Redolent, citizens!

Here however try to convince us that the natural gas evolution of the human body - is normal, ordinary and should not cause embarrassment and discomfort - but the facts suggest otherwise. Facts - general stuff stubborn enough to argue with the NMI is not recommended. Well, hard to imagine a serious meeting at which, in addition to discussing the serious financial or any more questions, present ease exchange also some physiological products of its life. And do you imagine such a thing? Is, for example meeting the Group of Eight, or twenty, or something big. Rises representative, for example, a great country. And suddenly. Mdja. Bad luck. Sound. Smell. No, the people there are certainly going mannered. Nobody mean not filed. But osadochek will stay! For sure! And sitcoms such situations more than once played upon, which again suggests that the phenomenon is, of course, the most natural. But its exterior, so to speak, the manifestations in public places undesirable. Not that face obsmeyut. But on the sidelines will giggle. And this is a direct undermining of the authority. Personal and country.
Great thanks to the Japanese! They decided this delicate subject. Now you can safely do this very thing in the presence of strangers. And let those who think that this is your mobile charged this soundtrack. The smell will not hear anybody, because pants deodorants do not miss it. By the way, inspired by the success of his know-how, they have run into production socks, T-shirts and two dozen names of all sorts of clothes with the same characteristics. Stinks to your health!


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