Maria stated: "I want to earn love. And to my actors earned"

Anatoly Golubovskiy

In the world all by accident. But not more than once. I accidentally met on the set Sonya Toropchina. If by chance the questions she asked? Arbitrary. But I learned about the project "Tram". Well, then it is no coincidence that suggested to talk to the author of the idea — the Director Mache Karaman. And it is no coincidence that we had two meetings — to view the performance and after. Because after Dating the second time was impossible.


-How did the idea come from and why the tram?

-Started with the fact that I created the theatre laboratory "Karaman". For a number of years, a range of actors who work personally with me. Or asked to work with them

I mean, you worked with them as a teacher or..?

-In different directions. As a teacher. As a friend. As a Director. At first it was small pieces — helped with the filming of the series, arrives.

-As Director, screenwriter or all together?

-All together. Then I was brought in Boryspil theatre. Made one play, the second, the thought came: "why not do it in Kiev?" There is a circle of actors, ready to work to begin on the enthusiasm, but I need to look for your style to evolve. The more you put the better. From September 2015 beginning to realize. The conditions were rather hard: the performance for the month. And attendant circumstances have no value. Should be done in time. Point.


Failure is not feared, but a necessary requirement to be treated professionally. Everyone is responsible for its: I — the directing, script, music, PR company — separately, the actors — images and the embodiment. The problem was, but the plan was executed four months — four performances. And then came February, time to think how and where to move. With the actors in terms of trust and the resulting practices — a full order, but there was a need for motivation.

-Motivation what? Ceased to feel, to grow or in terms of financial?

-More likely to play to the audience. We played in the library "Swoggled". There is a great room for chamber scene, I brought the professional light and sound, but the outputs were not enough. If you put someone's — immediately raises the question of copyright.

-And the audience was their resource?

-Began to come to the neighbors — we hang up the posters. But still, without advertising the viewer back to entice difficult. And to advertise — you have to pay. If you pay, we charge money and we do it had no right to it, library — government.
But I was able to assemble a team with which to move forward.
So, copyright. Once they sat down to discuss what to do, I say, "There's a story seems to be based on real events, from 2001. Maybe just a rumor... a Little inadequate Mademoiselle, tram driver, fell in love with a man. Somehow, when he rode the tram to the end and were the last passenger, she managed to lock him in the car." Laughed at the story and forgot.
And in a week got together and said, "why not?". Have their own experience, some stories, let's try to collect all. And to make the tram...

Under best practices refers to a number of sketches, which you can build in one storyline?

Not quite. Was the basic story. Had lots of fun theatrical version. It was necessary to insert them into the story and make a light funny romance. At first I was terrified when I decided to make the staging of the tram. On the one hand, the best possible decorations. And no, haven't done this before. And how to do it? But it was immediately clear that to take on "serious", heavy material, if success in the production of something light.

-Do you think that something tragic can "go" on a classic stage? We now know so much around that this genre is better not to touch. Except that the tragedy with a laugh

-I think even better the genre of the phantasmagoria...

-Easy nonsense...

-... With a hint of hope. I already do have experience.
So. Started this project "from a lantern". Released play, and without any advertising companies, with huge technical difficulties. But when released — started wild excitement, calls. We had something just a Facebook page. And, frankly, we were not ready to such turn. Thought — practice, get experience. Was generally the idea is to make consistently in the tram, the funicular and the metro... in any non-trivial site

-Direct the post-Apocalypse of some kind))

Now theatres much. Need to surprise, but what? History, referred to in the statement happened before I left Moscow. I went to study. Learned acting, he worked as an assistant Director, in 2012 he returned home.


-Married)) But outside of this fact I wanted to return Home. Moscow is a beautiful city, I learned a whole lot there, but live there don't want to.

-Again why?

For me, Kiev a comfortable city. And hence I will not want to leave. At least their craft, I saw nothing. Attended — was in the troupe, then the other. In addition to the theater, never existed.

-Or would not?

