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The collective psychosis tsarist representatives of draft class in Russia does not get tired to surprise foreigners. One well-known foreign magazine published a small report of the Nizhny Novgorod village of Bolshaya Yelnya, where the sect has long existed fans triple President Vladimir Putin I (III). Cultists believe KGB lieutenant colonel avatar of the Apostle Paul.

The ex-wife of Vladimir Putin, in a past life - Nizhny Novgorod sectarian Photinia

Manages created almost 10 years ago in Kstovo region sect some Mother Photinia in the world - Svetlana Frolova. Over the shoulders of 62-year-old woman (the first photo) - a rich and turbulent life. 20 years ago the former zheleznodorozhnitsa discovered her psychic talent and has managed in just a few years to put together a decent capital - for example, she bought herself a house in Nizhny Novgorod. According to another version, enterprising "Mother" earned the starting capital more prosaic way - she headed the trading base at the Gorki railway, and in 1996 was involved in the case of embezzlement of public funds. And even it has stayed for almost 2 years (21 months) in prison.

Coming out of prison ... Frolov has addressed to God. She declared herself alternately reincarnation wife of Prince St. Vladimir (died in 1015), then King Solomon and the German told reporters that a maiden of Orleans. The sect settled in a family house in the village of Bolshaya Yelnya more than 10 years ago and since then has also changed several times, "signs" - the Abode of Light, Center kosmoenergeticheskoy medicine resurrected Russia, resurgent Russia.

The teaching Svetlana Robertovna, which became famous all over the country even in 2002-2003 (just before the first cycle of doubling Vladimir) is that the Second Coming of Christ on earth has happened, because the planet vengeance wielded the apostles and the antichrist. Vladimir Putin views the system plays the role of the Apostle Paul. According Photina, the Holy Spirit came into kegebista at a time when he was appointed president of Russia. This she said, of course, God himself, with whom my mother maintains a continuous connection. In addition, it has long been familiar with the GDP - because in a former life he was a prince of Vladimir and King Solomon.

Therefore vengeance sect pray at a portrait of Putin and consider the good of his new return to the presidency.

 - Putin carries the spirit of the king and wisely manages his flock - says the head of the sect.

Actually, all the other "beliefs" Photina followers are monstrous vinaigrette Orthodoxy, paganism, and even Islam. For example, the prayers in the Abode of light (called also house sectarians) are the song "Let There Always Be Sunshine" and the congregation sat on mats (Muslims in the mosque). In addition to Christian prayers often used pseudo-pagan conspiracies.
However, the parishioners and followers of the sect believe that Photinia has healing gift, so feel free to unsubscribe at the ex-wife of Prince Vladimir of their apartments, dachas and cars. Because of this sect and lives. Novices are working in the garden, cleaned the mansion and bring themselves to prayer and fasting state, when it can see the holy spirits and antichrists:


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