Bill gates and the unknown "known" faith "new Age»

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Fans of various "freedoms" welcomed the destruction of a centuries-old system of traditional values. But many of them would be unpleasantly amazed to learn that this process are quite certain forces, imposing man, the new religion, and is able in the near future to destroy all of his opponents. About the global danger of us tells a unique woman, a candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor of history and politics of the countries of Europe and America, MGIMO Olga Chetverikova.

- Olga, not so long ago I had the opportunity to go to Moscow house of books. "Repertoire" modern bookstores is, of course, a special rate of life companies. You know what struck the most? The amount of esoteric and occult literature. It's not one, not two rack — under this blatant Satanism given a whole room! Is it time to sound the alarm?

— Fascination with esoteric teachings is not a new phenomenon in modern Russia, the situation is different measure of popularity, and the activity with which this iniquity is being implemented.

If you look at the question from a historical point of view, we can see that such teachings generally characteristic of periods of development of civilizations, when there is a breakdown of established social structures. She is accompanied by profound changes in the public consciousness, the loss of confidence in the former norms and values, which is caused by a crisis of faith. It is enough to remember Ancient Rome during its decline. Such a process of profound "crisis of expectations and ideologies" is today in Europe. However, the scope and depth of this phenomenon is quite different. Because at this stage it is expected the leveling of human consciousness through the creation of so-called "last world religion." It is global and inclusive, it is not inherent differences in the strength of its original universalism and diversity, allowing adaptation to any culture. In reality, we are talking about the occult, occult understanding, which the researcher Izyaslav A. Adlivankin called the Gulf stream in the Wake of global religious trends. Nowadays the successor of the occult was the movement "new Age" ("New age" or "New era"), which claims the creation of the latest global syncretic religion designed to replace Christianity.

The popularity of this movement is frightening, because it penetrates into all spheres of human activity. Experts find it difficult to establish the exact number of his followers, but, according to some, in the US, adherents of "new Age" are from 10 to 20 million people and the number of movement organizations — up to 10 thousand. A recent US survey showed that 58% of surveyed Americans believe in reincarnation, and the worldview 60% of the infected occult ideas about the world.

All these data are very revealing. Olga, tell us about the history of this evil.

Directly by the forerunner of the "new Age" was the Theosophical teaching of Helena Blavatsky, 1875, which was founded in new York Theosophical society. His task was philosophical underpinning of spiritualism and esotericism, which received at that time in America and Europe is extremely widespread. The Charter was enshrined provisions on the establishment of the nucleus "of universal brotherhood of humanity" without distinction of races, creed, sex, caste or color, that is the new world society. "The secret doctrine" Blavatsky became the catechism of the contemporary theosophy in ntagerura movement.

However, this idea is nothing new, it is the result of mixing and synthesis of the ideas of the occult systems of Buddhism and Hinduism, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Kabbalah, Manichaeism. That is syncretic, eclectic teaching, based on the false and dangerous idea that all religions and religious doctrines lead to God. Had formulated the idea about a "New world", which will rule have developed intelligence, while only the emerging sixth race, the first of which are Americans. With the advent of the seventh race of mankind will complete the cycle of earth's development and will start a new cycle on another planet.

So it all began. However, the mass fascination with this doctrine is characteristic for our time, in connection with the emergence of the movement "new Age". It was created by a follower of Blavatsky was Alice Bailey (Alice Ann Bailey), who became a prophet of a new era, the Aquarian age, that is the new "world order". In 1922 she founded the publishing company "Lucifer" (Lucifer Publishing), then renamed "Lucis trust" (LucisTrast), which after became the most important organization "new Eyzhd", main offices of which are in new York, London and Geneva.

Today "new Age" — the largest occult movement in the United States. It differs in that it has no single and rigid structure, leadership hierarchy, and is a network of numerous decentralized occult organizations, educational circles, institutions, clubs, publishers and foundations. Among them the famous "Greenpeace", the Theosophical society, a society Nicholas Roerich, UNESCO, UNICEF and others. This list was first published by the famous American environmentalist, economist Lyndon LaRouche (Lyndon H. LaRouche). You can trust him — the higher ranks of the US intelligence agencies call it research organization "one of the best private intelligence services in the world." Additionally, movement effects are most popular sects: Scientology, the Moonies, "Children of God" and other.

The spread of the ideology of a "New era" deals with the film industry. So, for new agarossi movies are "Star wars", "Batman", "Poltergeist", "the Hobbit", "Lord of the Rings." The value system of this society has promoted a wide range of figures of show business — including Elvis Presley, Shirley MacLaine, John Travolta, Sharon stone, Demis Roussos and others.

Writes Carl Raschke (Carl A. Raschke), Professor of religious studies at Denver University, "movement "new Age" is the largest socio-political force in the world today. How much of it is political as religious, and it applies in business". The supranational character of this doctrine, its aspiration for global control in the interests of transnational elites, whose financial support ensured that the wide spread of this movement. Followers of "new Age" are first and foremost representatives of well-endowed social strata of Western society.

- What is the essence of the teachings? If it is short.

