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We are all familiar with the social network Vkontakte, but not all have seen it from the inside, in this post we suggest you read some of the secrets and mysteries of this corporation.

In the center of each house of Peter - a monument. Therefore, with Vladislav, head of the press service of the social network "VKontakte" we agree about the meeting is under the monument. We meet, we go to the other side of Nevsky Prospekt, 30 meters go into the entrance (or rather, the front) of the business center, greets the guard, waiting for the elevator, go up to the office.

Vlad tells how on the eve of late returned from Moscow, where he spent a week, running from one conference to another. Work Office "contact" begins at noon and lasts until the closure of the subway. Pavel Durov, who agreed to answer my questions, will arrive in the late afternoon, as the day he was doing.

Pavel Durov himself.

Time Machine

One sunny spring evening two and a half years ago, we sat in the editorial "Vebplaneta" on Novy Arbat and argued about whether there is a naturally occurring phenomenon of Pavel Durov. Editorial divided into two parts: some said that there is, others argued that it was a hoax, a virtual personality is hidden under a cap on your avatar. The mystery enveloping the creators of one of the most influential and fastest-growing resources Runet, seemed very attractive.

Administration of the "contact" do not talk to the press, did not give any comments, no light on the specialized conferences. Conflicting fragmentary facts "Wikipedia" and the stories of the inhabitants of St. Petersburg that "my brother knew a guy who said he knew another guy who studied with Durov on the same stream" did not clarify, but rather - adds to the mystery.

Meanwhile, in one of the apartments on the Nevsky Prospekt, a few people sat and worked hard to make millions (later - the tens of millions) of users can stay in touch with your friends, draw graffiti on the walls, to raise the rating to each other and comment on photos. It all began in the summer of 2006: Pavel Durov then engaged in the project, which grew out of the now St. Petersburg State University students. West boom of social networks has come to Russia, and Durov, keeping pace with the progress screwed to the child social function: the ability to make friends, photos, profiles with real names, search, group, and so on. It became clear that the evolution of the horse will not make the vehicle, and that further development is necessary not to add functionality, and trim. And the best - to start from scratch. Work has begun to boil.

At some point, I came across an American social network for students of elite universities, at that time - closed (Facebook opened registration for all inhabitants of the planet Earth over 13 years 26 September 2006). Now compare the two resources are constantly accusing Russia of excessive similarity to the US.

Why look like? On the one hand, Durov says, "In Contact" from the very beginning sought to do something new. On the other, there are basic things. The photo should be to the left, and user information - the right friends - mutual, blue and white - neutral colors (well, not in the same social network Red paint?). The simple truth can not be avoided, even if this has already been implemented competitors.

Now resources are developed in parallel: something first introduces Facebook (for example, a button "like" and real-time alerts, chat), something - "VK (virtual currency, advanced search for people ruble accounts). Durov convinced that, as the starting point at the same project, will eventually and there, and there will be everything.

Another photo of Pavel Durov


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