Interesting about cats

1. Cats love to kill
Cats - instinctive predators. They hunt not only to get food, but simply because they have inherent nature desire to kill. Even after a heavy meal your pet will follow with interest, not gape there any sparrow or a mouse. And if the hunt is successful - will surely bring you their prey. But it was not to brag. He did this to teach you how to hunt.

From the point of view of a cat, a man - a strange creature, devoid of hunting skills and unable to produce their own food. If he does not hunt, think a cat looking at a person, so do not know how. Should teach him a lesson. Cat brings you the prey just like their kittens in the learning process: Now, look, it's a dead pigeon, which I killed, and you should do the same if you do not want to stay hungry.

2. Cats mimic snakes

Cats, as well as other animals and insects, use tactics simulation to intimidate the enemy. Arched back, ears close to the head, snarling mouth and threatening hiss - so your cat shows a snake. Cats are well aware that the snake - a very dangerous animals, and in the course of evolution they have learned to imitate them. At the time of the conflict cat hiss at the offender, even if the offender - their beloved master. They hiss, pretending that they can kill you.

3. Cats crap to show its superiority
Even if the cat makes a mess on the right on the tiled floor of your bathroom, it will still be around a bunch of scrub paw, trying to bury her. This behavior is an evolutionary legacy of the days when these animals have not been domesticated and had many dangerous enemies. Feces left in a prominent place - a direct statement about the dominance of cats around the area. Therefore, if the cat is not going to join with anyone in the conflict, she delicately try to hide waste his life. However, if the cat is hurt or you suspect that you are applying for the title of the owner of the surrounding space, it defiantly will not try to bury their feces.


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