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Forty four million nineteen thousand four hundred fifty two

When I meet antiprivivochnaya article, you always want to take to debunk the myths about vaccinations and to prove the obvious for me, as a doctor, the use of vaccines, their mechanism of action and relationship with physiological reactions. But every time, engaging in a discussion, I see that it's not just ignorance.

In this article I will not disassemble antiprivivochnaya myths. I want to talk about for example another aspect is how inflated antiprivivochnaya hysteria. Look for the beginning of a typical article about the tragic death of the infant:

Nineteen million forty seven thousand four hundred thirty five

Berezniki 7-month-old girl died after vaccination, writes the edition "Arguments and facts".

What follows from the title, subtitle, pictures and set of tags? Yes, nothing should. The child died after the vaccination. There's a connection? No, not necessarily. After does not mean because. Post hoc non est propter hoc.

However, both the title and subtitle, and picture, and tags, we are trying to impose on this relationship, or at least to make it suspect. We open the article with the expectation of the details of how the vaccination caused the child's death, isn't it? Look at what is written on.

7-month-old baby died on 2 February in the hospital of the city of Berezniki. As reported for a few days before the tragedy, the girl put the vaccine from SARS. 24 hours later she started vomiting and bloating. Parents called the doctor and consulted with physicians on the phone, but nothing helped.

After a while they called an ambulance. Medics took the child to the hospital, where she was given a gastric lavage, after you had surgery and told the parents that the girl had it good. However, on the morning of 2 February the family was called and told that the baby died without regaining consciousness. Prosecutors in the city of Berezniki confirm this information.

As you can see, this text says nothing directly about a causal link between the vaccination and the disease that ended in death. The connection is only temporary. But everything has its reasons! And our mind begins to build patterns, and where they are not clear — suggest them. And in this text, not even a hint at other possible causes of death. The conclusion suggests itself — is a complication of vaccination (I specifically do not focus on the fact that vaccination against SARS does not happen. Flu — sometimes measles happens, happens from the chicken pox, and SARS — no, because it is a collective name for the group of infectious diseases. About how STDs). And the ending as it confirms the rightness of our assumptions: that the parents feel the same way.

Family child wrote the application in Prosecutor's office. They want the police conducted a check and found out, could the vaccine cause the death of their daughter.

Now look at the original news from which AIF has removed some "unnecessary" details. They allocated me:

Seven-month-old girl died in Berezniki in a few days after she got vaccinated against ARVI. According to the parents, the child was completely healthy.

28 Jan Lily Gaidareva with your child came to the clinic for a scheduled appointment, the TV channel "TNT-Berezniki". The girl was examined, and said that the baby is completely healthy and sent for vaccination against SARS.
The next day the child appeared vomiting. A day later the parents noticed that her daughter was badly swollen belly. All this time the child's mother called and consulted with the nurse clinic. Home called the doctor. Physicians were reassured and assured that enough to drink "smectite", saying the baby had trapped wind. However, the child's condition deteriorated.
"We called the ambulance, we looked. And said that we should go to the surgeon" – remember the parents of the child.
Three hours the parents of seven-month-old girl was waiting in an examining room at the emergency room the first hospital of Berezniki.
Doctors one after another and examined the boy, says Lily Gaidareva. Then x-rayed and said that it is required gastric lavage. The girl put a shot and took my parents. "Anya loudly began to scream and cry, – says the mother of the child. Then it rolled out with the probe in his mouth. Said that they will do the surgery".
Several hours later, the doctors gave hope, said the surgery went fine.
And on the morning of 2 February on the phone said that the child died without regaining consciousness.
The girl's parents carried a statement to the Prosecutor and want to have tested, could vaccination be the cause of the tragedy. And find the answers: what happened in the hospital when their child was doing gastric lavage, whether the child was sedated, why so long had to wait in the waiting room.
In addition, it appeared that the chief physician of city hospital №1 Galina Shamina quit on their own. The new doctor was Dmitry Antipin.
"I'm not ready to give an answer, because only three days in his new post," – said Mr. Antipin.

So, from the details it becomes clear that the girl had severe acute surgical pathology, which is immediately suspected by the emergency doctor, but the hospital did emergency surgery as soon as diagnosed. This means that the surgery was for health reasons. That is, without it the girl would die, and the operation gave a chance.

