Which luxury car touring for "God's work" Ukrainian holy fathers

The ancient church, the humble priest. Abbots Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Church Filaret and prefer not to be modest and ride a "Mercedes" and "Lexus", the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholics and the rabbis do without business class cars.

The simplicity of the new Pope Francis became the top topic of the world and Ukrainian media. Pontiff, recall, refused to go in the popemobile along the road from the Sistine Chapel and sat in the side aisle on the bus with the Cardinals. When asked about this primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Filaret, adding, if he wants to change seats from the "Mercedes" in the minibus, he replied that he did not approve of such actions.

"This is the work on display, and the need to be humble in life to God, not to the people", - he said. The press service of the UOC-KP then clarified that the primate not understand it, they say, was not referring to Francis, and to answer questions about his private minibuses and cars. The newspaper "Today" learned to ride than the fathers of different denominations in Ukraine.

Mercier Lexus Filaret most often seen coming out of six hundredth of "Mercedes" with the number "777". This machine, worth 200 thousand euros (2, 1 million USD), presented to him, as they say in the diocese, an unknown benefactor in 2007. And this is not the only vehicle of the patriarch. "In the garage there are several executive cars. Even the cargo and utility, there is a bus Iveco. All they serve Patriarchate, they are all official. Patriarch of private life is not as such. He lives in the same place and works, - in the residence on the street Pushkinskaya in Kiev, in a two-room, one bathroom - office, the second - living. Patriarch does not go anywhere on vacation, it only takes a medical prophylaxis in the sanatorium near Kiev. And during a visit to Brussels, he was flying in economy class, along with the other passengers, "- he told us the press secretary UOC-KP Yevstratii Zorya.

The head of the UOC-MP Vladimir has six hundredth "Mercedes" and "Lexus" (about 1, 5 million USD each). For them, it seems, used the same number with the letters M and B. "Metropolitan Volodymyr gave the machine on which he rides, - he explained to us the head of the press service of the UOC-MP Vasily Anisimov. - In general, all priests live modestly.

But if it turns out that the priest has unreasonably expensive car or so furnished house, the church may call it modesty, so as not to tempt people with his behavior. But no one will ask the priest to give, for example, from expensive cars, if he gave it and the machine really helps in his mission. The main thing is that it helped the parishioners carried the word of God ».

Rabbis and "Germans", "Tales of modesty Francis served as something sensational. In fact this is a normal behavior of the religious leader. The problem - in a society that lives the spirit of consumerism and so closely monitors those who enjoy the benefits of what ", - said the head of the Information Department of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Igor Yatsiv. He said that the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Svyatoslav Shevchuk, Primate enjoys car "Volkswagen Passat". "The car belongs to the church, manages the brother monk," - said Yatsiv. In the showrooms of car is sold for $ 30-40 million (245-320 thousand USD). One of the two chief rabbis of Ukraine and Kiev Yaakov Bleich, as told to "Today" in his entourage, enjoys a Japanese car. "Mark, I do not remember exactly, but it seems that it is" Toyota. " He himself does not lead, it does have a driver ", - said our interlocutor. And here is another Chief Rabbi - Moshe Asman - enjoys minibus Chevrolet Express (fully loaded it costs 800-900 thousand USD), which he presented to the president of the Ukrainian Jewish Congress Vadim Rabinovich. "I felt ashamed that he drives a chaise transport. And most of it has no other car "- said Vadim Z. us. On the "Volkswagen" drives and chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Tamim. He himself told us that this is his personal transportation, but to elaborate what this machine, declined.

The new pontiff of the Catholic Church continues to surprise his flock, giving her an example of biblical virtues. His words that he knowingly chose the name Francis defender disadvantaged and would like to "poor church for the poor", he has backed up several actions. So, after his election, the new pope refused laid his personal limousine and left the bus with the rest of the Cardinals. The press immediately noted that prior to his ascension to the throne of St. Peter, Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio led a very modest life. He lived in a small apartment at the cathedral, preparing himself, the driver refused, often traveled by public transport. And it is the ecclesiastical hierarchy of the whole country! Few in the world shepherds of this level, not mired in the love of money. Perhaps you can recall only the Serbian Patriarch Pavle, who also went by bus, easily walked the streets himself to wash clothes and repaired their old shoes. By the way, the deceased patriarch really remember and revere as a saint - can not be said about other departed to another world archpastors.

