Lyudmila Bausheva: "Advertising - is the most innocuous means of influence on the brain"

Lyudmila Bausheva, come up once a lot of warm, smart and nice advertising campaigns, change the type of its activity and returned to the Instinct. «Call of the way" one of the few Russian advertisers who favor a good, intelligent and respectful advertising, if you pass it a name agencies looks funny: Saatchi, BBDO, Instinct, BBDO, a small agency, Saatchi, Instinct. It's a pity there is no consistency and therefore to predict which of the following agencies will be impossible. But the following can not be. Painfully serious plans like "instinct" and at the very Lyudmila.
In the fall of 2008 Lyudmila left BBDO, then again came to Saatchi & Saatchi Russia, and less than a year accepted the offer of "instinct" and become creative strategy (creative strategy). The introduction of this new Russia (yes, it seems, and for the world) advertising positions marked the beginning of change in one of the most interesting and daring agencies of the country.
Site Lyudmila Bausheva questioned what the position of this new what to expect Instinct, and dream about it personally.

- Lyudmila, you have worked less than a year to Saatchi. Care has been associated with the proposal from the Instinct? B>
- Mostly, yes.

- How long you were thinking before agreeing to return to the agency that helped build? What seduced you so Orlov Firaynerom? B>
- We all ponder about a month, they pondered the offer, and I - it. There were other options. But Instinct suggested once again slightly changed occupation, and it seemed to me interesting. I like to periodically change everything. And besides, when I came here the first time after 5-year break, I saw that a lot of what I once graced the office and develop, and the main thing - the spirit of "creative cuisine" - all of it is stored Even with the move. A trifle, but nice.

- creative strategy - what is this bird? What are the goals of creative strategies and what his duties? What is its practical sense? B>
- Earlier positions strategist did not exist. The brief from the client creative ideas in their own words retold account managers, shifting it to a clear and simple language for the graduates Stroganov and other institutions of artistic orientation. Then it became clear that neither a simple reproduction of the client brief, no creative free flight is not a guarantee of successful advertising. Therefore appeared Planners and strategists. Their task - to make strategically correct conclusion on the basis of multi-study and formulate it in a way to inspire creativity.
Well, that's the last time as the catch. Strategists often come to the brief, or rather formally, making dry and rather unassuming wording. Or addicted to the same verbose description of what you need to reduce the size of the slide, but still keen creative. In any agency are all familiar with the situation when creative steam, after hearing brief, puts his feet on the table and said that the brief about what he, creative, for it refuses to work. Or another, but a similar situation: the brief was adopted, but the creative department considers itself free from implementing the strategy, with which he does not agree or do not understand anything, and certainly not inspired. Therefore, further followed to where they will lead a fantasy or a desire to play some grown fond of the western campaign. The result depends on the professionalism and experience of the creative team, and a large share of luck.
A newly invented my position - is an attempt to make brifovanie creativity even more accurate. After all, if a copywriter and art director will leave more time for execution (our ekzekyushen), searching for creative moves, rather than inventing creative strategy, then the entertainment and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns should be much higher.

- That is, in fact, it turns out that creative strategy - is a cross between creativity and strategy? Another link in the chain? B>
- Yes, exactly and turns. That is, we go through all the further division of labor. From strategy to get creative creative interpretation does not like, as well as from the accounts. Because "kondovye" wording or trivial - they are a nuisance, and could not help. I do not want to offend our strategies, but at the time there are different. With some cursing, some ignored, and only a small fraction of them are actually helping to create advertising, and not just make beautiful and incomprehensible presentation to the client. I know of only 3 persons.
Many policies hold in order to communicate on an equal footing with the marketing department of large corporations, which also does not help create an advertising campaign. And so the creative strategy - it is an intermediate.

- Roughly speaking, the scheme of work will look like this: Strategies to communicate with customers, and make for a lofty presentation, do you bring to the mind and transmit creative ideas. Yes? B>
- Not really. We all listen to the client carefully, then planners collect all possible data and studies and concludes that I use has to provide the main messages. Or I draw conclusions. But Big Aydiyu or Hyuzh Aydiyu - it should I invent. And without a strategy to navigate the MMI of TGI and I am not able.

- What counts at the state agency, staffed by such an office?
- The agency is hoping to make his work is not just a "little movie" and the big advertising. To Instinct could be proud of not only his witty and provocative ideas, but also the accuracy of hitting the target.