-Yes, time is simply not there. Only when I returned to Kiev, exhaled...

The beaver, exhale?))

Yes)) And got very hard: nobody knows me, nobody needs me with her skill and skills? In fact, only after "Streetcar..." a wave...

-Well, we know that in this field, as in few other, very important aspect: "Who? Maria Karaman? Of course, I do." So the work on the authority — a mandatory condition. And confidence in the directing and acting — is visible from

-Yeah)) So "a Streetcar..." I "pulled". On the directing will not say, because the Director without the will — not the Director. Started to do all the work. Now is difficult to assess because the eyes are "blurry". In principle, I do not set the goal to deliver a performance that will "bomb". Everything is much more adequately: the more material I can prepare for the stage — the better I'll be ready for the Big Show.

You do performances for two actors?

Yes. I feared that a greater amount to collect will be much more difficult...

-Yeah, I know. Either type, at least two of at least for the period of rehearsals, or no one knows how long this process will take...

Yes, Yes... And I am very pleased that we did it quickly and coming actor joined the show very quickly and organically...

-Well, here partner and Director also considerably depends.

-Of course. But I'm glad we have a great match, so we will continue to cooperate.
And again about "Tram". The biggest challenge: to sit down, to go. To dream and to miansarovoj need in the space of the performance. And I fantasize in the library. You know? It is difficult for me, difficult actors. Thank you that they trusted me. It was a very difficult time as to make the actors fused with the tram? In no other way chamber effect, the viewer will feel it. The second problem is when you have already agreed with the depot and got on the tram, the first thing I realized — not enough light. And another sound...

Are you only doing this in one car?

-While — Yes)) In General, there are a lot of technical issues, including on the route. And was a very important point — development actors at the time of the first performance — and it is very difficult. For me the moral and psychological risk ends at the moment when you sit behind the console — I'm taking the whole process in the light/sound in a moving car.

-Jesus... You're still sukari, master of light and who else?)))

-Yeah)) But there the switch is actuated from the Director I'm going to technique, experience with light huge — childhood love. Although, the tram light is not particularly play, mode one, which is enough for all needs. In addition, for a laptop to do this problem — if you work with the mouse, then heard the clicks, the touchpad uncomfortable. But that personal stress, she did the most to resolve)) But. From the moment I turn into the technique, the actors get a huge psychological stress. Spectator — two feet, and even closer to believe in the circumstances very difficult. I tried to make this melodrama a maximum amount of humor. Not so much in the text, as in the subtexts, some action, and it is difficult to children: here the humor here, laughter through tears, but here very seriously. And all this in peak load, need acting depth and range that I do not know how to teach... basically fooling around as they could. Spring, love. But love with the dramatic shade. But in the space of the car is different. There sverhnaglost. Space is minimized. But the boys are happy. The actor, who joined the production after the premiere said that he likes all the material, terms, partner, Director. All very cute and nice.

-Sonia said about the same. I watched as she searches for the character during filming — easily, accurately, quickly and accurately, I liked it and she said that she is very comfortable working with you and, most importantly, feels the growth.

And I am interested in working with her. She does everything with great dedication, not to save themselves plus understands my thoughts that I did not always coherently convey to her. "I got it" and does things I never said, but only thought. But we need to take her next step, to develop further, there is much need deep material. Think about it, about the next steps

-Someone you have supported the idea of a "Tram"?

-We are now helping with the rehearsals and technical issues kievpasstrans, for which he thanks, because without this support the project would not have taken place, I would have found another location. Although you still have to twitch — all the same road, suddenly the tube, something else...

And was stop because of traffic jams?

Yes. The question I decided. But the solutions are suitable for this particular performance. For other will not work. But if we will help on the technical side, I'd get to put some more. Classics even want to do there. Zweig, "Amok". Dream-dream.

-Opensource projects, eh. Easy-peasy. Let's really "waiting for Godot".

