100 of the best detective stories of all time

List detectives and thrillers that are worth reading to all lovers of the genre, based on a readers' ratings. There is everything - from Sherlock Holmes to the girl with the dragon tattoo, so every fan of puzzles will find something for themselves.

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"The Mask of Dimitrios" Eric Ambler «A Coffin for Dimitrios» Eric Ambler

During his vacation in Istanbul, English novelist decides to explore the fascinating history of one of the most notorious criminals in Europe. Buy the book.

"Great deliverance" Elizabeth George «A Great Deliverance» Elizabeth George

In a quiet village in the north of England comes the brutal murder in the commission of which is recognized as the daughter of the murdered. While investigating this tragedy, the Scotland Yard inspector and his partner discover something that shatters the illusion of serenity of village life. Buy

"And - so the alibi" Sue Grafton «A is for Alibi: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery» Sue Grafton

She - the best detective in California. State sharks show business, producers, movie stars and directors. She comes across a very interesting case - the murder of an influential man, who had many enemies. But the culprit should be the one who is he? Buy the book.

"Cool court" Ruth Rendell «A Judgement in Stone» Ruth Rendell

An eerie story of class hatred. Rich family hires a maid to a distant estate, and that, together with a local girl to shoot all mail, including two children, thus expressing their attitude towards those who have everything. Buy the book.

"A Simple Plan" Scott Smith «A Simple Plan» Scott Smith

On the outskirts of a provincial town, three men accidentally discovers sports plane crashed. In the cockpit - a dead pilot and more than four million dollars. Friends suddenly become owners of vast wealth that could change their lives miserable. But money does not bring them happiness. Buy the book.

"Time to Kill" by John Grisham «A Time to Kill» John Grisham

Is there a task more difficult than to achieve justify the murderer? Excuses a man who dared to lynching and went for a double murder? Much is at stake - the life of a man in conflict with the law for the sake of family honor and reputation of a young lawyer, despite the threats and common sense, who has decided to take the case. Buy the book.

"Improper employment for women" PD James «An Unsuitable Job for a Woman» PD James

Cordelia Gray inherits is not thriving detective agency. She takes on the investigation into the causes of suicide son of a famous scientist. For ethical reasons, Cordelia would never can make public what she has learned. Buy the book.

"Ten Little Indians" by Agatha Christie «And Then There Were None» Agatha Christie

Ten unrelated people together in a mansion on a secluded island ... Who called them in a mysterious invitation? Why would someone kill them, one by one, the most incredible ways? Buy the book.

"Before I Sleep" CJ Watson «Before I Go To Sleep» S. J. Watson

Christine Lucas suffers from memory lapses. She does not remember his life for nearly 20 years - does not remember her husband, son, friends, and doctors. Its memory can hold information for the day before she goes to bed. And it was the same again tomorrow. Buy the book.

"The March Violets" Philip Kerr «Berlin Noir: March Violets / The Pale Criminal / A German Requiem» Philip Kerr

Private detective Bernie Gunther is investigating the circumstances of the tragic death of the daughter of a major German industrialist. Walking on the trail of criminals, Gunter becomes an unwitting participant in a secret conspiracy is headed by some leaders of the Gestapo and the SS. Buy the book.

"Blind" Karin Slaughter «Blindsighted» Karin Slaughter

Sadistically brutal murder shook the quiet provincial town. However, when another young woman nearly killed by a maniac, the atmosphere in the town escalated to the limit. Who is this maniac? On what basis he selects victims? Buy the book.

"Cape Fear" by John D. MacDonald «Cape Fear» John D. MacDonald

Sam Bowden happy family man - a good job, a beautiful wife, two children. And everything is good, but the past catches up with him. Max Cady, convicted for the rape of a girl of fourteen, was released from prison. Now he intends to take revenge on Sam, who was a witness at the trial, and helped take his eight years of life. Buy the book.

"Devil in a Blue" Walter Mosley «Devil in a Blue Dress (Easy Rawlins Mysteries)» Walter Mosley

In order to earn their daily bread black World War II veteran Easy Rawlins it becomes a private detective, and plunges into the midst of the underworld, going down to the bottom of the post-war Los Angeles.

"Forgetful sheriff" Donald Sobol «Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective» Donald J. Sobol

For nearly a year in the city there was no case to at least one perpetrator escaped arrest. The main reason was that the police chief was the father of Leroy Brown, nicknamed the "Encyclopedia". The most complex cases the police chief untangled house, or rather, did it Encyclopedia, which could compete with himself Holmes.

"Eye of the Needle" by Ken Follet «Eye of the Needle» Ken Follett The book - is a sharp detective to hold in 1944, before the opening of the Second Front allies, British intelligence operation to neutralize the German superspy.

"Fer de Lance" Rex Stout «Fer-de-Lance» Rex Stout

How are the mysterious death of a poor Italian immigrants and the rector of the University of solid? Truth is taken to install Nero Wolfe, a brilliant private investigator. Wolfe and his assistant have to hurry - the killer is ready to strike another blow.

