Michael campfire. "I like to love people"

< Anatoly Golubovskii
Mikhail fire - director, artistic director of the studio "Black Square", business coach and just an interesting and mysterious person. For the year of regular intercourse I can not say that I learned it.

< -Misha, let's start with the source. How do you, kid with a bright future sports and even in such a turbulent time as the mid-nineties, has brought to the theater?

-All Very simple. My closest friend, with whom we are friends since high school, enrolled in a theater mime, and I was late. And for some reason I really like the theater. Maybe because in Pioneer, as a child, played Chipollino, even some fairy-tale characters ... And the food in the tram, I see the ads - "Set in a drama school. Education is free. Shevcheneko Boulevard, 27. The third floor. Listening was then. " Small such vizitochki. In Anatoly Nikolayevich (Neelova, the founder of the theater "Black Square") they may have survived. These cards then, every summer, paste the entire Kiev. Pasted everywhere - in the hallways, trams. Embedded ads PVA, they can not be pull out, many hung over the years. Perhaps even now hanging somewhere. Where long repair did.
I saw, remembered, came. Was interviewed. Came to the exam. Handed over. Passed the disgusting. All were against my enrollment. But I took Neelov. With the wording "for sincerity."
I can say that this decision, it changed my whole life. For me that he'll always be eternally grateful. He gave me a chance, I used 200%. If you say why he did it ... This is a man of great wisdom and tremendous experience. He sees very thin people can predict their growth. I have that much evidence.
In general, I am very lucky that I took the exam to him, not yourself. I would not take myself then! :)

< Well, the vision Neelova legendary. And about the experience - whether it was him at the time of your income?

-In The first place, we do not judge. And secondly ... I did in 1995. The studio has existed since 1991, that is, by the time the last four years. And so you know - now come to the exam 100-150, and then over the summer viewed from three to five thousand people. People had less money, but more time. And there was no internet. People looking for what to do outside of the media. What then? Five TV channels, video - and all. So, theatrical studio - it was cool and interesting.

< -Ubeditelno. You said that a drama school radically changed your life. What do you think you would wait without theater?

-I Do not know. I do not like the subjunctive mood.

< -Pozhaluy, yes. Why did you chose for further study Canada?

-All Very simple. I've got a sister.

< Canada -As you have lived five or six years


< -There you participated in productions of Olga Shvedova.

-Yes I Am. I played John in the play "Judas Iscariot". This is a very famous performance. She put it in Canada. Played in Chekhov's stories and something else, the name of which I can not remember for the prescription.

< -So, you were actively involved in the productions. Why, then, has returned?

-Very Many reasons. But first, at that moment, there was a better performance. And still better. As strange as it may sound to people who think that if they pereplyvut ocean, where they await rivers of milk and milk and honey. In general, my specialty - directing, directing movies, teaching, training - there is much more work.
Second, the "Black Square" at the time was just starting out on the level at which it is now. In 2006, there were no rooms on Artem - was only Shevchenko Boulevard. There was nothing but going to be. And it was very interesting to participate in this in my small forces and capabilities.

< -You internally - more director or coach, teacher?

 - It's like asking: "You are no longer husband and manager." This is a completely different role. They can not be compared.

< -Because they are in different areas. I asked you about the skills, the husband - more related to the social sphere.

-I Disagree with you. I think that the "husband" and "wife" - a profession. But everything else - love, lo & s - can be completely and without a family. But when people get married, they should understand that the "husband", "wife", "father", "mother" - a profession that involves a number of knowledge and responsibilities that are not associated with love, s & om and others. These are the people of the XIX century understood perfectly. But it is - a separate issue. So I do not measure, "Who am I more." When I was with the disciples - I'm a teacher. On top managers - business coach, rented a movie - a film director in the theater - theater, mounts - film editor. And in every role I have to think and communicate with colleagues in quite different ways. When I'm an actor - I'm not directing. I obediently :)

< How did something in the classroom when you dopekli and patience was exhausted, you're in the hearts said that he could sit in the studio and edit movies for four pieces of tanks per month. And all this does not have a headache with slaboobuchaemymi the Studio. But, apparently, you're from this headache you get a buzz?

-)) Well, of course, like. In our hearts can say anything. And in general, do not believe everything I say. Not because I say the truth, but because it's all very situational. At that moment I thought so. And now I do not think so. I - the man of the situation.

-that Is, in any situation you can play the "other self»?

-Do Not quite true. The question of the situation and the need.

-In The short film "Lunch" you have a very interesting actor's work. While in the classroom you repeatedly stressed that you still more directed.

 - Maybe a few years ago I had a right to a certain one-sidedness. :) But there is some development. So now my past is not important. Now I - anyone: actor, director, and artistic director of the studio, and teacher, and business coach. At the right time to switch - and developed in parallel in several specializations.

< -In the short films "Children", and another - with Lena Kostrova and Anatoly Neyelov, unfortunately, could not find it now - a theme, and deep, but quite heavy.

Is the apparent severity. Heavy stuff people make the viewer. When we evaluate something, we, consciously or unconsciously, we choose how to treat this. Can be treated within their own stereotypes - cry, say "fu, how disgusting," and can be discharged. And consider the material. To go beyond their own "I". Maybe look at the material eyes of another person. Find it something new for themselves. But since it requires effort, then ... So the theme makes heavy viewer. The director, most often, does not feel that the severity.

< Well, I do not know. "Come and See" and "The Diamond Arm" will still be perceived differently. And the depth of the issues raised in the first, does not alter its severity.

-Of Course. But this statement. What is the question?

<-question - why did you raise these issues? You want to "pull" these problems to the surface?

