Cults, fearfully (16 photos)

It collected some photos from places of mass sacrifices these absurd cults and their leaders.

Title: «Family»
Leader: Charles Manson
Born in 1934 at the still very young mother, who then became a prostitute, Manson almost all 60th years spent in prisons and jails in San Francisco. In the prison of his wild charisma attracted followers who became the "family." Manson and his disciples (call it "God" and "Satan") arrived in Los Angeles in 1968 to realize their ambitions in music ... (Hulton Archive / Getty)

August 9-10 - murder in Los Angeles. In pursuit of his musical career Manson ordered several of his followers, many of them girls, to kill his "mortal enemies." Armed with hunting knives, they broke into two houses - one was selected randomly and the other turned out to be the home of the producer, who refused to record Manson's music - and killed everyone who was there at that time. Among those killed were pregnant actress Sharon Tate - the wife of the famous director Roman Polanski. (Bettmann / Corbis)

Title: "The Temple of Peoples»
Leader: Jim Jones
Born in the city, famous for its production of coffins, Jim Jones conducted the funeral of a boy animals and gradually began to join him new friends. Becoming the kind of pastor are attracted to men, he realized that he was close to his home. Together with his family and followers of his "Peoples Temple", he moved to California, where he became a favorite of the public. But then he began to call himself God ... (San Francisco Examiner / AP)

November 18, 1978: mass suicide in Guyana. In 1977, Jim Jones moved his followers in Jonestown - private property, which he bought in Guyana. In November 1978, Jones ordered to kill US Congressman, and then obeying paranoid megalomania, he ordered his followers to drink cyanide. Those who refused were forced to drink by force or killed. As a result, killing more than 900 people, including 200 children and most of Jones. (Matthew Naythons / Liaison)

Title: "Branch Davidian»
Leader: David Koresh
Raised as a Seventh-day Adventist, Vernon Howell took to the teachings of the sect, calling itself "Branch Davidian", which moved to Waco, Texas, to wait until the end of the world. Taking the lead worship, Howell changed his name to David Koresh, and began to preach the apocalypse that awaits all unbelievers ... (Waco Tribune Herald / AP)

April 19, 1993: the building is lit in Waco, Texas. Law enforcement authorities were planning to carry out a raid on the house of Koresh, believing that he keeps it illegal weapons. But the raid did not go as planned, and has become a real siege. Police Attempt to seize the building turned into a fire when the followers of the "Branch Davidian" set fire to the building. As a result, 80 people were killed, including 20 children and Koresh himself. (FBI / Time Life Pictures / Getty)

Title: "The Order of the Solar Temple»
One of the leaders: Luke Zhure
In the 1980s, born in the Belgian Congo organized a therapist Order with Joseph Di Mambro - French-Canadian jeweler. They propagated the belief, borrowed from Roman Catholicism, the Templars, Rosicrucians and of astrology - and it was all supported by fears of an environmental catastrophe. They positioned the death as a way of interplanetary flight of ... (AFP / Getty)

October 5th, 1994: Death of the Order of the Solar Temple in Switzerland. The climax was in the order of about 500 members, who are mired in internal differences and allegations of fraud. Di Mambro Zhure and quarreled. In October 1994 a series of suicides, murders and fires swept almost the entire Order. (Di Mambro left a note mocking Zhure and his actions). A year later, the surviving members of the Order made another mass suicide. In general account 74 people were killed. (Christopher J. Morris / Crobis)

Title: "Aum Shinrikyo" ("supreme truth»)
Leader: Shoko Asahara
Born blind in part, Japanese akkupunkturist and yoga teacher Tidzuo Matsumoto formed in 1987 by a new religion called "higher truth." His followers (about 10 000 people) believed that their leader has the ability to levitate, and he revealed US plans anti-Semitic and that the world would end before the year 2000 ... (AFP / Getty)

March 20, 1995: chemical agent sarin in the Tokyo subway. Apparently, in an attempt to realize their own prophecy (that the world will end with the arrival of clouds of poison gas) Asahara's followers released in the Tokyo subway sarin gas is fatal. As a result, 12 people died and thousands more were seriously poisoned. Denying any responsibility, Asahara had fled, but was caught and sentenced to death. (Tokyo Shinbun / Sygma / Corbis)

Title: "Cloud Gate»
The leader Marshall Applewhite
A former music teacher, Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Lu Nettles (nurse cared for him during his illness) saw themselves as ambassadors of the two revealed. They called themselves the Bo and Peep and said that UFOs fly over all believers and will take away with them to save. This movement had a lot of followers. Soon, however, the fever has passed, and in 1985 Nettles died ... (AP)

March 26, 1997: Suicide at Rancho Santa Fe. Missing your love, set in Applewhite resumed his sect in the 1990s, and even organized a headquarters at a ranch in Santa Fe, near San Diego. In March 1997, considering that the comet Hale - Bopp was a familiar space for action, Applewhite and 38 of his followers committed mass suicide by taking a large dose of sleeping pills and putting bags on their heads. According to forensic experts, a few men, including Applewhite himself, were castrated. (Reuters / Corbis)

Title: "The movement for restoration of the Ten Commandments of God»
Leader: Joseph Kibvetere
Preaching the end of the world and the need to follow the Ten Commandments, Kibvetere and his main accomplice Kredoniya Mverinde (former prostitute) stated that they see the images of Jesus and Mary, and told his followers to fast and follow the sexual abstinence. However, the long-awaited end of the world did not come ... (Reuters / Corbis)

March 17, 2000: cult members burned themselves in the church in Uganda. Close to midnight, March 17, 2000 in several buildings movement started fires. About 1,000 people were burned alive - this number even exceeded the number of deaths at Jonestown mass suicide. Kibvetere allegedly burned down, but many say his accomplice staged his own death and fled. (Sayyid Azim / AP)

Title: "Russian True Orthodox Church»
Leader: Peter Kuznetsov
In the Penza region's father Peter said that the apocalypse will happen in May 2008, and that the Lord would show him and his followers as his to survive. The members of the sect were ordered to burn their passports because of the fear of government control, and because in these documents was the number 666. And then, Kuznetsov said that the members of the sect dug underground shelter in which to spend six weeks ... (Denis Sinyakov / Reuters)

April 2, 2008: Members of the sect finally came out of his hiding place, where about 30 people were waiting for the end of the world. They threatened to burn themselves if someone tries to get them out. Kuznetsov said that the act of "martyrdom" rather than suicide. He was stopped before he joined his followers underground. After most of the sect emerged from the shelter, Kuznetsov committed suicide. (Denis Sinyakov / Reuters)


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