Lawless Heart

So familiar aphorism that the heart makes a choice according to their laws, rarely consulting with the head and other body parts, it turns out, is applicable to the world of animals. We have repeatedly heard about the touching relationship among the feathered and four pairs. Particularly impressive is usually monogamy inherent in certain types of mammals and birds. However, there are several other sample properties. Here, perhaps, to eachother in the headline, you can add one more, no less famous - "Shallow Hal." That's what happened c inhabitant of the Canadian province of British Columbia deer elk that is kindled feelings - is unknown, or the most delicate that neither is the flesh - to the cow. Yes, to the most ordinary cows that if and sing, it is not as a symbol of a kind of sensual love. The history of the fall of the deer as a farmer told - the owner of the cow herd, has for several years! At first he just watched from a distance grazing cows, and then began to come closer and finally, recently moved to take decisive courtship. The cow, of course, could not resist and began to reciprocate forest handsome. But here, as usual, intervened persons. It would seem, should be happy that the two loving lonely hearts find each other. However, the moral fabric of farmer offended what they say, watch these courtship was all like watching a movie for adults. Do not look! Who makes you? However, the guardian of morality applied to the Office for the Protection of the environment, and those separated lovers, deer took over 20km from the pasture. I think this is not the distance for strong legs and passionate heart. He'll be back.


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