-No!)) To such philosophical emptiness I need to grow. But, if you still need to take "difficult", then I would like to make a "Wall" of Sartre, Zweig — he rushes like water, the tram has to "go", "Karenina and Karenina" — just dialogues, without any extra characters. That's what interested me and the actors.
And easy — some detective of Hitchcock's fiction. In General, one of the goals is to try more genres. New developments and technologies.
Start with a light, yet audiences like. Age categories have not yet been taken, but the expected reaction to the jokes yet have. And when it turns out all the way just don't want to leave. Came different people, and inside the tram they have something in common. Beautiful. And an amazing experience. I never before experienced such liability for the whole team — for people who work on posters, technical issues, cleaning... everything. And the feeling that after such a subway, airplane — without the awe))

-I'll throw the commonplace. Just got out of the comfort zone. And it is very serious. But further steps in this direction already know what to do.

Yes. And now I'm easy. Ready for new productions and experiments. Ready for anything and not afraid of failure

-Gorgeous. In fact, just the right loonies do something new and interesting. And "normal" people don't. Afraid... Afraid to invest themselves, loved ones, in long-term projects without a guaranteed result. Because in many professions, even if the expert is so-so, it is still something you earn. And this number will not work. In the best case — relatives and friends of Pat

-I understand... Financial issue stops many. Take me: when I was working in Moscow — was quite a decent level, do not have to go looking, all was on the way. Just needed to give the result, which I could give easily. And when he returned to Kiev — all from scratch. So I understand all))
And after returning I have not refused any project. And yet — had to learn the Ukrainian language. Well, how to teach. To understand and speak different things. After about six months it was necessary to conduct a wedding ceremony in Ukrainian. And here I memorized half an hour of talking-so much so that when I then asked to be transferred — failed))) In General, a lot of work, failures are not afraid, looking my style and I think that there are already findings.
My dream is to stage the Opera. Even in the Conservatory he entered. By first education I'm a musician, accordionist. Studied for two weeks, I realized that will not give you what you want, the financing is disgusting, disappointed, left. Sorry. Opera is now growing, and in the theater, the whole situation is sad.

Well, about the situation in General little aware. There is a public segment that sits on subsidies. And there is quite a commercial projects — "Dah", "Black square" Theatre on Pechersk... Yes, the "merchants" is not all easy and smooth, but the viewer is. Sold out, but

-Of course, is a constant risk. The combination of depth and ease of filing. And that it was his

Yes. Need and the ease and humor, when the viewer 10 minutes laughing. But it's only eyeliner to some kind of deep moment. However, there is a risk on the wave of laughter this time to rush

-Yes, this risk exists

-At any level. He saw "happy..." with Yarmolenko and Garmash?

-Yes! Where the action is in the hallway by the Elevator?

Exactly. Absolutely an incredible thing for authenticity, depth, and humor. But there are episodes when I want to cry, and the audience continue to laugh. Annoyingly, Yes. But I want exactly this — and the depth and level

-Yes, I want. Me and my already delivered performances every like on their own, but still not "the same"

-Another draw

-I prepare for it. But everything is sooo difficult.

-And who is now easy? Tell me how with the chamber performances, not crashing in the car?

-No. The story is very light, stuffed with all sorts of theatrical things that we love. And just all together the atmosphere is created. In General, you'll see...


-An opinion is purely subjective, because my. Call me crazy, but it is in our case impossible. So, for me it was very important that after the performance I wanted to get home without spilling that warm feeling. And the fact that "Gribanovo" not all is well

Not all, Yes...

-The spectator, like the actor, must be "pumped" to watch such performances. To start with something simpler, then to be able to experience something deeper

-Do not require, you are absolutely right. But I still svariable do not wait. Just checking

-Tell me, when you returned to Kyiv, had kept in mind the idea of creating a "Lab Karaman" or thought came then. And what is the overall project?

-Was the thought. When I finished, I was asked in an interview for the magazine (they are all the classmates I asked, but different, I got this) — if I'm ready to put on plays, to gather a troupe and create theatre. Then I said that in the future, Yes, but not yet ready to take on such a responsibility. When I got back, gain some experience, prepared myself mentally, I realized that can. And last year, when he released several productions, I realized — yeah, I'm ready and I have people who are willing to work with me.