- What did you want to achieve by working on this position?
- I would like the impossible: to brief contained a really big idea that is easy to deploy all possible media and creative was pleased with the brief, and used all his skill and art copyright direkshena his incarnation. Personally, I have two hopes in this regard: it will turn out, and that I do not get bored. Still, compose, and then it produces - is the best thing for me was always advertised. And now my clients - it's creative department, which may be useful to my work about 50 to 50.
I also still want to make advertising more profound and humane. It may seem strange in a hopeless period of capital accumulation and cynicism and presentation of advertising, as areal art. But at least someone should regret the viewer in this high-ranking stream of violence and vulgarity?
Putting impossible tasks that no one supports - this I can :)

- About philanthropic advertising. This develops a sense of what we have or no one sees this powerful global trend and see everything, but nobody does anything. Your inside look: do not see the truth? or do nothing for a number of reasons?
- This is my pain. Those who see do not know how anything on the subject to give talented. Those who can not see. And there is such a category not want to see under the influence of global public cynicism and "rzhacha».
Today, that's communicated with the documentary, making the transmission of the influence of the media on the way of life and thought. While thinking about this topic, I venerated some blogs remembered chat with show business and television, and concluded: ads - this is the most harmless means of influence on the brain. Our Yumorok banter and any comparison do not come with serial scale, comedy and aggressive disaster that struck the audience in recent years. And that, unfortunately, a reflection of our status as a society. Sorry for pathos.
I am therefore sad and terrible pain of envy looking at the best commercials west. Why are they able to, and we are proud of our cynicism and cruelty? Many creative people sincerely believe: that is not aggressive - it's not funny and provocative.
But there is still such a moment when you can not jump higher than yourself - easier obsmeyat all that is above your plate. I'm looking for people for many years, which on the one hand want to jump higher (despite the taunts of colleagues), and on the other hand are capable of writing talent at this level.
I now have one topic about the best videos once wrote that in this context it is difficult to remain sane - only by means of humor and healthy, as they say, cynicism. Only here with a healthy cynicism has long been overdone. Now the viewer (according to the heads of channels) two needs: neighing and be afraid. Advertising exists on stereotypes. Stereotypes in America - quite lovely, they are easy to parody, and they build good but funny videos. And our - gloomy, hopeless and powerless.
This is definitely a big generalization, but the results we are seeing on the screen.

- is said in the "instinct" in general all about to change. What changes are planned? Whether it is connected with the fact that, according to the advertising community, Instinct is not the same? And what is "wrong", how to fight and whether to fight at all? B>
- That's exactly what "wrong" and what is "wrong"? The last few years, our industry is changing rapidly. It has become increasingly difficult to sell the idea of ​​"on the ball", no sound and consistent until the end of the strategy. The customer has become more grounded and at the same time became longer look at any kind of research, focus groups, MMI, TGI and the like encrypted words which are now flaunting young managers of large corporations. Nobody trusts neither the Agency nor even to himself. Decisions are taken only by a large membership, and that you know what it means. In these difficult circumstances the agency began to produce cars of all kinds fakie or covertly as they are called, the initiative to go to festivals with at least some set of works. Instinct both did and did not continue the practice. Therefore, in times of daring creativity to put the festival is that there is nothing. Therefore, changing something together with all, Instinct yet maintains its reputation and does not go on about the vanity and false portfolio.
But on the other hand, to make advertising really high level, Instinct is becoming more professional, gathering to himself experienced and ambitious people. That soured Zigurds came to be (well after this point put) ... strategy on digital technology. Rather, even I came from Latvia. It is so beautiful and calming making a presentation that serves as a nice contrast to Moscow inflame passions.
From the point of view of the passions, here for 5 years nothing has changed. All the same Anya Itina (Director of new business) being the perpetual motion of the agency, is calling on the barricades (that is, the next pitch), all as it seems hopeless Firayneru. All the same outwardly calm Yarik Orlov, only he has a new platform for reflection on the transience of all things - Facebook and on Skype on line every day. Still sitting up at night. All the same mess at the meetings, when all listen all and no one does not give anyone the Treaty, and Julia Gubin (General Manager), by the way, brilliantly fit into this noisy context. There is nothing formal and conventionally polite, everything is just personal. As always was.

- Coming large set of employees?
- About the big set I did not hear, but excellent art directors and copywriters are always needed, and we now have a job.

- And how to take?
- Personally, I would like to see more coming mature people with a responsible approach. Mature for his age, and the way of thinking. If I type, it would continue to try to educate juniors. But, unfortunately, this is a very labor-intensive. If you take a job Junior - which means that the elders have full control over the project. This additional burden, while you train and do their job for them also. So often it turns out. Therefore, to hire young people - it does not save any, but on the contrary. And the cat in the bag to the same - do not know what he will make after months of controversy and painful reasons why this idea is not suitable. So I do not quite agree here with Max Ponomaryov :)

- But if it comes held an art director or copywriter, it can also be painful. Because he has already formed and completely without your participation - is the system of values ​​and the work of your agency. B>
- I agree 100%. Therefore, in any case, search for the perfect shot - a live and continuous process. And you can not exactly afford to put goal: only the young, or adults only, only such, and not syakie. In recent years, all the agencies are looking for the "stars", but often get black holes. You can not create a team only of the stars, because these stars is very early maturing, both from American Idol. It must be the broth a little of everything. Balanced.

- and to participate in his cooking, too, is part of your task in the "Instinct»?

- As long as this problem is not entrusted to me, but since I'm here, you intentionally or unintentionally, some comment on the decision. I honestly warned before going to work: I will not be silent :)

Xenia Lukicheva

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