80 interesting facts about the bear

The largest bear that ever lived on earth - giant korotkoklyuvy bear. He was twice the size of modern bears. Scientists believe that he had very long legs, and they hunted antelope in the North American prairies. Korotkoklyuvy bear became extinct 12,000 years ago.
Sloth bear fur has the longest and the shortest sun bear fur, which allows easy transfer heat forests of Southeast Asia.
The most accurate way to determine the age of the bear to count the rings on the cut of his molars (this is done under a microscope)
Bears have two layers of wool. Short (undercoat) to keep warm. Long layer protects from water.

Bears are very intelligent animals, some individuals learned how to throw a stone in a bear trap for their trip that allows you to safely eat the bait.
The life of bears in the wild, about 30 years old. The oldest known bear living in captivity 47 years.
Bears have crooked legs. This gives them a better grip and balance.
Only polar bear predator. All other bears are omnivores.
In solar bear claws among the longest of all the bears. They also have the longest tongue, which can reach 10 inches in length.
Bears can reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour, it's fast enough to catch a horse at full gallop. The most famous person from living Usain Bolt can run at a speed of 27 miles per hour.
The shape of bear claws differs depending on the type of bear. Bears climb trees have curved claws that allow them, clinging to the bark of trees. Bears, who are looking for food on the ground, such as grizzly bears, have direct and long claws.
Bear koala bears no relation to the bears. They are marsupials.
Normal pulse bear 40 beats per minute. When the bear hibernates pulse is reduced to 8 beats per minute.
Black bears are not always black. They change color from black and reddish-brown to light korichnevoovgo and almost white.
Unlike many mammals may bear a visible color.
In the world of the most common brown bear.
The polar bear can jump out of the water at 2.4 m to catch seals.
Stomach polar bear holds up to 68 kg of meat.
Do pandas have an extra "thumb" (which is actually a wrist bone). He is climbing on bamboo stalks. Panda can eat more than 20.4 kg of bamboo stalks a day.
In the giant panda is very large head relative to its body. Scientists believe that this is due to the fact that the panda needs strong muscles of the jaw and neck to eat bamboo, which is 99% of its diet. The remaining 1% consists of insects that can be found panda.
Favorite food bears wrasse - termites. These bears no front teeth, so that they can easily suck the insects from their nests as a vacuum cleaner. They can also close the nostrils for missing the trash them.
Bears eat almost everything, including the famous case of eating bears seat snowmobiles, motor oil, and rubber boots.
About 98% of grizzly bears living in the United States live in Alaska.
Polar bears can swim up to 100 miles without rest.
Bears see almost as well as humans. However, hearing and smell bears much better. Smelling the bear is about 100 times stronger than humans. Polar bears can smell the smell at a distance of 32 km. Also, they smell a dead seal at 3 meter layer of snow and ice.
In 2004, in Seattle, Washington, was found unconscious black bear. Around him were dozens of open beer cans. Although the choice of a bear was wide enough he drank only one beer. After drinking, the bear tripped.
The word "bear" - an old English word meaning "bright brown".
Party symbol & quot; United Russia & quot; - Bear.
Big Dipper is the third largest constellation.
Bear is a distant relative of dogs, wolves, foxes and coyotes.
The polar bear (Ursus maritimus) is the largest bear. The male polar bear can reach 10 feet in length and weigh up to 1500 lbs., (More than 15 adults). Females polar bear 50% less than males.
Polar bears - the only species of bears, which is a marine mammal.
Polar bear fur color varies from ivory to pale beige. However, under the white fur black leather hides necessary for better absorption of solar heat.
In 2008, a Canadian was attacked by a grizzly bear. He is survived by pretending to be dead. The bear eventually lost interest and left.
Sunny Bear - the smallest of the bears and has the size of a large dog. It got its name from the spot on his chest, like a setting sun.
Of the eight species of bears, four live in the Southern Hemisphere and four in the Northern Hemisphere.
Spectacled bear - it bears living in South America.
Nearly two-thirds of bears in the world live in North America.
In the Arctic, live from 21,000 to 28,000 polar bears.
The oldest known bear lived about 20 million years ago and was the size of a small dog.
Bears have never lived in Australia and Antarctica. Although bears do not currently live in Africa, found fossils that prove their presence on the continent. Scientists do not know why bears do not live in Africa today.
Polar bears have a 9677 hair per square inch.
Most bears are born without fur. Only polar bears and giant pandas are born with a thin white fur.
While the majority of bears bare legs, paws polar bears have fur on the grounds and between the toes. It is necessary to reduce heat loss in the cold ice.
Like people, all except the panda bears go putting your foot on the ground completely. Other large animals - including dogs, horses, and even elephants - are only on the toes.
The claws on the front legs bear more than claws on their hind legs.
Bears are the only predators who regularly eat meat and plants. For this reason, they have different teeth, especially for meat and plant foods.
During hibernation, the bear did not defecate.
Newborn brown bear can weigh less than one pound. In adulthood, his weight increased 1000 times. If people have grown as it bears in adulthood, they would have weighed more than 6,000 kg
People in Asian cultures traditionally used in the bodies of bears for medicinal purposes.
Gall bladder Asian black bear sold at public auction in South Korea for $ 64, 000.
Asiatic black bear has the biggest ears of all the bears.
Only about 1,000 giant pandas live in the wild today.


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