-Where do you find them?

Accidents. Came in KHAT to the audition, met with Sonia Toropchina. I didn't get it was a shame to tears, but the girls continued to chat. The other girl was invited to their author's play "Noworry quest Alfie" — my first job in Ukrainian.

-Quest alpha is about power structures, or what?)

-No)) Is a purely commercial project. Was ordering from DK. Children's material in Ukrainian, I didn't know, so I composed myself. Invited actors from Boryspil theatre, with whom he cooperated. Every little bit helps, and there are already rumors

-How many people in the project today?

-Actors — ten people. Plus ten technical team

-Decently. It is already possible to do something

Yes. But all along while can not.

-Play for ten people is not so easy to put

-Know)) I Wanted this year to put eight characters — the theater is not pulled financial. So far five people in the Christmas production. More was not. Although, no lie: "Kum Miroshnik" — 4 actors + 7 girls team.
In General, last summer I realized that I wanted to assemble a team. As indifferent to the libraries — I love to sit a couple of hours — became friends with "Swoggled". One of the employees of the granddaughter of the actress. Thought: "why not try it? I need to find their style, working with multi-genre material, to give work to actors, and myself. There is a great chamber hall". I came, I proposed a sort of barter. I said, "Come on!". And I began to operate the library in full. Internal installation — performance in a month. It was brutal, but we made it work.

-And without a strict time frame is unlikely to be something happened. Tell me, what genres have managed to "try"? And names of performances

-"Point of no return" — a light genre, Comedy. "The girl and the crow" — don't even know where to put. Generally it is a children's show, but there is the theme of eternity, and Socrates, can't tell. And the play I'm not terribly liked, but I told the girls: "If you can believe in the proposed circumstances, we will be able to deliver anything."And there believe it or not, the more the viewer back to back. But it turned out and think it was the first success. What is doubly important, after this performance I believe. Then took Tennessee Williams "Intended to break up" — plotless play, and the challenge was to find the story. Found — simple, but able to understand and uncover the text. I didn't realize Williams — why is he writing space, and it all happened. But the audience was divided, there was no compromise — either loved, or Vice versa.

-And as for me — what you need. "In the middle" — it's like a nod of courtesy. And the question of tastiness in music, theatre, visual arts — from the category easier to kill than to explain why you like one and dislike the other

-Of course. And again. I sometimes difficult to explain that I put. But the actors I somehow understand. Oh, and in parallel with the "Tram" I put in Borispol "Kuma Miroshnik". There is an amazing composition. A girl dancer, a boy puppeteer. And singer. Conditions — month period, that was funny, interesting. Will the mayor. And the horror began. First verdict: incompetent puppeteer. Then copied the text. And still copied. To somehow to steer. In the end the guy took off the clamps, he began to open up, played actress. The result is stunning, I am very pleased.

-Five performances. Already have something to show. And you're young, so to speak, nails, wanted to move to the theatre of the pampas?

Yes. Grandmother — a teacher of Russian language and literature. Mother plus a fan of figure skating and accordion. And I was first taken to the music school class of accordion. And I love ballet. Dad — a lover of literature and theater, at one time bypassed the city. I like his answer to the question: "How was the show?" — "You know, the coffee in the buffet was delicious." So all the time around — dancing, music, performances. Then he entered the music College, because they believed that if you go to drama school, music education will need. And thank God that thought so. Three years studied in Nikolaev, then two in Moscow. The time to act. I "Sakala", "gekala". Came in GITIS. "Who are you, where" — Yes, everyone hear)) is Not prinimala. In "Pike" did not.
Brother — and he's an actor — he listened to me and the verdict: "today you are not included in those 4% who will." It was a disaster, but I said to myself, "I'm coming in!" Started speaking on stage.
In the second year entered the Institute of Russian theater and I was immediately taken in the third round. Do not believe that happiness is immeasurable, but the competition also took. We had a very cool course. All talented interesting experience. By the fourth course has become the troupe, had their own audience, we were given a room. It is love, from which I left Red square, Tverskaya, near the theater hall for 500 seats in the old building. No one complains, no squabbles. Now they are all strong professionals, "theater Curtain" on Nagatinsky. Someone removed, someone involved in the musicals.
But even when things were really great, I wanted to go Home. And put here. Yes, I miss my favorite team, sometimes you want to go to Moscow to receive from them, here I don't have such a wide environment. But I'll do it. Just need time

