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What a joy! Guarantor approved the same budget of Ukraine 2013. Put the highest signature. It would seem that anyone would doubt - one hand navayal creation, another famously podmahnula, portrayed even fit in a creative redistribution of about 1, 9 billion UAH expenditures of the general fund budget, while revenues and expenses of the special fund increased by 1, 42 billion USD. All standing ovation. And smile, smile.
I just do not quite understand - but these fifty billion deficit (361, 51 billion. UAH - income 410 661 000 000 000 UAH - consumption), is that the way it should be? Or as in that joke - "And it does so? - No. So it will be, "Lord, when general and without a decent debt deficit increased during the year by another 13, 6% of the total revenue, as she planned income part of decreased compared to the year 2012 3%, then it's like? Quietly. This is the apotheosis of "pokraschennya", I guess. As I said one banker: & quot; And you've got that economic education? You just do not understand everything. & Quot; That is certainly not all. I do not claim it. But what I do know that it once will have to give. And since "they" can not simply be given by nature, it is unnatural for them, it would have to if you do not give us, our children and grandchildren. If they want to stay here. Because someone explain to me, in honor of what a person should give what you do not take?
Wonderful photos, as always, gave the Roman Nikonets.


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