-No. I explore. I like to explore.

< -Ponyatno. Tell me, do you see well, you know the people?


< -Oshibaeshsya often?

-I Do not keep statistics mistakes and successes. I'm not interested. But, sometimes, mistaken. Like all. People generally unknowable. Because it is interesting to study.

< -Easy to exchange views about the person, if you know what was wrong in the assessment?

-Of Course. And in a good and bad side. This is common. You must be adequate to the situation.

< You did not like to participate in the theater "float." Consciously distantsirueshsya. Is not it such a disengagement departure from an objective assessment of the situation and the people? In order to avoid cognitive dissonance.

-And Why should I? That's it - the extra information. Firstly, most often it is absolutely pointless conversation. And, secondly, I prefer to think about the people better. Very often observe the behavior and statements of a person, you know that he did not leave you a chance to think about it well. So I try not to overload your brain superfluous information.

< -In 2008 you received the Grand Prix for his short films Mobile Signs.

-I Still trying to take in this regard interview. For me, it's weird and I do not see any sense.

< -Do not see the point in the interview, or the very mention of the film now causes irritation?

-Film - Cool. I recently during an interview at the First National, asked him to turn. I reviewed it, it short - 3 minutes. He's a good, are still relevant. And the title «Signs» correct, more accurate than the Russian "Inscriptions", because the English have a double meaning of the word. Successful film. Light, looks good. I was shooting, in general, more to himself than to the competition. Competition - so, excuse.

< -You took him on a mobile phone. And he said in an interview that, in general, no matter what to shoot. Important - that. Probably still - how and for whom. That is, are you doing it for yourself.

-Of Course. By and large, all you need to do in the first place for themselves. Especially when you do something for others - should feel a strong desire to spend themselves for the sake of these people.

< What would you like to stay in?

-I Do not like such questions. It is very abstract. Need specifics.

< Okay. You are invited to Hollywood tomorrow, offers a million fee, but they say - to act on now till. Nothing can change.

-All Very simple. Either you do a unique product, taking responsibility for all aspects of its uniqueness and you no one dictates. That is, you are responsible as a director and as a writer, for absolutely all creative aspects and, therefore, do everything as he sees fit (within budget).
If you do not you dictate the conditions, it must dictate prices. Because you, de facto, not hired as a director and as a director. It is clear that the producers - general, executive, creative, etc. are responsible for a variety of product quality and artistic features, but in this case you - polurezhisser. Because the director - a profession absolute.
And if in the first case, you can work for a purely nominal fee, in the second - only for the high.

< How did something in the classroom you said that you do not understand how you can tolerate next to a man who's stopping you, is not necessary. And that he can make it so that it literally tomorrow will not be in your life. It's really so?

-I Very easy to part with people.

< -Has not mean separation for obvious reasons - people went somewhere or areas of interest gradually dispersed, namely the force option. To put it simply: "disappear from my life»

Well, why is it so rough. There are much softer options. You can just stop communicating. The point is not that this man - "Dr. Evil". The most common situation in life - and this is where people seem to be pleasant, and you treated him well. He's just wonderful, but nothing new, interesting chat with him you can not be held. Therefore, you do not want to spend time and talk directly about this embarrassing. So - just stop communicating. Time - irreplaceable resource.

< Hmm. Then I realized it's completely different. And you've expel someone from his group in the studio?

-Very Rare. This was due to three factors: disciplinary, intrapersonal (I understand that a person is sick or inadequate) and technical, when a person does not accept me and my teaching methods. In such cases, I advised the teacher who would this man went to his psycho, expectations. I believe this is correct.

< -Conduct training with commercial entities interested in material terms, and allows us to develop some facet of your personality?

-Slava God in my life, the material aspect of anything is not determinative. Money can not generally be objective. Just a resource. The same as the time, food, etc. Business training - a challenge that allows you to once again test the strength of the system efficiency. Training - it is always a very limited time. It is a day or two. A maximum of three. Sometimes several hours. During this time, people need to be trained. Now I like a business coach that level when I do it easily and efficiently. The system is great. It includes only effective techniques and exercises, there is nothing superfluous.

All coaches "Black Square" in demand. We employ a large, international companies, business schools. It is said that "the viewer votes rubles." So, corporations and companies - twice. Because our work brings concrete results and allows to improve the efficiency and quality of life. For me this is the biggest incentive. I like to do it. I like to love people. It motivates me.

< -Traditional question. Immediate plans.

-Razvivat Studio school. We are growing. Every year the effectiveness of training is improving. We want to train more people and do it better. To grow the number of class actors, the number of hit productions. In the early summer has released ten people. At least with my course "B". This is from about 200 who came to learn. It would seem that a little bit. But it is totally unique, completely original actors. Secondly such is no longer anywhere. They can play everywhere - in movies, in the theater. Would like to see the quality is constantly growing. Especially because unlike Theatre Institute we have no problem to release 40 people a year. Less is better. Will be more valuable.

-Odnako Anatoly spurs - let's more, no one to play.

-Yes I Am. But the quality of acting - is that on which stands the theater. So it is better we will release 10 more in the next 5 And they will be no one else similar. As Glory Nikonorov Masha Krushinskaya Dima Basy, couple Golovanov Alexey smoking room Lena Vahrameeva and many others. Our artists - the embodiment of the method of improvisation, they embody the idea that infect the viewer invisible magic that makes our unique theater. When you go to the show, and remember these faces, reactions that are not made from the same script, very loose, lightweight ... Returns Lightness of Being, the joy of life. The world becomes better.

Thank you and see you in class

-Up Meeting.


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