How to choose a wallet to money?.

Remember that money can not stand cheap purses, as they are energy poverty. If an expensive item is not available, the choice can be stopped on the wallet of the average cost. It needs to be easy to use and to look respectable.

Money left in a battered, broken at the folds, filled with all sorts of unnecessary time-time pieces of paper and used a voucher wallet, as a self-respecting guests tend not to get to cluttered, have not been subjected to repairs apartment, angry at the world person.

Hence the conclusion: as soon as the purse will lose the "commodity" view — to get rid of him. Buying a new "house for money". Choose the wallet in which the bills could lie flat, not bending and not crowd each other. Well, if the wallet has a large number of branches and pockets. It allows convenient to place notes, cards, coupons, tokens, etc. Always place the banknote face up, distributing them according to merit: first, big money, then fine.

To attract money put in a purse a bunch of three Chinese coins. Another tip from Feng Shui to keep in your wallet a small picture of grapes, mint leaves or green tea: these fruits and plants have the ability to improve money luck bag owner. A very big "taboo" for a purse is a nested picture of a native person! Passing through the photo, the cash flows can damage the energy of a loved one.

The purse color can affect the financial well-being. Therefore to choose the purse should be even and color shades. The most successful are considered brown, black, gold, silver, and yellow. But from the wallet the color of water (blue and green) money "swim" with great speed. Because these colors should be avoided.

Part with money easily too without worrying about unplanned expenses. Then, adjusted cash flow, which will provide you with comfort and freedom. In this case, can come to the aid of affirmations: "I am a magnet for money", "my income is constantly growing", "the more money I spend, the more comes to me."

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