Popemobile Pope is not needed

Serbian Patriarch Pavle traveled by trolley

And he walked in the streets without protection

Of course, the bus ride to Rome and then Francis I could not. But it will not depend on his personal desires. As rightly noted Chornovil known politician, even the most senior person forced to obey orders his security. "There are many Islamic groups who would love to make an act of violence against the head of the Catholic Church. In the future, the security service of the Vatican, which is powerful enough, it will put forward specific requirements. So he still have to travel to meet people in a closed popemobile "- says ex-MP. However, it is not that, if Dad sits in his popemobile, but the fact that the new head of the Catholic Church put the cornerstone of its policy modesty. One can argue about whether it is genuine or feigned. But it should be explicitly recognized that it promotes the image of the Catholic Church.

The poor people in Latin America (which is half of Catholics all over the world) see these priests, pastors who share with them the material burdens - and trust them, as the own father (and even more). A well-to-Catholics of Europe perceive the behavior of Francis I as the democratization of the Church, the rejection of bombast and affectation, return to the original sources of Christianity socially equitable. Welcomes the initiative pontiff and representatives of other Christian denominations. Archpriest Andrey Tkachev said that the church is associated with his servants - so they have a huge responsibility to behave so as not to drop it prestige and not give rise to criticism. "Strives he draw attention to the positive aspects of his personality of the Catholic Church, in particular, and he just lives - it's a separate issue, but what is it in this case goes well, it is certainly" - said Father Andrew. I do not understand the pontiff only its Eastern European kollega.Glava Kyiv Patriarchate Filaret hastened to criticize the behavior of Francis I. «I do not approve of such actions. Because this work show, and you need to be humble before God in life, not in front of people, "- said Filaret, commenting on the refusal of the Pope's personal car. Ukrainian patriarch even attempted to justify its position the words of the Lord, but only for some reason, dragged to the verse from Matthew (6: 1) his own aphorism: "Do not show your humility before the people, and be humble inside." But nothing like that in the Bible there, but in the same Gospel of Matthew has these words: "Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth».

Six "gelding" Patriarch Filaret

Himself Patriarch Filaret of Kiev public transport does not use, and drives a «Mercedes» 600 series, with an exclusive number "777" and the flashing light special vehicles. According to its value this patriarchal "donkey" approximately equal "popemobile", but Patriarch Filaret says that the car he was given good people. And as for the fact that it doroguschy "gelding" and not "Lada", so on that is an objective necessity. "If I went to the Russian cars, I would not be able to visit their dioceses, congregations in such numbers as I go. I go out for the year from 10 to 20 dioceses because there is a car that does not stop. And that's why I need such a car is not a luxury, but as a means to perform their duties, "- justified by the head of the UOC-KP. Interestingly, all the owners of limousines in cassocks are justified about the same: the machine gave us, they are necessary for the case, so do not be jealous! However, not everyone is talking about it openly and complacency. Since 2011 there was a small scandalous conflict between the meticulous reporter channel "1 + 1", and the rector of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

But the most original answer was Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, chairman of the Department for Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate to the public. According to him expensive gifts (hours, limousines, etc.) is a heavy cross, who with dignity are fathers.

But do not grieve about the times and mores. Since the love of money and a passion for expensive gifts is a long tradition of Eastern Orthodoxy. I think that she has gone from Byzantium, where the authority of the government and the church is directly dependent on the number of glittering gold. "Dear man must be rich," - still believe some of our fellow citizens to meet and judge people solely on their looks. And if in Europe and then there were the mendicant orders (the same Franciscans), flared theological discussion on "owned the Christ purse?" And flashed the socio-religious rebellion (Cathar apostolic brothers), then in Russia, its non-possessors cursed at the Council and impaled even when Vasily III. Then the Russian Orthodox Church on the Byzantine model was developed, in gilt frames, as the ideological department of the government.

Even in the USSR, the church enjoyed the support of a permanent government. Incidentally, the general secretaries of the patriarchs planted in a limousine. In 1949, Patriarch Alexy I handed Stalin's gift: an exclusive ZIS-110 with a special finish. By the way, while interior of the limousine patriarchal first issued in the interior green. Patriarch Pimen while driving around Moscow in Japanese «Nissan President», and later, on the personal instructions of Brezhnev, for him personally collected "Seagull". Such «Nissan» in the USSR there were only two: Brezhnev and Patriarch Pimen

Seagull Patriarch Pimen, given to him by Brezhnev

Present need to wash!

Garage Patriarch Alexy II began with the government "ZIL-114", and in the early 90s began to actively replenish foreign cars. And very expensive. The current fleet of the Moscow Patriarchate will make the poor feel a failure, not only the Pope, but the US president. In addition, the disposal of Patriarch Kirill have a motor boat, which is estimated at $ 4 million.

