25 unique temples in the world, on the kind of breathtaking

Some of these temples were built several centuries ago, others are creations of modern architects. For the realization of some ideas that took decades or even centuries. Another required only a few years. All these buildings are united by one thing - their architecture is unique, and it attracts millions of people, regardless of beliefs.

Website presents you with some of the most outstanding in terms of the architecture of places of worship all over the world.

Milan Cathedral, Italiya

This Gothic cathedral - the second largest Catholic cathedral in the world. A late miracle, which contains a forest of steeples and sculptures, marble pointed turrets and columns. To complete the construction, it took more than 500 years.

Holy Trinity Church, Antarktida

The Russian Orthodox Church was built in Russia in the 1990s, and was then transported to the Russian stations in Antarctica. This is one of the seven churches in its territory.

Paro Taktsang, Butan

It is a sacred place for Buddhists, is located at an altitude of 3120 meters. The name of the monastery means "tiger's nest».

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, United Arab Emiraty

The mosque can accommodate about 40 thousand faithful has 82 domes and 1,000 columns. And here is the largest carpet in the world.

Hallgrimskirkja Church, Islandiya

Lutheran Church in Reykjavik - the fourth tallest building in Iceland. It is located in the center of Reykjavik and is visible from any part of the city.

Temple of all religions, Kazan, Rossiya

In this unique building miraculously combines the Christian cross, the Muslim crescent, Star of David and the Chinese Dome. However, no ceremonies are not performed, because it is not functioning temple, just a building, like the inside of a house. In total, the project includes the dome and other iconic elements of the religious buildings of 16 world religions, including the lost civilizations.

Lotus Temple, Indiya

For residents of Indian lotus symbolizes the purity and peace. This is one of the most visited buildings in the world.

Kul-Sharif Mosque, Kazan, Rossiya

The designers of the new mosque tried to recreate the main mosque of the Kazan Khanate, destroyed in 1552 by troops of Ivan the Terrible.

Cathedral of Las Lajas, Kolumbiya

Neo-Gothic church was built directly on the 30-meter arch bridge connecting the two sides of a deep gorge. Care of the temple are two Franciscan community: one - the Colombian and the other - Ecuadorian. Thus, the Cathedral of Las Lajas was the key to peace and union between the two South American nations.

Kamppi Chapel of Silence, Finlyandiya

It is intended for solitude and meetings. Service in the chapel are not held. Where you can escape from the bustle, enjoy the peace in one of the busiest places in the capital and meditate in a clean space. Because of the appearance and materials chapel of silence is often called "sauna spirit».

Church of the Assumption, Sloveniya

The church is located on the only island in the whole of Slovenia. To get inside, you need to cross the lake by boat and climb the 99 steps.

Cadet Chapel Air Force Academy, SSHA

The unique design of the chapel is a classic example of modernist architecture. The magnificent interiors are combined under one roof several different areas of worship, including Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Buddhist chapels. Each of them has its own distinctive symbols, ammunition and private access.

Church AEP, Filippiny

This is one of the few surviving baroque churches.

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Avstraliya

St. Patrick's Cathedral - the highest and the largest church in Australia.

Church of the Transfiguration, Kizhi, Rossiya

The church was built in the tradition of Russian carpentry, ie without nails. It is topped with 22 domes, and its height - 37 meters.

Green church Argentina

The most common Catholic Church became famous thanks to the rich decor of the living ivy, turn facade in allusion to the biblical Garden of Gethsemane.

St. Andrew's Church, Ukraina

The church is located on a steep hill overlooking a beautiful view of Kiev. According to legend, it was built on the site where St. Andrew cross set. This is just one of the many legends that shrouded St. Andrew's Church.

California Mormon temple, SSHA

The huge building is in dazzling white. And this color scheme is not accidental, because white is traditionally perceived as a symbol of purity and innocence. Inside the Mormon Temple of the tourists and the simply curious not allowed to enter the premises of the sacred structures may only members of the community.

Crystal Mosque, Malayziya

It is located on an artificial island. The mosque is made of steel and glass, so it feels like it is a crystal.

The Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa Respublika

The church is located in the heart of the city, and is the fourth church built in this place. He is considered one of the finest examples of early Gothic architecture in South Africa.

Monastery Taung Kalat, Myanma

Taung Kalat monastery is on top of a volcanic plug that rises to 737 meters above the surrounding neighborhoods near the extinct volcano of Mount Popa. By the monastery are exactly 777 steps, and those who reached the top are rewarded magnificent views. Mountain Taung Kalat is known among the local population as the abode of spirits. People believe that in the depths of the extinct volcano inhabited by the spirits of dozens of so-called garnets.

St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

It was built in the years 1555-1561 on the orders of Ivan the Terrible to commemorate the victory over the Kazan Khanate. According to legend, the king ordered to blind the architects so that they could no longer build such a temple.

Borgund stave church, Norvegiya

This church, built around 1180, is one of the most famous wooden churches in Norway.

Church of the Holy Family, Ispaniya

Church of Barcelona, ​​which is based on private donations since 1882, is a project of the famous Antonio Gaudi. The unusual appearance of the church made him one of the main attractions of Barcelona. However, due to the complexity of making stone constructions Cathedral will be able to finish no earlier than 2026.

Air Church in Belgium, Limburg

The temple was built in 2011. The height of the church from the bottom to the top of the dome is about ten meters. The material for the construction were the steel elements. Horizontal metal plate disposed in such a way that with different angles create the translucent openwork silhouette, it is solid. Looking from afar it seems that the church is floating in the air.

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