Fashionable men's swimming trunks

On the beach can not hide anything, as if we did not want this. Do not avoid the detailed examination of one's own body and that it is put, namely heat. Now think about the order in which bathing suit to go to the beach this summer of 2010.

In anticipation of the main fashion event of the summer 2010 - a week of beach in Miami - The Fashion studied the most current trends in the choice of swimming trunks for men in 2010 by designers from Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and Jakarta.

Smelting 2010: short shorts

Modern beach fashion a few decades. Back in the mid XX century over what to wear swimming trunks to the beach, thought perhaps that bored aristocrats from idleness. Mere mortal thoughts about a variety of swimming cowards in their life could come to mind except in deep sleep. Problems and trunks, swimwear was enough.

But now it's time for fantasy, cutting and sewing. In fashion and out of fashion, one after another, came and went swimming then pants, then tight boxers, then slips, the sarongs and even ultranarrow male thong. What can we expect this summer 2010?

In the 2010 season, particular preference is given to designers shortened boxer shorts with wide ribbon belt (Diesel, Custo Barcelona). Most designers have created models using control the width of the heats with the help of supporting laces. Feature wearing trendy shorts - their "half-mast" on the hips and even slightly lower. However, in the pursuit of desire to look at all 100 should not forget about the rules of decency.

Smelting 2010: The color of black, white and blue

Experiments with color men's swimming trunks, 2010 - also not very old idea. It seems that only the classic black literally "not allowed" to fashion catwalk models in bright trunks. Today - just the opposite. Without the participation of bright colors and flowers will not do any men's beach fashion show.

In 2008 especially popular for mods was purple, in 2009 - red. This season coloristic focus shifted to bright blue, blue and green range (Custo Barcelona, ​​Pistol Panties). Auxiliary fashionable shades heats - white and black. The second is used to create additional effect of the use of bright blue hues, thereby emphasizing their (Diesel, Ed Hardy Swimwear). Please note that the summer of 2010 in the collections of designers presented a sufficient number of monochrome models heats - just black, red and white.

Melting in 2010: bright, elongated

In recent years, none summer beach show menswear place without the use of bright colors prints on trunks. Not without these texture units this season. Small drawings of intricate and ornate flowers presented in almost all models of the most famous designers working on the beach fashion (Tommy Bahama, Poko Pano, Andrew Christian et al.).

In addition, multiple designers have tried to resurrect out of fashion last summer trend elongated melting-shorts in prints in the form of bulk flowers in the American style (Red Carter, Ed Hardy Swimwear). However, the return of this trend is estimated fashion critics as "not very good". This summer, the fashion world will not cover the legs long shorts, even if the shorts - a work of art in enticing prints of wonderful colors. In fashion a clear freedom of movement.

Special features: strip and square


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