Holy limousine ROC

Ark Patriarch Kirill

Therefore not surprising that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, caused by the spin-off of the Russian Orthodox Church, took over from her this tradition. However, to outdo the Moscow Patriarchate in the price and the number of cars of a class "luxury" they can not physically (materially), but the Vatican's garage probably already stuck in his belt. But nothing, not for nothing that the Church is actively fighting for the status of "single sovereign!" Surely, in order to receive from the State a complete set of full support - including budgetary subsidies and State Guard motorcade.

"Lexus" the head of the UOC-MP Metropolitan Volodymyr

Well, looking at their patriarchs and metropolitans, try not to lose face bishops and abbots. Again, we reigns age-old tradition, according to which the authority of the person begins with what he wears and what he came. And this tradition is stronger and the commandments of God, and soberness. Therefore, even many ordinary priests had considered undignified to come to the funeral in a cheap small car. "If the bishops, knowing the Savior's commandment about nestyazhatelstvo have such cars, what the machines they would be if this commandment is not it?" - Once said the Serbian Patriarch Pavle, seeing cars their "priests».

Authoritative pop

That's only in the Catholic world also had its own traditions. And then, the Catholic Church has learned to do what is necessary - and not, as told to the customs of their ancestors. Now blind eye flock luxury and pomposity inappropriate, moreover, it will cause her irritation only. And the Catholic bishops are not looking for excuses why they need pricey limos and travel by bus.

"I think you have to always be humble. Modesty - a modern trend that is needed not only of the Church but also in society. I think it will be in demand, so Francis took absolutely the right decision.

Modesty - is a worldwide trend, which applies not only to the clergy, but also relevant for policy makers and for any public figures, "- said Moscow journalist Phillip Leontiev. He believes that if the priests do not understand what decisions are popular among their flock, this has a negative impact not only on their personal image, but the image of the churches they represent.

Disagrees Archpriest Andrey Tkachev. He believes that the demonstration of excessive Skoromniy - this is not something that can now bring to the church of our compatriots. "If we start walking in sandals and tattered clothes, it does not pay people to God, it can cause laughter, anger and condemnation. There was a question in the least, in the middle of some kind, when there is neither too luxurious nor too shabby. "

But I think that even more irritation causes a mismatch luxury standard of living of the pastors of the flock. For example, the Catholic Church - the largest in the world. In its ranks 1, 2 billion believers, including not only the poor South American mestizo, but residents of the most developed countries of the West. It seems that if the pope drove along the roads of Italy "Lamborghini", that no one would pay attention to the cost of the car, all would surprise only foolhardiness of the Holy Father. This is understandable, because the current Italy - it is not a poor country of the early films of Fellini. Even Argentina, the home of Jorge Bergoglio, the standard of living of the population exceeds the Ukraine.

ROC is a hundred million believers, and its Patriarchate is in a country where the average life balances between Poland and Portugal. Fortunately, the middle - so the streets of Moscow Patriarchal limousine motorcade is not particularly stand out among thousands of similar, and in the Russian wilderness, they just do not appear. If not for television and the Internet, the Orthodox would not know about the level of life of their Archbishop.

The congregation of the UOC KP only 4 million people - and that if you count the entire population of towns and villages, where her parishes. The standard of living in Ukraine is well aware. Therefore, in all honesty, we have to admit that if the good people gave Bishop Filaret "Mercedes", he really had to ride on the "Lada".

The leader of the "Brotherhood" Dmitry Korchinskiy believes that Orthodox and Catholics need to follow the example of Christ and the Apostles. "I think that the Church should not be richer in Christ, whose body it is. First of all bishops of the church should not be richer than Christ. Christ and the Apostles begged, in principle, people were poor and lived with alms. "

But it is unlikely we will be able to settle for modest shepherds alms. In addition, most of the churches of the world are not only donations of parishioners and selling candles and other economic activities. For example, the Vatican's budget (310 million euros) is largely filled by tourists, income from real estate and shares. The budget of the Moscow Patriarchate in 1997 a mystery - after the scandal with the "tobacco business". However, we know that he is filled with no widow mite: Patriarchy has a good income from his many businesses, as well as the time of the acquired assets.

Thus, the question of modesty pastors - it's a matter of conscience, their voluntary renunciation of luxury as an unnecessary extravagance. But if the West so do not just clergy, but just rich people, we have the main goal in life is still the desire to put in the eyes gold dust. That's just how it fit with Christianity?

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