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Puss in Boots

 - And I was assured, - said the Cat in Boots Giant - but this is something I can not believe it - that you supposedly can turn even the smallest animals. Well, for example, make a mouse. I must tell you the truth, I think it's absolutely impossible.
 - Oh, that's how! Impossible? - Asked the Giant. - Come on, look!
And at the same instant it turned into a giant mouse. The cat ran after her, but the mouse, gleefully giggling, flew to the ceiling, because it turned out to bat.
Moral: If you want to achieve the correct execution of the order, formulate the terms of reference might more accurately.

Cinderella or The Glass Slipper

Prince ordered to announce publicly the sound of trumpets and fanfare, that the girl would have to fit the crystal shoe will become his wife.


Of course, the first shoe to measure given the princesses, then the duchesses, then the court ladies, but all in vain: he was too small and the Duchess, and princesses and court ladies.
While all reached Cinderella, nimble daughter of a maid of honor tried on shoe and ... stuff like that! He came to her at the time.
The Prince was about, reluctantly, to fulfill his promise, but could not: freylinskoy daughter had just knocked ten years.
Moral: There is a set A of all the girls and set B of girls of marriageable age. Clearly, B - a non-empty set, t. E. It is a proper part of A. Anyone who does not know, just a bit early to get married.

According to Pike

Emelya went to fetch water. Just threw a bucket into the hole as he caught a large pike. Emelya was delighted:
 - Navarro-ka of this pike soup. Nice ear will be fat!
A pike tail splashed into the bucket and says human voice (whence she was to know what it skidded edge):
 - Release me, youngster, and I'll make you a rich man!
Emelya, of course, did not understand and ate pike.
Moral: Knowledge of foreign languages ​​can sometimes bring many benefits.


My grandfather planted the turnip. Grew great big turnip. He became grandfather to pull the turnip out of the ground. Pulls-pull - pull can. Called Grandpa grandmother, granddaughter, bugs cat and mouse. Mouse a cat, cat for bugs Beetle granddaughter, granddaughter for grandmother, grandmother for Dedkov, Dedkov for turnip, jumped, pulled - tops come off, and they're all at each other and tumbled. Repka same - do not move.
Morale: Predicting how will behave in the real solid under load, it is possible only if the chart compression tests, stretching, using calculation methods developed in the science of strength of materials.


The soldier opened the first door and entered the room. In the middle of the room is a chest on chest sits a dog. Her eyes, like two saucer ...
 - Well, the monster - said the soldier, grabbed the dog and instantly put it on the witch apron.
Then the dog grew quiet, the soldiers opened the trunk and let's pull out the money. Accumulated Statement pockets full of copper coins, closed the trunk again and put the dog on him, and went into another room.
Pockets were large, the soldiers - each with a capacity of approximately two liters (cubic decimeters that is). A uniform procedure was worn out. Therefore, before he could take a step like pockets broke under the weight (density of copper still - 8.8 kg / and all spilled ...
The other room was full of silver. Pockets soldier could not fill, filled his knapsack. Satchel was not big and not small: something like 20 Groaning, he barely Perevolok his burden in the third room (note - the density of silver - 10.5 kg / and backpack weighed a good 200 kg) ...
Good heavens, how much there was gold! Soldiers poured out of the satchel silver money and began to fill it with gold. And not just pack: gold and piled in a hat and boots. The pack included hundredweight that way three and a half (the density of gold - 19.3), but in his cap, which was the volume of seven liters - one hundred and thirty kilograms. Over the tops of the boots fit what some forty kilos of dead weight ... Combine Soldier - hundred kilograms typed.
Independently budge soldier, of course, could not. One was the hope - at superhuman strength Witch that had pulled him out of the cave with a rope.
Witch pull their socks up and pulled out ... would be (after all, the witch), but the rope was not at all designed for six quintals of cargo and snapped at the critical moment. So soldiers remained in the cave.
Moral: For the rational profit enough to know the basics of political economy (monetary function metal soldier was well known): the basic information from the natural sciences also needed.


Gingerbread and the grandmother is gone, and my grandfather left. From bears and wolves - even more so I left. Only from Fox could not get away so easily.
Fox cunning lured him straight to his mouth and bent to eat. He took a bite and spit out ... The Gingerbread Man: as long as the Gingerbread Man from grandparents, bears and wolves running around - completely stale.
Moral: If you need to refresh the stale bakery product, wrap it in a damp cloth and place it on a few minutes in a hot oven.


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