You are fond of collecting? Well, at least something in my life going? Moneys out of the brackets is a great attraction to a greater or lesser extent inherent in virtually the entire population of the Earth. Well, there's some brand labels. Something more exotic. Shells with Rapanui or crab claws Pacific? Or glasses, Sir (or Mrs.) Elton John? Exciting experience, is not it. And if this hobby more appropriately artistically decorated! Not just in the cell rastykano Stockbooks, abandoned in a drawer or put on the shelf. And indeed placed in a certain harmonious composition. How, for example, made it a designer and a graduate of the Royal College of Art in Scotland Regan Appleton. It'S Great? Well, the fact he and royal. This collection is called "Bike taxidermy." Fresh, original. Again, it can do a practical benefits - as a hanger, for example. Or something on that fancy enough. However, something it reminds me vaguely. Well, if you remove the glasses and not get too close. Interestingly, and now all that is the root of apple extraordinary mark or so, sovpadenitse? I'll have to google your spare time for analogies in this series.


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