Learn the history, gentlemen

There is a fairly banal phrase - a "Spies sypyatsya on the little things." I do not know, he was not a spy and did not attempt to calculate them, but the fact that in serious cases there is no detail - that's for sure.
A counterfeiting banknotes - it still quite serious. In any case, any state is extremely disapproving of the citizens who are trying to break their monopoly on the production of banknotes. Why - I do not know, probably, historically.
But! Kohl took a man for this difficult and responsible task, then execute it ought scrupulously to the smallest detail. Specifically, as mentioned above, there is no detail. All - on a grand scale. Oh, and to confuse the presidents of the country, as did US resident Dan Leland, I can not even imagine how it is possible. But - managed, was arrested in December and will appear before the court. What is interesting, if not the face of Lincoln depicted in hundred-dollar bills, the cashier would not notice the trick. That is, technically, the performance was good. However, the defendant himself, according to the lawyer, suffers from a couple of dependencies, so that the imposition of such a consciousness, in principle, it is not surprising. So be vigilant citizens. And teach history.
P.S. I remember about 20 years ago I tried a young man with honest eyes vparit bumazhentsiyu, which is near the face of Jackson adorned fifty. And so - as the real thing. It seems that it was him.


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