Paul Will: "To fill my face? I can answer! .."

Jerk involuntarily. Resident "Comedy Club" Paul Will on the pedagogy, humor and one-time "skunk»

It can send some celebrity known address or to say popular actor, his crappy album. And he got away with it

Because Paul Will chose in the "Comedy Club" on TNT is the role - a glamorous bastard. What to take with you geek? On closer inspection, it turned out that in the life of Paul is more like a school teacher, philologist than a villain, who from the scene mocks celebrities. However, it is with the teaching of Russian language and literature, and Will began his career in his native Penza.
"I like to talk»

 - Paul, your lessons in school were so much fun, as well as performances in the "Comedy Club»?

 - I do not have such an extensive practice of teaching. But the lessons were fun. At first I motivate children something, talking to them, as an adult with adults. And then just ugoral with them.

 - How could a man with the makings of a "glamorous bastard" brought to school?

 - I'm from Penza, where, as in any provincial town, there are only 4 charges against the university. The coolest - Pedagogical and Polytechnic. And since the 8th grade I was hopelessly behind on the exact sciences, and always loved to talk, I have been one way - in pedagogy.

From the speeches of the Will, "Roman Trachtenberg - a relationship between a man and a woman, first novel and then Trachtenberg» ...

 - "Glamorous bastard" - or a way of life for you and such?

 - On one of the leading parties, "Comedy Club" Artashes Sargsyan went to the scene and so I was introduced: "Paul Will -" glamorous bastard "." They all laughed then, and the nickname stuck. This does not have to look any sense, as in everything that we do. In general, "Comedy Club" turned once on a whim. At the first performance of the famous people come only with Kirkorov Yudashkin. I came on the scene, let a smoke ring and said, "Look at me, now I Kirkorov." A Yudashkin said he was done, came up with a million different every garment, and he, as usual, all in "chёrnenkom." But it was a kindergarten compared to what we are doing now.

From the speeches of the Will, "If there were Jews in the desert is not Moses, but for Moses, then they would go in a big».

 - Celebrities - people are touchy. No one tried to stuff your face for abuse?

 - Well, firstly, I can respond, despite the light weight. Secondly, most of our guests - adequate people. Since you came to the "Comedy Club", if you know how to make a joke - answer. You do not know yourself - be prepared for what you like humor.

From performances of Will: "In Russia there is football, but we have a coach from Holland. Therefore, the Russian players, unlike all the others, playing soccer on the grass. But not on a grass all ».
"Hi, skunk!»

 - Your sense of humor, or one-time you use your jokes repeatedly?

 - I do not have thumbnails, so I have, coming on the scene, each time coming up with something new. I can double enjoy their jokes. And the leaves, which speak not keep.

 - How do you start the evening, when the head does not climb anything?

 - Well, when absolutely nothing climbs, say, "Hi, skunk!»

 - "Skunk" are not offended?

 - I beg you! If I see in the audience a lot of serious men in suits, I ask: "Applaud, man." And I emphasize: "To the men in ties also applies." Well, if you do not react, it is usually trouble-free use remark: "Men are not gay cheering».

 - You built his career on that scoff at people. Or is it not so?

 - If you analyze my career on the concepts of "Forbes" magazine, probably, yes, it is. But I'm not quite so glumlyus. I'm in an ironic way of speaking to people about what can be, everyone in the country thinks, but is unable to say publicly. Somebody has to go out and ask the singer, which has long produced nothing: "And your latest CD (I'm sorry, how you got there?) When he left?»

From the speeches of the Will, "Russian cinema - it sounds almost as funny as the Swedish rap, Serbian" Porsche "or very expensive Australian clock»

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