ROC on the verge of bankruptcy?

With an interesting statement to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation addressed certain Vasily Melnichenko. He lives in Omsk. By profession - the photographer. In his statement, published by the way, on his page on Facebook, it may require as many as check availability God. And the reasons for this in his most compelling. Which, if taken into account, can lead to unexpected consequences.
He writes that in 1988 he received the baptism in the Russian Orthodox Church, paying ten Soviet rubles. And for fifteen years, he was an exemplary parishioner - attended the service, made donations to the church about four hundred dollars a year. That is, all the obligations on their part he performed.
In response not received any of the promised baptismal grace, no other benefits, voiced by ministers of religion. Moreover, the suffering Basil attempts to adhere to church positions caused him great anguish and led to low self-esteem.
What follows is the logical conclusion from the foregoing, that makes sense to cite:
"Believing in the light of recent events, that you head the agency - the main thing in the country on issues of theology and crime, I ask you to verify the authenticity of" the existence of God. " In the absence of such a "creature", I beg to draw the leadership of the Orthodox Church to liability for fraud.
If God's existence is confirmed, it is necessary to check the legality of the activities of the Russian Orthodox Church as its representative in Russia. ยป
Short and to the point. Nothing to argue.
So if the same precedent is created, the ROC may face multiple lawsuits. A and rightly so - who are the tongue is pulling promise and baptize all indiscriminately. What if a person has not yet reached grace, eh?


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