Nikonorov glory. In the group were two men who played badly - I Fyodor.

< Anatoly Golubovskii

My companion - actor "Black Square", director, poet and wonderfully enchanting personality. His game - like an explosion of firecrackers. How touching something elusive about what we remember as a child, but then happily forgotten.

< -You came to Kiev to go to college Poplavskiy the faculty of directing?
-Actually, I came to enter the Karpenko-Kary, but did not take me there.
< Why do you think?
-How Then told people in the know, at that time everything was "under control." And, choosing between his talent and corruption, choose, of course, corruption)) I entered the paid department in the University of Culture, and have no regrets. In general, I think there is much of a difference. Much more depends on what your teacher. Will he give something to students or they will be his "damn." I got to the middle. In principle, it was fun to engage with us, but there were things that amazes me. For example, he could spend the lesson "Learning the basics funny", accompanied by a photo CD from the "Comedy Club". In order to understand how humor affects the person. And we are in the classroom for studying directing "Comedy Club". He laughed. And sometimes he read us Chekhov. Just read it, without explaining anything. But at some point, he, again, it was interesting to us to deal with. In the other - not very.
< How did your life arose "Black Square»?
-In The Institute, I met with Dasha Malkova. Now - a wonderful thing - it in Chernivtsi, and I do not even know what does. Do not I met her - now I had not been in all the current circle of friends. Since all - of the Cheka. Dasha's brother Dima played in the "square". Dasha decided to enter and invited me to the exam. See support. I looked. Realized that, in principle, can not worse. And the next day, on Sunday, came and went. Pretty dashingly. Before that I was in two plays, I liked it, but the flow - quite accidentally))
< -Hodyat persistent rumors that the beginning of his training in the "Cheka" you were, to put it mildly, not very sure of himself. Is it true?
-Meet At 100%. Imagine - I come to the university. And there I am in good standing. It's not that the coolest in the group, but I feel confident. And I come here - go here Titans. Neelov that brow touches the heavens and the stars showered on me ... I was afraid of him literally to tremble at the knees. If you go to the studio from the subway "University", then there is a certain place where I started shaking knees. It was some fear of greatness, or something. You could even say so: I went to the university to assert itself, and in the studio of the Cheka - samounichizhatsya. In the group were two men who played badly - I Fyodor. He does not always come, and it saddens me. Because it automatically means' no, I - the worst. I could feel it, you know. And when the girls chose the guys on "10 minutes before and after the s & a," I chose the last, and then, as a wave of his hand - for lack of choice. And I always lived with this feeling. And when was the first screening, and found out that I was - it was very unexpected. Neelov has announced the list so interesting - loud and clear naming names past, comes to my - and as something vaguely, almost under his breath, "Nikonorov." I did not even know my name sounded or it seemed to me. I turn and look at Dasha, she stares in return. Yes, all were surprised that I passed. But then I did not do anything for the first six months and I was kicked out.
< -You kicked out of the Cheka?

Well, more accurately, I have not passed the second screening, because he was completely passive. And insecure. Anatoly just so me and nails it: "You're not sure of himself." But parting, said: "It will be good to see you next time." Without pathos, calmly. But it said CAM Neelov. And before the next set, I called him. Asked me to come there. And he replied: "Of course I do, come." And I came. Could not come. So, we can say that the Cheka I pulled the identity of this person. Titanium incredible as it seemed to me then.
< -How magically transformed into your insecurities title of "Best newcomer»?

-I Learned more than a year in the studio before the first time came in the flesh. Not very well. I played up like a dog. The maximum that time - say a couple of sentences. But the second entry into the Cheka I began to actively write sketches, rehearse and show them to be friends with the staff and not to attend classes terrified muddle, in general, once joined the team. The exam I prepared very carefully. I had a terrific monologue about suicide, for which I am, in fact, has been awarded the praise. In the university helped me a lot with his staging of the teacher. Anatoly monologue liked, he showed me the audience - I played three roles in sketches. As a result, I have in a little over a month - end of April - May - megaskachok occurred. In China - the economic miracle, and I was able to make a theatrical miracle. Neelov noticed. And noted. Of course, it played a big role in my future career.
< -Your style of play - with unexpected accents, a touch of the grotesque - it's more innate or already found you in the search for the best options?

Well ... it is clear he was looking for. But it seems to me that any man, when looking for your style of play, always finds something that can do the most simple and easy. What is "it." I would hardly could find something else. We're looking inside yourself. Perhaps this is the most comfortable way for me.

