Rodents - champions

Did you know that the glorious beast, a symbol of Bobruisk, for quite some time, with the filing of Catholic monks believed the fish? Not unintentionally, of course. Fasting - a thing in Christianity is not only inevitable, but not all easily transferable, and is such a case. Well, living in water - was to be who? Fish is.
Well, we now know something. But they are really quite extraordinary creation. And the water may be - the envy of the people-divers - to fifteen minutes, and swim during this time may be up to a kilometer. A dam which construct toothed! By the way, the dam seen from space - you know? Well, of course - they train them up to seven meters in length vayayut.Tozhe unique in the animal world. And under this business area and for the family, they pried be healthy - up to three square kilometers (300 hectares, is for experts on agriculture). Again, the envy of the people - is there where for many of the peasant economy take? Well, the trees that they play the master with such and such dams - that's understandable. That's how much you cut down to half-meter diameter and sanded wood? Without a chainsaw? And adult beaver - yes, per night. Business somehow. By the way, that's pretty amazing, but to build dams, they do not learn. All at once they can. Lucky. That is so funny giant rodents. Well, that 30-32 kilos - is not enough?
So monuments and recording coats of arms on the - on the right! Well, monuments - in Bobruisk, clear the stump. And about the coat of arms ... In general, the coat of arms of Irkutsk there is a mythical beast - a beaver - a cross between a beaver and a tiger.
Well, the last cool. Excerpt from Wikipedia: The word "beaver" inherited from Proto-Indo-European language (Wed him. Biber; shall show. BÄ—bros).
And I thought - well, who am I to Justin Bieber so familiar?


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