-One hundred percent. There is a product with unusual and cool, so soon everything will be

-To me the result is important. There were fears, but — "do what you want, plug imagination" — and it worked. Now the more difficult task — to make a second product that will be better.

Is there?


-What would it be?

-In a painful search. Read a huge number of plays. Like the flying Dutchman Leroy Jones, the very manner of writing, but it is very similar to what we just put, with the amendment in great depth. There is good material at Strugatsky, but it involved many actors, can't afford it. With pleasure would put Sartre, but for trams it too. On the whole, it is so complex that I had not yet reached a level to put like. What was mentioned at the first meeting — conversation Karenina and Karenina, but there should be a deep process, and I'm not ready yet. Summer will be a break — quietly, without race esteem. There is evidence that the viewers want them involved

-Interactive with the audience? Well, it's not stand-up, sorry

-I terribly do not want in such a small space, everything can go to hell

-I agree, very dumb option. The play — thing is structured, and control of the reaction and behaviour in the interaction is very problematic

-I'm about the same. Have a negative experience. Besides, none of my guys has no experience of improvisation

If I have

-I know. Already taken note)) Yeah, so some lady started to comment and it was quiet horror...

-If you have to play with the audience, this should be the show. In principle, it is possible, space permitting. But it's a different format

And this, too, yeah. In General, I'm not ready for that kind of interaction because they do not know where will lead this response cannot be controlled, but to turn it into a farce does not want

-And if you try it — remember "Lover" with Jankowski and Garmash? Add humor and move all the action in the car? So, in order of delirium...

-What is the conflict between the two men is very interesting. I wanted to do something like the "Conversation middle-aged men"

- - Yeah. But it seems to me that "the Quartet And" like staked out a niche, and if you do something in this genre, it needs a new strokes plus serious match

-I agree. There is interesting material from Philip Lelouch, but there is a copyright issue, need to redo, and much more. But this thing handy to beat the tram. In General, again about the same — need depth with humor. But depth without going over the viewer was in the tram and in the summer. Looking for. But was unwell and a decision until the complexity

-And I have in this state, creativity is also "off". Can eat, walk, even exercise to undertake. But to come up with — sheesh

-Oh! And I box. I love

-Discovered the secret of quick performances))

- )) Taught us not to give

-Not)) Just sports disciplinarum. The timing, purpose

-And this, too. Engaged in "Harmony free battle". It's Yuri G., my coach, so his system called. Necessary thing in life — gave me a lot.
So again about the performances. Exhausting.

Itself drive?

Yes. But in another way I will not learn. Makes no sense to wait. But I have no goal race for the race. Year, somewhere in August, if there is a free week — sit down, analyze, prepromote. It was in fact bad. Not all people were able to work together. There are people who don't like what I do, there are those who do not like doing. And often don't like because the timing is small but big responsibility. Or do you want to play but don't want to dance, and the body is wooden. But it is difficult to develop. And the worst problem faced by disease. The man hurts his back, leg, and there's nothing we can do about it. And flying time. They say: "Practice sports, dancing. The actor must always be healthy bodily." And, surprisingly, are young actors who just graduated.

-I think that's just petty troubles of starting period, when you work with those who have. But when you work with those with whom you want, the troubles begin more significant. And you will solve them differently. Growth stage))

-In General, Yes. All that is not necessary gets. All you need comes. And goes away again when not need. And another important point. I was an actress. And it was easier in terms of responsibility. The answer for myself. No need to tell people some things that they are unpleasant to hear. To this I have not used. When you say and see is resentment, even hatred,...