< Yes. But it still must be found. Misha Campfires once cited the example of Sasha Rozvyakova - until he decided on his current style of performance, he has not really worked. And found - and immediately break.
And how are you serious roles - such as in the "Room of Eric?" I liked it.
-I Do not really given serious roles. More precisely, as in my view, it should be played, I could not play. And serious roles, I almost never performed. In them I feel insecure. Maybe from the outside it looks good. Thank God.
< -Vyglyadit interesting. Unexpectedly. And the surprise effect can some moments outweigh everything else. Even the quality of the game.

-You Know, of course, would not want to play all the time idiots. I would like to play something, I'm sorry if sounds went, "demonic." Oh, and another about the nuances of the game ... I'd like to add to it the movement - the movement of the hands, mikromimiku. I like to look in the mirror and find twitching cerebral bag, some other invisible, seemingly small things. For me it is - a hobby. And so fun to play. When you live all. I understand that a little bit grotesque genre, but it's cool. And if you know how to do it - why not?

< -In short film «№ 304" you are quite different. I had to restrain themselves? I understand the work of the camera - a completely different format, but all the same?

-Actually No words. They took a man who can do anything and was not allowed to do anything. Told not to move. That is, I took all that I can do well. In fact - to say the text - that's all. I do not like it.
< Yes I did not love it. Why do you need this role?
Is a problem №1. I come to play sketches, suggest the director, I think the best option. Show some experience. And he says - it is easier. On the camera, it looks good. Of course, when the rest of the game I just look at their background is inadequate. But it's so boring and disappointing when you do not give the play. Imagine - I know how to design spaceships, I was summoned by SCS, say - come urgently. Come and give me a job - to make ten thousand grinders. I am puzzled - well, how ... And I - ten thousand grinders, and not clever.
However, being a director, I understand that in a sense they are right. And we need to do what they want.
< -B "professionals" - the same feeling. That constantly restrain himself. Playing the minuscule. Say, take it anymore, but if you want, I can so. However, the work itself is memorable.

Well, first, there to play that way and it was necessary. And secondly, when you come to the site, you constantly sharpening little demon - anything supporting the director. Because like you see how you can make steeper. But this can not be done. That you humiliate him in front of a group. And if you say in your ear, is also unlikely to enjoy. In general, it makes no sense. Everyone must do their job. So - to restrain or not to do something that requires a director. That "ads by Slava Nikonorov" I did not hold back. Learn as my granny from "Vitalka" and "Professionals».
< -Why did you have to karate?

