I do not want to: When vitality is at zero

Life forceLife force is a kind of energy that directs and drives our lives. What nourishes her?First and foremost, a healthy lifestyle, positive thinking, good mood. As well as, regular contact with what you like, something valuable. Is living such a life that fits me and is based on reality.

Life in a state of involuntary, sense of duty, or experience constant pressure takes energy and moves from yourself and your true desires. Desire is the vital engines that contribute to the flow of life, not stagnation. They make something stirs within us and motivate to action, miraculously revealing the life force. So, for life the main thing is to "want".

Lack of energy, desire, the feeling that "nothing I want", very common request in psychotherapy. "I don't want anything". At different ages has not the same value. At the end of life, if she was filled with such an expression can even be natural. As mentioned Zhvanetsky: "I have pleasant memories of fresh experience."

But if real life is just beginning or it is in the middle, such a statement may sound like a sentence: life is over. And if she was? What part did I take? What I'm doing, so I wanted to come back to life and continue to participate in it. Perhaps it would be better to talk about those people for whom this phrase as a challenge, as a call to think. If it's just laziness and a person does not see this current problem, it is possible to leave to be with it. In the end, every condition carries a certain sense, comes to us for something. Laziness can be a simple accumulation of energy for new actions.

"I don't want anything" = the time of revaluation of values, ie, what I wanted is not necessary, but the new has not yet emerged.

Life is given to us, but for what? Few people think about it, but we all have the task is responsible for the formation of life. The question about the meaning of life is very deep and sometimes not understandable. Where then to start? For example, you can Express their attitude to life: I like my life?- If not, why not? The question "why" here is addressed to me personally, it's just about me. Answers at first glance kautsa difficult. Why I do what I do or don't do, why I do not like it, why did not want? If we talk about what is missing in my life, it will be some needs, deficits, and raise the question about their satisfaction. How can I do this if I don't want anything? What do you mean nothing? What, after all, always remains, physiological needs, needs for food, sleep. It is very important to find and keep even the smallest desire to regain the capacity to desire something else, something bigger.

"I don't want anything"= I have no energy. First, you need to see where energy is leaking, what it is spent, and why not replenish. You should carefully look at your life, where I am now, in what situation? What am I doing with your hand? Maybe it's not my favorite work, not interesting to study, some of an abusive relationship, or maybe it's the effects of bereavement or some traumatic situation, etc ...

Why takes life energy? How long has this been going on? Because in every experience there was a time when and wanted and they could. Children, for example, they have a lot of desires, even if not all executable, they are filled with fantasies. I have not yet seen any of the child, which would not be the energy is boiling over the edge. Another observation about the loss of energy. Sometimes that is feeling the rush of energy and emotion, but all the time is not enough, as if the life vessel has a hole where all that he is filled with constantly emerging. If so, then it is a question of psychotherapy, maybe it's some kind of wound or injury that broke the integrity of the individual.

Life force, by its name, is life itself.

When we move away from life, it's like to move away from the energy source, the farther, the smaller the signal. Such a state is experienced, for example, in depression, where communication is almost interrupted, and consequently, lost the last bit of life — it is a frozen life.

"I don't want anything". There still have some freedom and the belief that this can change, because here we are talking only about me. I may want may not want. So, wanting in my power and my authority. Hardly anyone may make us want if it's not a temptation ( the slogan of the advertising "You still don't know what you want, as long as You do not offer"). But this is not our personal desire, and imposed, it may not bring life-giving energy, or a very short time.

"I don't want anything" = I have no desires. As there is a desire? I guess when something surprising touches ( Aristotle said that "knowledge usually begins with a surprise"). Should have an experience in relation to something or someone. The experience or feeling — it is the movement, the movement of life within. This is the life force that pushes us to what is of interest. Desire is always directed at something good for us ( the pleasure principle: we are mainly aimed at obtaining pleasure or avoidance of displeasure). Desire associated with the experience that I "like" is valuable for my life, it fills my life with some content and gives it a specific meaning.

I do not want = I don't see the values, guidelines and motives for life. I lost feelings in relation to something valuable to me.