— The cultivation of loving yourself in all possible ways: selfishness, the idea of personal success, the pursuit of prosperity, physical and spiritual pleasure and enjoyment, including sodomy. In the Russian branch of "new Age" a Dmitry Vereshagin, learning the skills their own energy, provides you with the basic installation. Among them, for example, such — "only the man himself knows what is good and what is bad"; "everyone should be happy"; "the morality and immorality of artificial categories"; "guilt is harmful, imposed human feeling"; "God is absolutely indifferent to all human Affairs; the universe is the mind of God." All this fits perfectly with the values of modern civilization, with its consumer morality and yet a thirst for the supernatural, and the Vogue of "spirituality".

The main weapon of "guajeros" demand remains lukewarm tolerance. Here an important role is played by the UNESCO, which gave the concept of sacred significance, having taken in 1995 at its General conference the Declaration of principles of tolerance. She is described as "the rejection of dogmatism, of absolutism". Today, in my opinion, everyone understands that this whole non-religious tolerance — a tool aimed at the destruction of the traditional faith and morals. When the task is done, they will simply announce an end to religious freedom.

- Tolerance is the disguised form of the main law of the famous Satanist Aleister Crowley: "Do his will is let it be the whole law". This law allows you to sow the chaos, through which is erected a totalitarian "new order."

— So in our time the foundations of antitorque of the Antichrist.

- Who is funding these guys?

- New Age supports one of the richest people of a planet bill gates and his wife: their Foundation is the Trustee of the "New group of world servers" — units LucisTrast. On the website of this organization gates were marked, along with George Soros and Kofi Annan, as a great philanthropist and humanitarian. It is known that in 2012, bill gates generously gave 100 thousand dollars to the LGBT community, which is also part of the "new Age", having supported it during the referendum on same-sex marriage in Washington.

Today we know that meditation and spells are performed to enhance production efficiency and economic governance at the largest companies. Thus, of the 500 largest U.S. companies, more than half nuageuse practice the technique of "expansion of consciousness", spending annually about $ 4 billion. The largest firms such as IBM, Procter&Gamble, General Motors, also recruited experts on the business of the movement "new Age".

Moreover, based on the appearance of the ideology of programs in "global development", elaborated by the UN, UNESCO and other organizations, too, is the worldview of the movement "new Age" openly proclaimed "the end of the Christian era".

- What in the last century, Blavatsky wrote: "wipe Christianity from the face of the earth" - in our time began to realize the full swing.

— The Bible of the new Age was the employee of the Stanford Institute Marilyn Ferguson (Marilyn Ferguson) the "Conspiracy of Aquarius," which proclaimed the beginning of a "paradigm-shift", the liberation of the old canons. As Ferguson wrote, "a strong, although not having a leader organizaciebtan in the United States in order to produce radical change. The members of this organization managed to break some of the key elements of traditional Western thought... This organization "Conspiracy of Aquarius"... This conspiracy called the fastest in the history of cultural mutation, which was broader than reform, deeper than revolution".

The particular candor regarding the inequality of men famous "star" "new Age" by Barbara Marx Hubbard (Barbara Marx Hubbard), wife of the founder of Scientology. In his "the Book of co-creation," she wrote: "a Quarter of humanity — destructive. It is the tares. Before they were allowed to die a natural death, but today, as you get closer to the great leap from man-creatures to the man-co-Creator, that is, the heir to the power of God, a quarter of a destructive should be eliminated. We (the initiates) are responsible for this. We are responsible for the mission of the process of divine selection in favor of planet Earth."

- As far as I know, the feature of the "new Age" in the fact that for trying to substitute not only religion, but science.

- Quite true. A vivid example — a new pseudo-scientific discipline "noetica", which is a synthesis of ancient knowledge about hidden human capabilities with the latest research in quantum physics, neuropsychology, cognitive linguistics, anthropology, molecular biology, psychology and other Sciences. Noatime develop numerous centers and organizations, the most famous of which is the Institute of noetic Sciences, founded in 1972, American astronaut Edgar Mitchell and philosopher John white. The purpose of these centers is the formation of a new type of human, homo noeticus, who will replace homo sapiens.

In addition, designed the "noetic psychology" gives an opportunity not only to "objetoras", but to achieve practical goals and success in their careers. It is especially effective in working with entrepreneurs and top managers, who want to make the "qualitative leap" in the business. They are trained to conduct in-depth diagnosis of the company, to awaken the "financial intelligence" to master the "energy of money" and to achieve the desired level of material well-being. Doing this "noetic consulting and coaching" and "noetic management". Now a very fashionable trend in Russia.

- How manifests itself in that movement?

- Today the main mechanisms to promote guajeros the idea of "unity of religions" — the international summits of religious leaders, held under the auspices of UNESCO. We are talking about the World summits of religious leaders, which were held six times.

Are such meetings and the former Soviet Union in Astana. It was here in 2010, was held the first session of the world forum of spiritual culture (VPDC), which was organized by the international Association "Peace through Culture". The author of its ideas were a famous artist and occultist Nicholas Roerich. It was attended by a thousand delegates from 70 countries. The participants set specific goals. Among them was the establishment of the Institute for global peace, which would represent every possible religion and philosophical Outlook, with the aim of forming a "world spiritual community". And in anticipation of the second session of the forum of the infamous co-chair WFDC Joseph Kobzon in his message to the participants called for the "humanization of mankind" in connection with "the evolutionary ascent of humanity" at a time when "coming New Era of Spiritual Culture", which "will eliminate the principle of struggle and resistance to evolutionary change".

- Olga, is it true?

— Alas, but the prophecies are coming true. So, watch and pray.

Prepared Monomenova Maria


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©




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