Delicious landscapes

Do you like our advertising food? Personally, I am nauseated by it. Well, this unconditioned reflex. That's right, fly off, I can not think of anything more or less of this, and then wanted to try any advertised product. In general, Western counterparts is also not always shine fiction and sophistication. But there are pleasant exceptions. For example, English photographer Carl Warner (Carl Warner). Representatives of the food industry, literally tearing it. And for good reason. Unique people. "In turn, the sons of bitches" - Carl rumor, and he meanwhile creates another masterpiece together with a food designer, to help him in the optimal selection of products. He has in stock, for example, detailed replica of London. There are simply extraordinary beauty scenery - mountains, plains and other types of terrain. And there is a sort of futuristic work. What inspired - no one knows. It seems that communicated with the spirit of Dali. Variety of shapes and colors. Look at what is.

These are the mountains, for example, created a master of bread.

And here added to bread broccoli - and got very living, breathing landscape.

A copy of the said London.
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Well, what is meant here the author - probably known to him alone. (If known at all)

In conclusion, exposure - even a couple of landscapes of ham and sausages of different varieties.
By the way, I fully share the feelings advertisers ordering services maestro. Just beautiful. Respect.


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