White spots in the history of "Black Square"

The result is a picture of any drawing. This statement would be true if Kazimir Malevich did not prove otherwise. In 1915 he wrote "Black Square on a white background" and made a shocking confession: "This is not art, it's something else».

A little later, an artist and art theorist El Lissitzky said that the "black box" - a complete opposition to all that is meant by the terms "art", "art" and "picture". And that Malevich brought all the forms and all the painting to absolute zero.

Since the advent of the "Black Square" has been more than 90 years, but it still dominates the minds and imagination, still causes heated debates. A black square image, oil, and a framed white canvas. The scandalous masterpiece Malevich nothing of the traditional features of a masterpiece.

However, as predicted by the artist himself, this figure made unconsciously, but rather under the influence of "cosmic consciousness", has become the most important event in the world history of art. He released concept art from all its traditional laws, reduced it to zero form, designated as the new square, the basic "pervofiguru" new art that is called Suprematism Kazimir Malevich, which means superiority, dominance.
He calls the "Black Square", "bare unframed icon" and myself - the Chairman of the Space. He openly stated his intention to "kill the art of picturesque, put him in a coffin and pripechatat Black Square".

In 1882, a young French writer and publisher Jules Levy founded the group "Beauty inconsistent," which consisted of artists, writers, poets and other members of the Parisian bohemians of the late 19th century. Combining it did not pursue any political goals. The slogan of the group was the phrase "consistently art", invented by Levi peak in a commonplace phrase «les arts decoratifs». "Salon inconsistent" mocked official values ​​through satire, humor and sometimes coarse joke. The paintings, which were shown at the Salon exhibitions were not "pictures" in the traditional sense. It was a ridiculous caricature, absurd nightmares, drawings, as if drawn by children.

October 1, 1882 "Salon inconsistent" opens exhibition in Paris with a fancy name "Art inconsistent." The exhibition presents the work of six authors, which can be considered a forerunner of surrealism, declared itself 40 years later. Calling itself among the paintings were monochrome, completely black image, drawn by the poet Paul Bilhodom (Paul Bilhaud), and it was called "Fight Night blacks in the basement» (Negroes Fighting in a Cellar at Night). Such a black rectangle.

No statements about the conceptual meaning of the painting. No offers peer, and to find the hidden meaning of a black rectangle framed playful vignette. Just a comic picture. And the joke is not even in the picture, and its name. Because really - when negros fighting in the basement at night, then nothing can be seen, and all black!

Humorous idea Bilforda developed artist Alphonse Allais (Alphonse Allais). The exhibition Incoherent shows 1883 he exhibited the painting "anemic girls are going to the first communion in a blizzard» (Pale Young Girls Going to their First Communion in the Snow), is a white rectangle.

At the exhibition in 1884, he shows another monochrome - red box titled "Apoplekcicheskie Cardinals collecting tomatoes on the shores of the Red Sea» (Apoplectic Cardinals Harvesting Tomatoes by the Shores of the Red Sea).

Then Alphonse Allais has expanded its collection of blue, green, gray rectangle and published a book with these works, supplementing them with an empty musical score titled "Funeral March for the deaf." I must admit that Alia was a great visionary and humorist.

The monochrome works of the French concept of a lack of pranksters was belittled humorous name. The monochrome works by Kazimir Malevich same concept was reinforced by the name does not mean anything. After "Black Square" - is not a name, it's just a statement.
The main thing is that inconsistent Parisian comedians of the late 19th century, the world did not tell anything about the sacred sense of his work. Maybe because there was not. Malevich was much more serious. He tirelessly reputation sculpted his masterpiece, using all possible means. As a result, the names "inconsistent" today known only to specialists, and the name of Malevich whole world knows.



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