"From Hell" by Alan Moore, «From Hell» Alan Moore

Graphic novel by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, the legendary Jack the Ripper. Authors based on the popular theory that the strands of the killings are drawn into a higher English society and the royal family.

"From Russia with Love" Ian Fleming «From Russia with Love» Ian Fleming

Meet - James Bond. Absolutely ruthless and deadly. Now he has to fight with a worthy and very dangerous enemy - the Soviet intelligence. In the face of well-trained superspy, she graduated from the School of the KGB. However, the position 007 is somewhat easier by the fact that his opponent - a female.

"Vanished" Gillian Flynn «Gone Girl» Gillian Flynn

The plot of the book is devoted to the history of a young woman, who disappeared without a trace on the day of the fifth anniversary of their wedding. Suspicious behavior and lies of her husband Nick leads on suspicion of his involvement in the disappearance of his wife. However, it soon was discovered diary Amy opens all her secret life.

"Gorky Park" Martin Cruz Smith «Gorky Park» Martin Cruz Smith

In Moscow, Gorky Park found three mutilated bodies. The investigation is a young and talented detective Arkady Renko, but the matter is complicated by the fact that it involved the citizens of America and the KGB's not without cost.

"The court - it's me" Mickey Spillane «I, the Jury» Mickey Spillane

The private detective Mike Hammer brutally murdered friend - Jack Williams. He promises to find the killer and shoot him. It is a matter of honor for him, because Hammer Williams saved lives in the war. A Hummer is not accustomed to throw words to the wind and nothing will stop.

"In Cold Blood," Truman Capote «In Cold Blood» Truman Capote

The story is based on a real crime committed in 1959 in Kansas. It reveals the nature of violence as a complex social and psychological phenomenon.

"In the thicket" Tana French «In the Woods» Tana French

Detective Rob Ryan never told no one about the worst day of his childhood, when his two friends had disappeared in the woods, and most found it a miracle. And now the past ... back in the same forest found the body brutally murdered twelve Katy Devlin - and Rob asked to investigate this crime.

"Wherever you are hiding," Elizabeth Haynes «Into the Darkest Corner» Elizabeth Haynes

Love is dangerous, sometimes deadly. Kathy Bailey, a beautiful young Englishwoman, knows this firsthand, and not from criminal chronicles. One day on the way Katie meets the man of her dreams. Could she guess what is hidden under the mask of a handsome man.

"Field of Death" Lee Child «Killing Floor» Lee Child

Margrave - so perfect town, it's scary. A former military policeman Jack Reacher, leading a nomadic life, comes in Margrave, intending to leave the city in a few days. However, at this point in Margrave comes first murder in thirty years. He hung on Reacher, the only stranger in town.

"Kiss the Girls" James Patterson «Kiss the Girls» James Patterson

The maniac who kidnaps a girl, but before killing surrounds their ecstatic worship of a romantic. He has already dealt with several young women. Now in the hands of the offender is a young niece of the famous detective Alex Cross. Cross to save her at any cost.

"LA Confidential" James Ellroy «LA Confidential »James Ellroy

Cafe "Night Owl" unknown coolly shot six people. The investigation of the death of three police officers involved. All three totally dissimilar, but share one thing: they each have dangerous secrets, which they carefully guarded.

"Marathon Man" by William Goldman «Marathon Man» William Goldman

Every time passing by Yorkville, Rosenbaum came into a rage, East 86th Street was the last stronghold of the Huns in Manhattan, and the more beer disappeared from the face of the city, the better he felt. Rosenbaum is not particularly suffered during the last war - his whole family lived in America since the 20s - just only one trip through the streets full of Teutonic spirit bring balance any.

"Miami Blues" Charles Wilford «Miami Blues» Charles Willeford

Freddie "Junior" Frendzher flies out of San Quentin in Miami with a pocket full of stolen credit cards, leaving behind the body of Hari Krishna. Homicide detective Hoke Moseley pursues Frendzhera and his girlfriend - a prostitute in luxury hotels in the Cuban ghetto and seedy alleys suburban Miami.

"Misery" Stephen King «Misery» Stephen King

Paul Sheldon - a successful writer, author of the cycle of Misery. One day he meets his ardent fans, but not quite ordinary circumstances. She saved him from death, out of the car after the accident, dovezla home treated wounds ... Annie's just not planning to let Paul.

"Motherless Brooklyn" by Jonathan Lethem «Motherless Brooklyn» Jonathan Lethem

Four orphans, including suffering from nervous tics Lionel Essrog, blindly loyal to his patron Frank Minna, pull them out of the orphanage to make "their boys." They are ready to fulfill any of its mandate. But one rainy day Frank killed, and Lionel has to be a real detective investigating the crime.

"Mystic River," Dennis Liheyn «Mystic River» Dennis Lehane

The lives of three inseparable friends misfortune happened - one of them abducted, and that the unfortunate abduction forever change the fate of friends.

