Double celebration

Today, it turns out, a double celebration. Well, St. Nicholas, is, by itself. And does not know in the Christian world except lazy. But, but, even today is also a day of many influential people. Day lawyer. By the way, do you think so sovpadenitse? I do not think. In this world, nothing does not happen accidentally. And even more so when it is in any way concerns jurisprudence.
Incidentally, the practice of law - a rather good starting position not only to advance to the professional field, but also to promote their own business.
For example, Richard Kinder, CEO of Power Corporation of Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, which is considered the largest gas transmission company in the US,

nachal his career real estate lawyer in Houston. But in addition to legal education Kinder tempered Vietnam War. State Kinder amassed thanks to oil companies and Enron, from which he retired in their business. At the moment, Forbes estimates his fortune at 9, 4 billion banknotes evergreen.
And Robson Walton, the eldest son of the founder of Wal-Mart's Sam Walton Robson joined the company in 1969 to the position of legal counsel from the law firm that represented the interests of Wal-Mart.

Family Business sucked Walton. After his father's death in 1992, he became manager of the company and not simply multiplied the father's capital, but also made a global expansion. Wal-Mart Stores is now known all over the world, and became a corporation in 2007, the largest in America. Forbes estimates it at $ 26, 1 billion.
So with the holiday, dear. Without irony. By the way, came across the network to a fun pozdravlyalku:
Someone is courageous in the landing,
Protect the country from enemies,
Someone came into this world musician,
And freedom from external shackles.
You intended to serve as a lawyer,
It's your choice - to be on guard of the law,
Endowed with great talent
Verb to burn the hearts of millions!
Burn, apologists laws and precedents adepts


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