What could be better not to do in other countries (25 photos)

In this post I will give you some advice, what better to do abroad so as not to get into trouble.

1. Choose the right melting

Men, it is important to choose the right heat. On the beaches of Russian foreign men, as a rule, they do not look quite sporty as dumplings. In sports such data fusion vest not aesthetically pleasing, and overall athletic swimming trunks briefs are only relevant in the pool. It is better to choose the melting-shorts looser.

2. It is not necessary to remind the Germans of World War II

Often, after a certain amount of alcohol consumed, Russian tourists are beginning to remember the events of 1941-1945. As if we continue to fight!

3. Regardless of the host country it is necessary to remove the mask from the face of a thinker of world imperialism and the vanity of all things

Dear compatriots, relax! We have such first 3-4 days we go grim, but then, after all, adapt (typically, the more alcohol, the faster the adaptation).

4. Do not boast the title of an employee of the Russian special services when communicating with service personnel on vacation

It looks doubly ridiculous because it is absolutely violet foreigners.

5. sorite

Everyone knows that the debris should be disposed of in the trash, but not all do, unfortunately.

6. Do not walk on high heels in a swimsuit

This is not only very convenient, but also ridiculous. And, at least, strange. You do not clip any American rapper.

7. The beaches of Saint-Tropez is not very advisable to wear gold watches and rings

There's such a run only pimps.

8. Keep your distance

Do not crowd, do not attempt to crawl forward, pushing all the elbows, do not push or hangs.

9. As the capital of the Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo, it is not necessary in the palace of Diego Columbus (son of Christopher Columbus) and often wonder aloud: "Oh! And why it survived only children's clothes and furniture ?! »

Just Spaniards were not tall. Such comments can insult them.

10. tipsy at an Italian restaurant, do not yell that you're from the Russian mafia

They may think that this is no joke.

11. Try not to argue with the Italians

It is a waste of time!

12. As in France, try not to speak English

You can take an American, and the French do not like them (they are, however, no love). It is better to learn a few phrases in French, it can relieve you from unexpected trouble.

13. In Ireland, it is not recommended to drink in the pub loud for the health of Queen Elizabeth II, and bars the US should not blame the Republicans - the police may cause

It is better to avoid political topics. Especially in drinking establishments.

14. In Italy, pasta with fish or seafood should not be reserved Parmesan cheese, and still not be at the same time ordered a salad and pasta

So eat only Russian and German.

15. In France, cafes should not be called a cake "meringue»

In French "kiss" means "sex", and the name of the usual for us to air Cake - sounds like a "meringue».

16. In South Korea, pour the liquid from the bottle in one hand - it is a bad omen

So, pour two hands.

17. Crossing the border by car, turn off the DVR, or you can pay a heavy fine

The territory of the border crossing is a military zone, and you can not shoot there.

18. In no case do not laugh at customs control at the US and Israeli borders: avoid the word "bomb" and "terrorism»

If you suddenly decide to make a joke, answers to questions about customs drugs or weapons, "Yes, a full bag! '- That you can easily take off the plane and subjected to lengthy inspections.

19. In Uzbekistan, it is impossible to pour guests a full cup of tea

If you do not poured a full cup of tea in Uzbekistan, do not worry! So, you say that this is not the last cup, and you can continue to dinner.

20. If you take the car in Portugal, for sure, so that it was equipped with a reflective vest

If you suddenly find yourself in an accident in Portugal, then out of the car without a vest is fraught with such a large fine.

21. In England, the juice drink directly from the pack

It should be pre-diluted with water. This concentrate.

22. In Poland and Switzerland, remove the radar

Radar detectors are prohibited in those States.

23. In South India during the meal should not touch the plate with his left hand, as well as it should not point to anything or transfer important documents

The left hand there is associated exclusively with the natural settings of needs and is considered a "dirty».

24. It is not necessary to pay 500 euro banknote in Europe, especially in Germany

It is best to cook smaller money if you buy a cheap thing. They are very angry and called the bill «Russian money».

25. If your name is Sergey, in Brazil, better call yourself Serge

For Brazilian "Sergei" sounds like "I - gay."


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