The benefits of brushing and natural food

It is necessary or not to brush your teeth? The question seems to be rhetorical, but do not rush to conclusions. H and the fact is not so simple and straightforward as we used to think. There are quite many opponents of the usual for us porotsedury, and their arguments look and sound quite convincing:
1.Zhivotnye not brush their teeth and do not suffer from caries
2.Chistka violates the natural ecosystem of the oral cavity. Beneficial microbes are removed, there are harmful, for the holy place is never empty. They also destroy tooth enamel
And opponents of brushes and pastes right. In principle. But, unfortunately, there is a small "but". In the mouth there really would be a natural ecosystem, if we eat natural food, not that used to eat. This primerchik - indigenous Tibetans do not know what caries. Because, as you might imagine, they have the power accordingly - rice, roots, available fresh and dried fruits. And all this stamp "No GMO". By the way, this applies to meat, too, because the edible animals themselves, in turn, use natural products. However, when the children were placed in a boarding school and began to stuff the European food, teeth began to deteriorate bysro and almost all. That's the way.
So we have, as always, have a choice - either to eat the usual "that have", or ... Well, you get the idea. Teeth and all the rest of the body you prompt. Listen.


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