Stop... But it — is unclear. If the person is a professional, and you can't say he's wooden, sorry. "Thank you" three times and to do "ku" for what is suggested and corrected. This is an opportunity for professional growth

-Not all think so. Although we also drove what you will say and it should be taken adequately to analyze. But — offended. Somehow I expressed that I people's health undermined... In the end of the year, if you have time, write something like advice to the young artists. The fact that only available. Because it's just trouble. Rehearsal, something to do, and they, mindful of how he worked in his sketches, I believe that you need to write 500 pages of direction. And it's a complete nightmare...

-Will try to clarify. There is a play. You dismantle with the actor of the character, his tasks, actions, scenes bred

-Of course

-What else do you need? To work for him on the role?

-I have the same issue. What to give yet — don't know. Except that to play instead. Sometimes — apart, not talking, and then suddenly turned. How — is not known. Then say: "I don't know what you're thinking, but this is what you need". You can't prepare for the role, if you just think and write. You need to act. Feel

-So if the emotional apparatus is not pumped, one head will not take a lot

-Of course. Take Jankowski — a combination of head and apparatus. And at this level... But, importantly, seen how he grew up, you can trace even in the filmography.
Such things... So will finish the year like this, and then sit down-think

-Some picture of where you want to come, or is already yet just go and sort it out?

I want to earn love. And to my actors have earned. This is normal, adequately. I appreciate the profession, value above many others, because it is a very complex combination of special mental state, will, freedom, mind, body. I know of no profession more challenging — even the artist's less than the actor. Even before the Director. The Director is something else entirely: a fantasy, a vision of the picture, strategic thinking. It's either this — or not. But the actor is complicated.
That is, I want a decent assessment of my work. To get into the circle of people to create it around himself so he was appreciate. Well, to produce the show, which might say: "Here, this is my style"

-Some sites are looking at?

-Just starting out. While time was not. There is a friendly and creative agreement with the library where you can rehearse. And for other platforms you need to have something to offer. There are "Beehives" in the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, various art centers, but a lot of

-Actually, what the question. Not counting the "Tram", other productions can be shown on various platforms, as I understand it, props to them — a healthy minimalism

-Yes, all movable. And, of course, want to do something new and interesting. If here — search, samples, the "new" you want serious material. The same Zweig last time mentioned. It is very much "Russian" of some kind.

I do not know. It seems to me that literature is more important when the same some vibration with the author, rather than national identity. Dostoevsky has not gone as I originally never comes, well, bad to me from him — as it was, and at the si pore is. And in Hemingway, perhaps, 11 fell in love — Yes, I understand, it was translated and everything, but mine. About simple things, without unnecessary pathos, but so delicious...

-Hemingway we are well translated. And, Yes, just about the most important — aerobatics. And in the literature. And on the stage. But it should be easy, not primitivism. Not unicellularity. And there are mysterious things. For example, at the time, very impressed "Golovlevs". Now do not even dare to explain that I could "torknut" in this insanely boring book in my turbulent period of life, but it happened. And now here as well "came in" Zweig. Sartre put not yet ready...

-A couple of weeks to start taking barbiturates and make it happen))

But when reading it, feeling like this: it is not clear, but if you put it in.

-It is an exercise of authorship Misha Kostrova. A normal Playground. On it in random order, but not as a hit (this is important, collapsing bond) are placed four pieces. We had a cushion, fire extinguisher, bench and chair. Three people playing improvisation "kin-DZA-DZA". The actors are not in ordinary reality, and in that which they can (or cannot) create. It's complicated. But when it turns out — the buzz is incredible, goosebumps, the feeling of "what was that?". And when watching the action, and when on the court.
This is the question of "strange and experiments". If it's great like.

-Yes, probably. It takes time. To prepare


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