In all the will of God

I used to know a priest, it is the Dean. He then took only san, a parish. Absolutely, I must say, the arrival of a seedy, well, just no. Church-razvalyushka in some village, the three curves crippled - that's the whole parish. Well, what of it coming?
The priest was young and enthusiastic boiling. Became to educate the local population. To somehow attract flock. Went there on hospitals, sanctified office of the mayor, and even appeared on television on the subject of the dangers of drinking. The more popular, of course, not earned. Helped all that poorly. That is, listening to him, of course, with pleasure, treated with respect, heads nodding, but in the church - no, no. Do not want to go, that's all.
And once, as usual, had a dinner tightly, he went into the service. And right at the time of his life happened was wrong with the stomach. For a wrong combination of foods likely. In short, he began to be produced in gases. In a disproportionate amount. Since he suffered, suffered, suffered, suffered, but at some point, spontaneously, unexpectedly even to himself, he breathed. Quietly but generously.
Of course, he was confused. Disturbance inside, but the outside did not let on. Quickly crossed himself and began gently to her sniff.
In fact, fart in church - in this sin something no special no. Especially if involuntarily and unnoticed. It's a normal physiological process. And if a person created in the image and likeness, hence bozhenka is currently allows slightly so. Blow. It's not that. Incident may occur if the smell, such bude happen to reach the olfactory flock. This can distract from the blissful thoughts and send them to search for the source of the smell. And this is nebogougodno.
But as the father or sniffing, to his delight, no smell scented. What extremely glad. And the charter to restrain myself more and more often afford to play off harmful gases from the body.
And the secret of the lack of smell was, in fact, is simple. Cassock of thick fabric breathable and bad was outgoing gases such kind of bell. And there quietly kopilsya gas, and kopilsya kopilsya. Has not yet reached critical mass.
And during the prayer for the glory of the Lord when the choir once again tightened "Alliluuyyaaa!" Father accidentally touched his garment fuming censer, gas resurfaced and ignited.
And suddenly the whole congregation, all these three and a half crippled, seen as the father suddenly the whole, from head to toe, covered with blue light! So, you know, the blue flame of the divine! It lasted a very short time, but enough that b no one cause doubt seen. Some moral unsteadily at first it was even thought that it was something that God decided priest for sin to burn units * ene mother in the middle of the service. But when the blue flames subsided, and my father was brought before the arrival of a little, of course, frightened but unharmed, everything just fell down in shock. A father, embarrassed cough slightly singed beard, continued to serve as if nothing had happened.
The next day the church was overcrowded. They traveled from near and distant villages provinces. Gossip works better than any warning system MOE. Everyone wanted to join the latter-day miracle. Press greedy for sensations, are not passed. Newspaper articles, analytical transmission over the central TV channels. In short, the coming soon ceased to accommodate everyone, and with God's help had to lay the foundation of a new church. Fortunately, the fees now allowed. New flock sacrificed much and abundantly. Hoping to repeat the miracle.
Only one problem. How many father fain which just over an experiment or set, so it no longer has never failed to repeat the combination of products, which led to such a miraculous result.
And perhaps rightly so. At all - God's will. Because right miracles do not happen much.
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