As a woman not to lose a man?

Comes time every woman asks themselves how to keep a man. We read a lot, but when it comes down to it, all tips are forgotten. Man like a ball: when we it go throw it far rolls and unwound, and then take again his hands begin to reel.

When a woman finds her Prince, she for him, willing to sacrifice everything. Not here to make sacrifices? For a loved one — even a star from the sky. And we give as much time as they need, even if you forget about your own selfishness, which will eventually begin to fade, friends start us wrong, while our circle, closed in on one person. Then analyzing the relationship, do not understand what did he want? He had all that he wanted. Such reflections give rise to one conclusion that suggests itself: "All men are bastards!". But the thoughts we have are not stereotyped and we are trying to understand the structure of the mechanisms which govern men, when their feelings for us are cool. Therefore, our task is to become the number one favorite. The first task they need us to be bored and afraid of losing, because generated its value. You should try being nice, and then you disappear. Call him out and call themselves 15 minutes before the meeting and say that you do not get.

The second objective was to stop impose itself on man, but at the same time to understand that in your environment there are other men. For example: "could you come and help to nail the picture. Not today? Well, well. I'll ask the neighbor Kohl". And you will not notice how it will be at your door. Any playful attitude to a Flirty twist — without this no one game will not bring results. Play, you're a woman! And women is given by nature.

The third task is to intrigue, not to disclose himself completely. Your spouse should have to you many questions, but the answers must be given in doses. Intrigue is a good tool that leads to radical action.

And remember that innuendo still have to "finish", waiting to meet, and secrets to uncover.

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