The most dangerous sect in the world, "eternal" life in exchange for the soul and wallet

Saga ended in the infamous "healer" Gregory Grabovogo. The court found him guilty of 11 episodes of fraud. Grabovoj created sect "Teaching Gregory Grabovogo" conducted the so-called "author seminars" in which, calling himself a healer, had promised the people to revive their loved ones.

"Jesus Christ Second Coming" and "triune God-Father" - such definition currently given Grabovoj. Law enforcement agencies have paid attention to the "healer" after he publicly promised the residents of Beslan for a substantial reward to resurrect their dead relatives in the terrorist attack. But from his sect hurt people, if not morally, at least financially - for their services Grabovoj took about 40 thousand rubles per person.

By the way, social scientists still have not decided on the definition of the word "sect". Some define it as a religious group, not having wide acceptance. Others say that the sect - an ideological (not necessarily religious) association of people under the leadership of a charismatic leader. But in either case, it is recognized that the head of the sect has a very strong influence on their "flock", sometimes to complete its submission, similar to the zombies. To fight the enemy, we must know it. We offer you a list of the 5 most-most dangerous sects in the world.

5. Seventh-day Adventists. Adventist Church arose in 1844 in the United States. Founder was a simple farmer William Miller, who, studying the Bible, he came to a conclusion that will soon come to an end. According to his version of it had to happen in 1843, the year. In Russia, adherents of the sect were already in the last century and are active at the moment. In 90 years in the United States broke the tragedy, which killed about a hundred sects Adventist persuasion. The leader of the sect emerged from Adventism "Branch of David," David Koresh too long prophesied about the imminent end of the world. But the failed messiah did not want to go it alone and, therefore, blew himself up along with his flock. When the fire was over, we found under the ruins of a hundred corpses.

4. The sect Manson. Manson - perverted maniac, a madman who imagines himself a prophet. He declared war between the black and white races, the war, which he, the preacher, has long predicted that forever clear the ground and open the way for him to rule the world, over the entire planet. Charles Manson was convicted in 1969 of several murders, including the wife of director Roman Polanski's actress Sharon Tate. The verdict of the court, he was to be executed in the gas chamber, but in 1977, when the California Supreme Court declared the death penalty unconstitutional, the sentence he was commuted to life imprisonment.

3. The sect "Gates of Paradise┬╗ (Heaven's Gate), founded in the US in 1975 by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettlz. In 1997, Applewhite managed to persuade 39 followers of his sect to commit suicide because of the imminent collision of the Earth with a comet Hale-Bopp. He promised his followers that they leave their earthly bodies and take a trip on a spaceship. Members of the sect wore hoods and gloves to even accidentally come into contact with each other and not be inflamed sinful desires, obey the rules of thousands, he studied the Bible intensely. Everyone had a "watching partner" and, in turn, also watched by someone. The bodies of 39 people were found on 26 March 1997 at their villa in Rancho Santa Fe (near San Diego, California). 18 men and 21 women have lulled themselves phenobarbital mixed with pudding or fruit jelly.

2. Aum Shinrikyo. The sect was founded in Japan, according to some individual groups operate in Russia. Doctrine Aum combines misunderstanding beliefs of Buddhism and yoga. Shoko Asahara - the head of the sect repeatedly visited Russia and met with a number of political and religious leaders. Aum Shinrikyo was prepared and conducted several terrorist attacks in Japan, including the Tokyo subway, which killed 12 people. Shoko Asahara was sentenced to death.

1. Peoples Temple. The sect recognized the worst in the world, was established in Guyana. A certain preacher Jim Jones, organized a sect whose members have lost their freedom. It was reported that the Rev. Jones sought unquestioning obedience threats, beatings and insults, his sermons were like political rallies. Jones built a "co-operative socialism" in a single village. His commune in official documents they are now called the "agricultural and medical cooperative" Peoples Temple "." One of the streets of the village bore the name of Lenin, and in the morning as a wake-up over Johnstown radio amplifier sounded Hymn of the Soviet Union. November 18, 1978 in the jungles of Guyana about 1,000 US citizens have committed suicide. So far, the cause of death of the villagers do not have reliable data. According to some sources, while trying to disperse the society and all its inhabitants took cyanide.


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