Stick for cleaning the teeth of pine — all genius is simple

Stick for cleaning the teeth of pine — all genius is simple. In nature there is everything! Natural toothbrushes, or rather to say, sticks for cleaning teeth is in the forest.

Perhaps if less humanity invented toothbrushes and toothpastes, there would be less tooth decay? Try to type in the search "toothbrush", you will be surprised by the huge selection of know-how in this industry. Directly proportional relationship! The more toothbrushes and pastes the more caries and other diseases of the teeth and gums.

Why remake the perfect invention? The pine wand is perfect, but unfortunately forgotten by us, means for cleaning the teeth. Use simple, available and free. You have to take and chew on one end of the twigs, she immediately becomes soft. Can brush your teeth, interdental spaces and massage the gums. In addition — a full range of nutrients pine will favorably affect the oral cavity.

On young twigs all winter is pine buds or germs of young pinecones. It turns out that the tooth stick is impregnated with vitamins.

Everyone knows that the roots of the pine trees have special properties of flexibility, strength and softness, which are used in the weaving of various things the master craftsmen. It turns out that in the branches of a pine partially preserved these properties, through which a twig becomes soft and fluffy whisk.

Wand pine perfectly clean and strengthen teeth, get rid of the unpleasant smell and inflammation. Natural stick of pine dentifrice does not contain harmful substances.

Prepare sticks as — cut into small pieces (5 — 15 cm) sprigs of pine, spruce, cedar or fir (diameter of a pencil) and dried. When you need razmazyvaem in water until tender (or immediately in the mouth) and razzhevyvat one end of the twig until soft. On view will be like a fluffy brush. The process of chewing itself disinfects and heals the teeth and gums. Used some wooden sticks are already infected with different bacteria, and it is better to decide, if to use long sticks to 15 centimeters. A short stick can be used as a disposable, so they are very comfortable to ride and more hygienic. published

Author: Oleg Culkin


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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