"Old Men" by Cormac McCarthy «No Country for Old Men» Cormac McCarthy

Vietnam veteran goes to the Texas mountains to hunt antelope and detects traces of warring families - dead bodies, drugs and cargo bag with two million dollars. Succumbing to temptation, he takes the money - and was soon forced to flee both from Mexican bandits.

"Just once for money" Janet I. «One for the Money» Janet Evanovich

The former lingerie saleswoman Stephanie Plum turned-agent catching escaped from under the mortgage. Her first job was catching Morelli, a policeman accused of murder, and, concurrently, her former lover. The story takes a threatening character when Stephanie attracts boxer psychopath Benito Ramirez.

"The autopsy revealed" Patricia Cornwell «Postmortem» Patricia Cornwell

The weekend brings the city does not rest, and the fear. Already four women died at the hands of a mysterious serial killer, penetrated into their homes. On what basis he chooses his victims? Kay Scarpetta puts a very unusual version of events. If it is true, a maniac to be stopped. The error will cost the lives of any other innocent women.

"The presumption of innocence" Scott Turow «Presumed Innocent» Scott Turow

Prosecutor Rusty started Sebich office romance with a pretty assistant Caroline. Normal connection? Now Rusty - the number one suspect in the murder of his mistress. Against him - all: the circumstances, the evidence, the lack of an alibi.

"Raise the Titanic" by Clive Cussler «Raise the Titanic! Clive Cussler

The US Navy is committed to improve the system of nuclear security with a rare mineral called Byzanium. The only known supply of this mineral has been undertaken in the US in 1912 ocean liner Titanic, which sank in the maiden voyage. Since the Titanic is too deep to get the mineral from its side, the only alternative is the extraction vessel to the surface.

"Rebecca" Daphne du Maurier «Rebecca» Daphne Du Maurier

A young girl becomes the wife of an English aristocrat Maximilian de Winter, tormented by a secret sorrow, and come with him to his family estate Menderli. Maximilian Strange behavior and hostility workers plunged heroine in awe. After several months of painful experiences she happen to know the terrible truth about the past inhabitants Menderli.

"Red Dragon" by Thomas Harris «Red Dragon» Thomas Harris

The most famous maniac our first time cooperating with the FBI - and helping them find another mad killer at the same time leads to them sophisticated psychological game.

"Reliquary" Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child «Relic» Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

When night descends on Manhattan, where - of the - of the earth rises horror. The horror that dwells deep in the forgotten lines of the New York subway, in the attic of the Devil. The horror with which it is impossible to fight, because it is impossible to understand what gave rise to it.

"Shogun" James Clavell «Shogun» James Clavell

Brave English adventurer, unbeaten Japanese warlord beautiful woman bursting between two ways of love - all connected in the great saga, the time and place of which the flames of conflict, passion, ambition, lust for power and the struggle for it.

"Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson «Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde »Robert Louis Stevenson

Dr. Jekyll simple and humble guy, who must wait eight months before finally marry his beloved. In the experiment, he reveals the secret of how to let out all evil and instinctive that lurked within him. Thus was born Mr. Hyde. A mixture of the lowest vices that Jekyll never showed.

"Do not tell anyone," Harlan Coben «Tell No One» Harlan Coben

The death of his wife was his tragedy. For eight years, he can not forget the horror of the experience. Eight years remembers the night he saw her alive for the last time. But now, in his e-mail address started receiving letters, signed by the name of the deceased wife - and he realizes that perhaps all that he believed the truth all these years - a monstrous lie.

"The Andromeda Strain" by Michael Crichton The Andromeda Strain & quot; Michael Crichton

American writer Michael Crichton in his book "strain" Andromeda "" draws fantastic, but it is a plausible picture of the contamination of our planet extraterrestrial bacterial strain as a result of ongoing training by the Pentagon to conduct bacteriological warfare. The responsibility of scientists for the fate of a man in the age of rapid development of science - that this is the main idea of ​​the novel.

"The Bone Collector" Jeffery Deaver «The Bone Collector» Jeffery Deaver

Police powerless to catch the mysterious serial killer nicknamed Bone Collector, terrorizing the streets of New York. In the battle with the killer come bedridden forensics genius Lincoln Rhyme and his student - a talented detective Amelia Sachs.

"Sherlock Holmes. Complete Works "Conan Doyle« The Complete Sherlock Holmes »Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Collected in one volume all the works of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his faithful companion Dr. Watson, coming from the pen of the famous British writer Arthur Conan Doyle.

"The Bourne Identity" by Robert Ladli «The Bourne Identity» Robert Ludlum

Man ejected sea waves on the shore near the small French village, was able to save. But neither his name nor the occupation nor the biography he does not remember ... What does he know about you? Nothing - and too much. But the body tells thou werewolf with a thousand faces, your hands are accustomed to arms, you can kill and kill again.

"The Da Vinci Code" Dan Brown «The Da Vinci Code» Dan Brown

How does the blood shed in the Louvre museum curator associated with "royal blood"?

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