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On the Internet under the "memes" means certain objects which, for some reason, are becoming very popular, and, most importantly, do not just start to play an active, but also modified. fact, very similar to the spread and development of the species in the wild. interesting meme chose 10 of last year. Interestingly, some of which have become popular meme appeared much earlier onset of 2012, which probably indicates that the Internet builds bridges, not only between distant spaces and times.

Who are you, let's Goodbye

The video, which mustached man defiantly takes impromptu ditties, instantly spread throughout the network. Curious quickly found out that it was a traditional Azerbaijan meyhane - competition in the satirical poetry. Caught on video Intigam Rustamov hardly imagine such a resounding success, it just entertained guests at a wedding in one of Azerbaijani villages. Ending all ditties sounded exactly like "Who are you? Come on, goodbye "and became airborne. However, sometimes it changes considerably:

Popular videos used rapper Timati, who recorded his own version, with which responded to the accusations of Philip Kirkorov, with whom he had a conflict.

Gangnam Style

Surprisingly, the author of the video, which grossed over a billion views on YouTube, as well as generally Rustamov did not plan such a resounding success. The fact is that the traditional South Korean singer usually looks frail androgynous doll, hardly attributable to the male sex. Comic clip of not quite a young loser who tries to pretend to be cool "wealthy man" of the elite district of Gangnam, PSY (Say, aka Park Jae-San) wanted to retire rather than to become a world star. However, the song making fun of Korean glamor, really blew global network despite the fact that the majority understand it managed just words «Baby» and «Sexy lady», because it is performed in Korean.

Number perepevok and parody of Gangnam Style is impossible even to estimate and significant role in this played itself PSY, which does not prevent the spread of alternative versions and did not try to, say, turn to YouTube with a request to remove the wrong version (sometimes do no less well-known musicians). < br />

The ability of an old-timer of the domestic political Olympus did not climb his words in absolutely any situation brought Zhirinovsky love of Russian citizens. Emotionality and brightness of the image and the users of the Internet noted that with the help of photos of one of the speeches of politicians in the Duma made a 4-panel comic strip. The original find has perhaps impossible - the number of variations is in the tens of thousands, so versatile image of Vladimir Zhirinovsky for all situations of righteous indignation.

Grumpy Cat

Normally, cat breed Snowshoe very affectionate and sociable, despite the fact that they are the result of crossing a fairly vicious Siamese cats with American shorthair. The name of the breed, by the way, not Chinese, and English (snow-shoe), which received the cat for his white paws.

But we know from all the cats of this breed looks as if sincerely hates humanity. When they saw online photos and videos of unusual animal immediately called him Grumpy Cat - Grumpy Cat and launched a powerful conveyor for the production of images on which Tarde (as his name actually) expresses his aversion to various aspects of life.

The owners cat, however, published the video, from which you can see that in spite of the unusually unhappy expression faces, Tarde is the most common cat who likes to sleep, eat and purrs when he scratched behind the ear.

You can not just take and ...

A good example of how crazy can overtake the popularity of something a long time ago the well-known. Still from the film "The Lord of the Rings", where one of the characters, Boromir says "You can not just pick up and go to Mordor" immediately began to remodel, adding to your liking. In fact, life - not an easy thing, and you can not just take and make very, very much. So the potential of this meme is still more than enough.

Uporotyh foxes

Again meme that became popular not immediately after his appearance. The artist Adele Morse once tried to make a stuffed fox, but made a mistake in the technology and the result is pretty awesome. A year later, when Morse decided to move, she found stuffed failed and decided to sell on online auction, stating that supposedly originally planned just such a monster as on the idea of ​​"the fox decided to become a man." Existential looking animals like to think about the vanity of all things, are interested first few users of the auction, but then the picture and a variety of variations on the theme flooded the Internet.
Fox pictures of themselves with iPhone:

At the same time it is in Russia foxes it became especially popular, receiving the name uporotyh Fox (in the jargon "uporotyh" commonly referred to as a person who is under the influence of drugs). One of the Russian books and souvenirs stores you can even order the unsuccessful analogue stuffed into a soft toy.


Traditionally, critical to any ideology Internet audience rarely friendly to religion. Even the death of Patriarch Alexy II has caused, except condolences whirlwind humiliating images in RuNet. The activities of the new patriarch, Kirill, causing residents not less network issues. Disappear with the help of Photoshop to hand the head of the church clock which thus reflected on the table; cross adorning the headdress, which adds a special guard before the church hierarchy gets in the car - the reasons for, as they say on the network "lulz", ridicule, was enough. Fuel to the fire poured a variety of supporters of Orthodoxy, by official representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, to the half-mad individuals uncertain views expressed are not always correct.

However, it seems that only the ROC Duty said over and over again on the campaign of denigration, which ordered the enemies of Russia, but does not take active actions on the Internet. And it is quite reasonable: any experienced Internet user is well known that the only way to calm the network is complete disregard for the bully. Replay "trolls" in their own field, it is hardly possible.


The Russian segment of the Internet is different from, say, European or American that is highly politicized. Even innocent comments to videos of kittens can be found hard water each other obscene insults representatives of opposing political currents. Generally characterized by a surfeit of political battles in RuNet. One example of a political meme, specially created for the provocation is Vatnik - collective image of "Russian rednecks" that is used by militants fans of the European Union, as well as a wide range of opponents of Putin's "United Russia", etc. Despite the clumsy execution and obviously tasteless exaggeration, various pictures with quilted jackets successfully lead to extensive discussions, mainly consisting of obscene expressions of hatred. However, for these purposes, and create a meme.


In 2012, humanity is once again waiting for the Apocalypse. Generally speaking, a list of dates the end of the world if you collect all the possible versions, will be more than impressive. Moreover, it should be noted that not all of them - the prophecy of spiritual leaders. Some of the "doomsday" to the scientists, fearing clashes humanity too serious problems, such as environmental. However, the Internet, and then could not keep a straight and on those who are seriously preparing for the end of the world, laughed as they could.

Pussy Riot

The scandalous action "punk feminists" in Christ the Savior Cathedral was not the first of its kind, they had previously climbed on a trolley at the place of execution, but serious noise these actions did not cause. Only after the "punk prayer" in the radical women seriously paid attention to law enforcement agencies, and the believers, which resulted in many lawsuits, places for expression and degrees of madness overlaps itself even outrageous action Pussy Riot. However, it turned out that, firstly, questions the confrontation of the Church are very popular in the West and Russian girls quickly became a symbol of opposition to religious obscurantism in the world. Second, bright balaclavas were very good character. Just enough to paint a bright spot, leaving three holes, there's your character. Graphically, the perfect solution and loud public reaction did Pussy Riot in colored balaclava popular target for the creation of images, videos and everything on which lacked imagination.


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