-Zahotel Try. I am far from the sport for me to walk in the ranks - is absurd. But I was wondering - what is the meaning of karate? You have come to dress up in a kimono, all these rituals ... and stand three hours mashesh fists. Repeats the same movement is very calm, measured by looking at a line drawn twenty inches from the ceiling. You can not look anywhere except her. And it seemed to me - it's such nonsense ... For this it was necessary to go to the forest, but I strangely enjoyed - white men in white robes waving their hands, sensei says - you need to practice one move 10,000 times. The only way to learn. But in ten years we'll all be masters.
< -By about 10000. One group of researchers wondered - what are the necessary conditions to become a top violinist. I do not know why no guitarist or drummer - can any of them as a child from a nearby window gamma impressed, but started to study it. And they found out - 10,000 hours of classes for 10 years guarantee getting into the world top. 5000 - just a very good specials. 2000-3000 - will delight family and friends. It may be sufficiently less time - depending on the inclinations of birth, etc. But 10,000 hours for ten years - 1,000 per year - 4 hours per day (excluding weekends and holidays) - a guarantee of getting into the top of the world. And, as it turned out, in any case.
-Yes I Am. And why not? Hollow in the brain. Signal makes its bed - and multiple repetitions bring certain reactions to automatism.
< -What formats of the Cheka you closer - "flesh", "mafia", pure improvisation?
- "Mafia" I do not like. I found a time when she was a little different. Now it is no longer built on gegah. It so happened, and it was not bad, but it is the viewer comes to that. Therefore, the insert in this format can not be something deeper.
I like pure improvisation. But I can not play it at that level, so I would not be ashamed before the audience. There have been several successful approaches, but it was an accident.
< -A if sygrat10000 time?
-I Would come out. Not invited. When invited - I never refused. Besides, I feel very bad after such performances. It seems to be over 8 years it is time to learn to accept such injections, and experience, of course, be acquired, but it unpleasant. And one life, and I want a positive. But if summoned - get out.
"Flesh" me closer and clearer. But at some moment they became impossible to play for real. When any thought has a right to exist, in you there is a natural inner contradiction. You give some topic, and the rest is to be cut to the quick and surprise. This is something artificial. After all, if you're an adult, self-confident, self-sufficient person, many of these so you do not particularly affected. Or the reaction will be different. But it will not be so interesting.
< C on the other hand, it encourages you to not only raise serious and interesting topics, but also the most interesting on their "feed».
-All So. But based on the size of the "flesh", the image of a smart person is boring. For the theater is not interesting.
< -You once mentioned that out, for example, on pure improvisation when on-site smoking room and Golovanov, very hard, because they give the event at such a rate that God forbid time to throw in my couple of sentences. Clearly, the pace is needed, otherwise the audience will get bored. But it is not lost if the depth of?
-Of Course, lost. You just need to intelligently combine them. How is the depth? If, in the interval tempo you speak quickly, you radiated energy is distributed, for example, on 5 words. And then you slow down, and every word becomes more compelling.
< pic even from overheard in the classroom. You said you prefer to play with weaker than yourself, partners. This enables you to open more as a director. That is to say, with Golovanov or Nikitenko you play harder?
-Do Not so clear. On one hand, if the partner with "blunt", it can pull the situation. Therefore, if in terms of complexity, the handling easier. On the other hand, if you take along a beginner, then he becomes a partner on whom he can rely on. Neelov says: "Play with stronger partners. Will grow implemented. " And I play with weaker partners and also to grow. This is also something to eat. Rusty, being a support for someone. Well, this nuance - against this background you will always look cool)) Maybe it plays a role at the subconscious level
< -Your project - personally for yourself or that threatens to escalate into something more?
-Just Write poetry. Since 2008. They began to make out here in this book. A website posted to read. Someone, I do not remember who advised. More than one hundred twenty people read - and well. Although, I would like more, because the poems are good. What-what, and in this I barely understand.
< -You studied at the Faculty of directing and successfully completed. In the near future we will see some your performance?
-At The present time I have learned a text-man show. Decided that having the opportunity, very disappointing to spend a lot of time on the show, do not participate in it as a director. "Who is the director?" - "Nikonorov" - "Ohhh!" Of course, when you're on stage, it seems to get all the viewer. But when you come up with it yet ... Steeper - only if the same and write it. But as a writer I'm still so-so, he took a solo performance. I will not say what. Let it be a surprise. Unfortunately - little free time. When a person writes paintings, like my dad - it is easier)) locked in the studio - and figachit brush itself. And I have a social commitment to the profession and by many people. Shooting, rehearsals, to help someone in the admission interview here still)) Therefore, the schedule for doing so than you want is quite difficult. You got no hurry, but himself. And always something you postpone.
< -You give the impression of a rather gentle man. How easy is it to maintain discipline in the classroom?
-between The way, I'm a class of children. So - is easy. You know, I love to scream. With adults, however, did not have to shout. And children are sometimes adjusted. And in the classroom, in fact, I'm a little fun of all. Sometimes I play a little bit of a madman. Especially coming to new. Let them think that I'm a sort of guru. This, of course, teach. Just such a form of submission. But at that moment, when I shout - I have absolute faith that I am Satan)) By the promise - a very evil and cruel. In real life, I do not have to I'm on someone so react. And even not so important as it looks from the outside, I really feel inside pure righteous evil. Just - oh, what evil !!!

< -Narabotok to fully carry out their group, already?

-by Secret - if the set will be larger than last year, then this is an option. I - for. However, there is one point. Knowledge lot, but they unsystematic. But the process itself is extremely interesting and have a desire to teach. And enjoy this get incredible.
< -It is noticeable. And in the classroom, and on "appartment." By the way, "appartment" walk out of a sense of duty - "we must help»?
-No, I'm curious. Another thing is that employment is not specifically allows - rehearsals, installation and so on. But if you have time - do not refuse. I remember the moment like a girl came up to me and asked to play together. That is, approached me, gave her hand.
< -So, still pay the debt?
-No. It somehow sounds so ... I have to do. And it is not because I am obliged to that some debt. Me it's just nice to do.
< How did you film director now somewhat involved?
-No. In order not to lose the skills, I occasionally shoot short films. By the way, pretty good. I like it a thrill. I plan to stay in and a great movie, but in the more distant future.

< -Tematika plot?
-So Far no theme, no plot. Just have the desire. When understand what interested me at all in this life, then come and plot, and themes. And the possibilities. If not financial, the intelligence to realize it. Years, say, 30.


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