Cults, fearfully (16 photos)

It collected some photos from places of mass sacrifices these absurd cults and their leaders.

Title: «Family»
Leader: Charles Manson
Born in 1934 at the still very young mother, who then became a prostitute, Manson almost all 60th years spent in prisons and jails in San Francisco. In the prison of his wild charisma attracted followers who became the "family." Manson and his disciples (call it "God" and "Satan") arrived in Los Angeles in 1968 to realize their ambitions in music ... (Hulton Archive / Getty)

August 9-10 - murder in Los Angeles. In pursuit of his musical career Manson ordered several of his followers, many of them girls, to kill his "mortal enemies." Armed with hunting knives, they broke into two houses - one was selected randomly and the other turned out to be the home of the producer, who refused to record Manson's music - and killed everyone who was there at that time. Among those killed were pregnant actress Sharon Tate - the wife of the famous director Roman Polanski. (Bettmann / Corbis)

Title: "The Temple of Peoples»
Leader: Jim Jones
Born in the city, famous for its production of coffins, Jim Jones conducted the funeral of a boy animals and gradually began to join him new friends. Becoming the kind of pastor are attracted to men, he realized that he was close to his home. Together with his family and followers of his "Peoples Temple", he moved to California, where he became a favorite of the public. But then he began to call himself God ... (San Francisco Examiner / AP)


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