Of what SHOULD BE Men's Briefs

The Scoop on the subject of men's underwear is not particularly bother. Young people wore knitted trunks, real men wear "family". The "family" often sewed wife or mother. With socks he was no better - from childhood to the Soviet man inoculated complex that wear is something terrible, smelly and certainly shameful. And, accordingly, washing socks humiliating occupation. In these complexes, a whole generation, but it is not about them. The thing that undressed to his shorts, a Russian man often loses well in the beauty of the most heinous form of these cowards.

And the young guys the trouble is not less pronounced than the older generation. Pants with some poshlenko uzorchiki zastiryvayutsya rag to a state where the print had cracked and everything is covered with pellets. At the other extreme - gay, wearing a thong and Tonga. In the male body is always looks disgusting. Even on a very beautiful male body. And if it comes to the average statistical guy with a taut figure, how beautiful no matter flat belly and loin, string convert it all in silent horror.
So, how should look good skivvies?

In the English-language blogosphere being an eternal debate about what is right - briefs (melting) or boxers ("family" of the jersey). There is even a blog that collects photos of more or less well-known celebrities, lit truselya. The score is equal, and the end of the confrontation is not visible, but a compromise has to find - brief boxers. Shortened fitting boxers. They look at the most successful male body - both beautiful, but not provocatively. For those who want to add a call, now there are several additional options.
Support. Previously, the term push-up was only applicable to women's bras. Now, many manufacturers of lingerie design shell on pants so that she raised her "manhood." It's also convenient and, according to doctors, useful for eggs.

You tell me that someone wanted to sticking, and before that he was wearing a ring around the genitals, but this option is non-functional and harmful because it violates the circulation, but the correct ergonomic tailored pants is much more convenient. The best option I have met Dirk Bikkembergs. They have a comfortable elastic, good support, and with the fabric can withstand a large number of washes. In addition, many cheerful models. Another good idea is designed briefs from D & G, but they have always some trouble with the materials, and they can not withstand three washes really caring mode.
In terms of the material I like Gridgio, male version of La Perla. They are kept in the design of their logo is invisible, but the fabric - really first-rate. Cotton is very thin, but strong, does not fade and is not covered by the spool. This year, they actively use fashion - a new type of synthetic materials, very soft and hygienic. Even without air conditioning after washing underwear of modal it remains soft and silky to the touch.
Another trick, which are manufacturers to add attractiveness of boxers - the use of the grid. In the men's underwear began to use the net more than a decade ago. I even remember that as a student I had a fancy pants with transparent inserts on the sides. And insert were rigid synthetic and sometimes itching. Now, thanks to new materials, mesh steel softer and more pleasant.


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