beauty, but for the working drive and something else. Now another time and other priorities.

For what qualities are now taking a wife?

1. For beauty
This is clear. Women's beauty - almost the most tradable commodities on this planet. For her to perform feats and create madness. Every man wants to be in the shower beside beauty. Just not everyone admits it. However, an attractive companion of life - very expensive. She knows her worth. And the owner of a luxury woman must always be on guard - suddenly obscured. By the beauty of the mind is not required, money, education, fast maryazhny success is guaranteed by definition ...

But look around - every second or beauty alone, or it stretches trail of failed romances and ruined marriages. But most of those who belong to the category average looks, built out.

It turns out that much more willing to take his wife for ...

2. In the discreet appearance
Quite common - beautiful, interesting and probably robust design for a walk before the wedding a man marries a kind of "gray mouse". Looking for a pair, often you wonder what makes this homely lady with such a handsome man ?! Psychologists explain this phenomenon is simple: knowing how demand is physical attractiveness of women, men prefer to take in a life partner outwardly notable persons. Fear, so to speak, from the rear attacks younger rivals ...

Last but not least in marriage will take ...

3. For the mind
It is natural. This interesting Well silly, unable to run the economy prudently, wisely spend her husband's, hard work earned a penny? Again, clever wife well-mannered children. Since it would be nice (and useful!) To go to an important event - not breccia stupidity, but can affect validity of judgments and present charm subtle humor. This woman - the wife of a great presentation, but! There is a catch - as if not to turn from self-identity in the "husband-so." And again - if she will teach all my life, all the while taldychit - do it, do not do this ...

So, not a bad option to take a girl to marry ...

4. For some silliness
French - ardent advocates of this type of female attractiveness. "The beauty of that for a fool" is called. With such an easy and pleasant to his wife - himself seem just an intellectual giant. However, silly wife even more expensive than beautiful. For farming have to hire a housekeeper, and his wife, it is desirable to fasten a coach who will teach her to speak in public as neutral phrases. This woman is the wife of worship and obey him unquestioningly. But at one point, her eyes are chronically rave wildly bored ... But here, have their own "but": if she only pretends to be a fool, but in fact behind the husband sells his company's secrets, and even with your best friend changes.

That's why forward-thinking man take a wife ...

5. for education
Education, as a cough - or is there or not. And his presence is evident. Wife-eruditkoy possible, sorry for the rude word, to use as a free internet. But her surprise, amaze and captivate permanently will be difficult. You should be interested in it, and it is very difficult, you do not Anatoly Wasserman + Jim Carrey in one bottle.

If a man wants to protect itself from such problems, then selects the lady of the heart ...

6. ... With the formation of the brain uncomplicated
And here we return to step 1 and continue to go in circles. Some believe that is unlikely to take marry carelessness, laziness and a tendency to idleness, squabbles and gossip. But it is full of ladies with this set of qualities that thrive as a wife. The fact is that if a girl has aimed to get married, she will make sure. On each of our maiden-lady quality, positive or not, there is a desire, and usually not one.

For every man with their own criteria and needs, developed from his upbringing, mentality, education, outlook on life and whatnot. So is it worth to us, is not beautiful, or beautiful women, smart or not, educated or without higher education and trying to adapt to change something in yourself? Absolutely, that every woman can find her prince.


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