Experience values nourishes me, gives me a sense of completeness, enriches my senses, strengthens my relationship with life, and this is the basis for my relationship with life. Values attract us, we are drawn to touch them to read interesting book, to do fitness, to meet friends. Ask yourself the question: what is in this moment that attracts me? Where I worry now is this magnetic force that will help me start a movement? It's something that I like, that I love, that interests me. If I with something or someone long separated, that there is some kind of longing ( A. Laengle)

What we experience as valuable, we want to be with her and wish her repetition. Then we repeatedly follow to meet her, willingly, again and again, go to a fitness club and meet up with a dear friend, remain in the relationship. If the relationship is value, I want these relations have had a future. For any value you want prospects to see her in his future.

"To feed off the energy values need to be internally close to this value, to give this value yourself to make. If this music is beautiful — we want "like" to absorb it. If good food — you want it to taste. Friends want to hug and kiss, in order to survive. We want to be filled internally what we are experiencing as a value, this is a very valuable energy. So value is not lost, you need to care for them. The holiday is always courting value. For example, when we celebrate the birthday: what is this value — that you were born! When we celebrate a successful exam, or successful completion of some business, we celebrate the success and the fact that life goes on. When we take care of values we enjoy them. Pleasure is an exercise in deepening values. Because there are so many than we can delight in the soft air of the coming spring, delicious food, the conversation, of course, art, music. Or even just the presence of another person. What is the pleasure? For this we need the senses" (A. Laengle)

The trouble with our times is its incredible speed. Too much poverhnosti and automatism in work, in relationships, in everyday life, and even in dealing with himself.And feelings needed time to be born and grow.

To the sense we entered we need to be able to surrender, not casual, and to give them yourself thoroughly and deeply to touch. There is a good example, with food as the most simple and affordable pleasure. Not to turn this into a simple habit.This can be done with time to obtain true enjoyment each bite of the delicious pie, every SIP a pleasant drink: coffee or wine. Even little things nice nourish us not only physically, but emotionally.

For example, we have desires, but no power to fulfill them. It is a question of their capabilities and will. Will is a real force. If we do not want, nobody can force us to change our will. The will is in every act of action and inaction. This order himself to do something ( or not do).

To search for the vital forces need the desire to do this, to do something, we need motivation. Why should I, why do I need energy for what?

I won't mention the situations forced, pressure, where our will is exposed to pressure. This is the most existential topic of living freedom.

There are times when we want something, but can't do it. This applies to certain psychological disorders.Not do, why?Because prevents fear, no strength, as in depression, or when a person is addicted and he has every time to do what he wants. Such problems reflect a failure to follow his will.

I want to get up, to do some business, but I have no desire, so I feel bad, I'm so depressed. I have remorse that I did not get up again. Thus, depressed people can't follow what he thinks is right. Or anxious person can't go where he wants

.I want only what I can do.Ie will, it is realistic, can't imagine what I'm not able to, even if I have the desire. These are restrictions that help to relieve unnecessary stress in achieving what I can not do. We should not want more than we can ( it also paralyzes and drains you of energy) Knowledge of their capabilities helps to release vitality for more realistic goals.

But understanding will not enough to start active actions. The will need to constantly evolve, to train. For example, ask yourself questions: what could be good what will I do? What are the benefits, if this is not done? ( very often all dependent people usually stop here, quit drinking, Smoking to them is experienced as something better than the rejection of bad habits) To strengthen the power of the will can turn to the experience of something good that has done this before and it was useful. What wider meaning acquires my specific action now ( this strengthens the motivation and importance of the action taken).

Restore vitality, energy, possible and necessary only through contact with life itself, through the experience that I like something, through feeling, that is good for me. My personal choice comes from the fact that it is important and right for me. It may seem that life energy is born out of selfishness, but it is not. There is another important experience that "I will be fine, if the other is also good" ( ethical code). When we do something that may offend someone, to hurt, to harm, this does not give us energy, agree?

So, any experiences good, valuable, makes our life to move, fills us with vital force, vital energy. This leads to new actions, and life continues on!

Take care of yourself, never give up your life, to show attention and care to their feelings and moods. It will be the best prevention of apathy, melancholy, loss of energy and other more serious mental disorders. published


Author: Irina Tugarin

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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