I don't know all the details, I haven't seen her medical card, but it's something that's already clear from the text of the news. Without these details the actions of the doctors seem vague, if not doubtful.

But the most interesting — in the original video. There closeup is shown a death certificate that says cause - strangulated intestinal obstruction. In life it is called a "volvulus".

Thirty six million nine hundred thirty four thousand two hundred five

Well, as the vaccine may lead to volvulus? This is a mechanical pathology, caused by some anatomical defect or violation of bowel movements, or a combination of these reasons. But immune response has nothing to do with! No need to be a doctor to understand it.

But let's leave aside the medical side of things. Most importantly — how during the replication of the news of her disappeared significant details, and the news was distorted so that in the end, when read, creates a certain perception, clearly reflected in the comments to the article on the website

Ninety two million two hundred ninety nine thousand four hundred forty five

It is nothing like a typical antiprivivochnaya and antibrucella hysterical. Its major components:

Killer doctors.
Doctors marineline and amoral, guided only by the principle of personal gain.
The requirement of killings of doctors in vysheukazannoe reasons.
For doctors is the main interested of this outrage — pharmaceutical company.

Of course, there are other comments. There are people who stood up for the doctors, and just common sense... of Course, pharmaceutical companies are like sharks of capitalism, existing according to the laws of capitalism and Vitacura his teeth to survive in its environment.

But I want to ask what is wrong with people? Why do they lose their human form? Because it is a natural hysteria. Tragedy struck — the child died from severe acute illness, which is not always recognized in time. What other violence?

And it generated this reaction in a certain way fed news, isn't it? News creating a negative image of doctors. But not only doctors, but also those who taught them, who gave them work and pay them a salary. That is, the state as a whole. And all its social services.

The main content of this negative image is a promise: "they aren't who you say you are". Supposedly call themselves representatives of the noble profession, humanists, performing unselfish toil for the benefit of the people and so forth, but really unprincipled murderers. There is an atmosphere of total lies and total distrust. Patients no longer trust doctors, doctors — patients, and both the state and all its structures. How to live and build the future in an atmosphere of total distrust to the society in which we live? Only in the model of confrontation with this society. That is avoiding it, fenced off from him, isolating him from himself and his children.

But trust is a difficult thing. The fact that man can not totally be trusted. Otherwise he is going crazy because you don't understand the world in which he lives. Someone people should trust that though as-that to Orient in the world. And if he ceases to trust no one X, it starts to trust no one, critics's and exposing his lies.

Citizens should not and can not know everything. They don't need to know everything about vaccinations, about the composition of each vaccination, on the security of each of its components, immunological mechanisms of action and physiological mechanisms of the side reactions, on the statistical studies to support or refute their effectiveness. All this should be known to specialists. And develop, on the basis of this knowledge an effective and safe vaccinations. And the citizens, trusting the competence and integrity of these professionals will follow their recommendations to do or not to do vaccinations. But it is in normal society.

What happens in a society where someone sows a total mistrust of doctors and vaccinations? Citizens will climb themselves to deal with vaccinations. But without having full knowledge, they will be seeking new authorities that you can trust — those who will expose doctors and vaccinations, that is, leaders antiprivivochnaya movement.

Similarly, in other areas. To expose a generally accepted version of the story — get the heyday of pseudo-knowledge from the theory of drive to the new chronology, neo-paganism and theories Zadornov. Thus formed marginal and subcultural groups in which they differ from the norm becomes the object of worship (from the medical field — home birth, the same antireligioznik, etc.).

The soil on which grow all sorts of marginal, subcultural and anti-scientific currents, parasitic on human ignorance — it's the atmosphere of total distrust. Not ignorance, namely a total lack of confidence is the main factor of flourishing different dope. This is illustrated by the highly educated Soviet society: the restructuring has sown the wind of total distrust, and shook we the reading society gone mad on all sorts of kashpirovskiy, psychics, and other antireligioznik. This is a crazy society silently took the collapse of ideology, which he believed 70 years and the collapse of the country, built great difficulty.

To restore the lost trust to the society, to the state, to each other — a hundred times harder than to buy for the first time. But the alternative of restoring confidence is the growing separation, crushing and Neretva, which in the end will lead to the collapse of the state. published 

Author: Dmitriy Stepanov



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