Finnish adrenalinschiki

They say that Russian is not only the tower and they allegedly inherent in the special state of mind? The special method of adrenaline, it is unclear from the point of view of the majority of others, actions? In general, all that is meant by the phrase «crazy russians». Do not flatter yourself. "To tear" of the people missing everywhere. And in the hot south. Where, as a whole, such public, probably more. If only because of climatic and culinary specialties. And in the middle lane. True true. Sam almost every day watching. And sometimes involved. And very cool northern latitudes full order to thrill. So it is - still rather a state of mind. Supranational and extraterritorial. Which once again confirms the incendiary Finnish guys in his video. This is not their first experience. Several trailers with similar content have hung on Youtube. About attitude to the machine they have, of course, absolutely ruthless. Somewhere, even bordering on sadism. But, as the article "for the mistreatment of motor vehicles" there is probably no one in the Criminal Code, it is unlikely that any children safe. And both. Let them have fun (tea on their money), but the people amuse. Again, how many emotions. Listen to how they vote during the flight. There's a buzz - necessarily want to join.


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