Vladimir Putin wants to make a persona non grata, and forbid him to use the airspace of Ukraine

Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said that the government intends to pay more attention to informing the public on issues of Euro-Atlantic integration. In particular, the Prime Minister noted that "the Government of Ukraine will make every effort to better coordination and full implementation of the action plan target NATO-Ukraine 2008».

Tymoshenko also said that "much more attention from the government will be given to the process of informing the public on issues of Euro-Atlantic integration - both by increasing the respective selections from the budget and by ensuring constant cooperation between the authorities and non-governmental organizations on this issue." "We are interested in a new quality of public dialogue," - said Prime.

Tymoshenko noted that he believes the NATO decision taken in Bucharest, "quite positive, because it is objectively fixed current level and prospects of development of Ukraine's relations with the alliance." In its decision, according to the prime minister, NATO urged Ukraine to intensify practical work towards the completion of the necessary reforms, noting that progress on this path receive adequate evaluation.

As you know, at the summit in Bucharest on April 3 on the initiative of NATO in Germany and in defiance of the US and Eastern Europe Ukraine temporarily refused to grant Membership Action Plan in the alliance. However, April 4, Viktor Yushchenko at the meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission expressed confidence that in December of this year, Ukraine will join the MAP.

Meanwhile, Ukraine rapidly discussed known Vladimir Putin's statements made to them in Bucharest. Thus, the faction "Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defense" has requested to verify the information as to whether Putin questioned the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Recall that the day before yesterday, "Kommersant", citing a source in the delegation of one of the NATO countries, said that the Russian President has threatened that in case of joining NATO Ukraine may cease to exist as a single state. "In fact, he threatened that Russia may start to rejection of the Crimea and eastern Ukraine", - said the source.

Yesterday, April 8, in the Verkhovna Rada of the Leader of the OU-PSD Vyacheslav Kirilenko. He noted that "according to unverified information, the Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly expressed doubts with respect to the territorial unity of Ukraine." "We certainly do not believe in the unverified information, but it is necessary to check" - said Kirilenko.

OU-PSD faction asked the head of the Verkhovna Rada Arseniy Yatsenyuk officially apply to the Foreign Ministry, "the government and the Ministry sent a request to the Russian Federation and we would get a definitive answer, I said to the Russian President Putin and the words did not say." Kyrylenko believes that "If we say that the supporters of the system of collective security of NATO in Ukraine will grow twice».

In turn, the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists appeal to SBU with the requirement to make Putin's persona non grata, and forbid him to use the airspace of Ukraine.

Congress President Vladimir Boreychuk said: "The position of Russia once again confirms the fact that only NATO membership can guarantee the security and integrity of our country».

Boreychuk also noted that Ukraine needs "as quickly as possible to expel Russian Black Sea Fleet from the Crimea as unacceptable that in Ukraine there were forces hostile country».

Head of the Ukrainian edition FORUM.msk Vladimir Filin contrary believes that "the Kremlin without extreme need not provoke, Ukraine should be treated as a doctor with violent psychiatric patients».

"Vladimir Putin is blackmailing us constantly disconnecting gas twice already resorted to this measure, though not for long - says Vladimir Filin. - Recently, Putin threatened to aim nuclear missiles at Ukraine, and now - to tear away part of our territory. But all this is not serious, it's empty rhetoric behind which nothing should and should not be followed.

Putin pronounced anti-Ukrainian complex called "Orange Revolution". Coupled with Beslan, "Tulip Revolution" in Kyrgyzstan and the release in early 2005, the political arena now all forgotten Mikhail Kasyanov, our "orange revolution" has caused the Kremlin real paranoia, irrational fears that Americans want to overthrow Putin, despite his desire as far as possible and will be integrated into the Western community as equally overthrew the pro-Western Leonid Kuchma Viktor Yanukovych, Eduard Shevardnadze and Askar Akayev, and nearly toppled Islam Karimov during the events in Andijan.

Under the influence of complexes Putin all the time someone takes offense, constantly breaks down, and in this state is capable of anything quite so ungodly medical benefits breccia. But then he departs and again looking to please the United States: the support of the UN in the vote on another anti-Iran resolution, then invite them to create a joint missile defense system directed against the same Iran that provide the forces NATO land corridor for transit to Afghanistan.

Putin is completely harmless, nothing but irresponsible anti-Ukrainian statements he does not threaten our country, even the gas is turned off for any length of time, he can not. Is that kill Max Kurochkin, and it is unlikely that the Kremlin KGB did this with his knowledge and his authority. At the same time anti-Ukrainian rhetoric of Putin's sin would not be used to explain to our people the need for Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine. So what are waiting for new verbal escapades ».



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