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Apple company was founded as a partnership in April Fool's Day, April 1, 1976 three men, who formerly worked at Atari: Stephen Gary Wozniak, 1950go was born Steven Paul Jobs (1955-2011) and Ronald Gerald Wayne (1934). The company acquired the status of the corporation January 3, 1977 already without Wayne, who sold his shares for $ 800. Wayne was the first charter of the Apple I, wrote the first partnership agreement and drew the first company logo.
For the establishment of start-up capital of the new company, Steve sold his Volkswagen and Steve Wozniak sold his "fancy" for the time calculator Hewlett-Packard for $ 500.
The first 30 years were called Apple Computers Apple Corporation. January 9th, 2007 word Computers was dropped from the name of the company, which meant that the market for electronics corporation has ceased to be limited to one computer.
Steve Jobs has set the price of the computer 4K Apple I 666.66 dollars (in the course of 2011 is 2,572 dollars), making it twice as higher cost. Fundamental Christians immediately raised a fuss about the fact that 666 - is "the number of the devil».

The first computer corporation Apple I (1976), did not have a keyboard and monitor, and looked like a simple circuit board. Apple II was presented on 16 April 1977 and became widely implemented as a home computer.
In 2010, the corporation Apple surpassed Microsoft and has become the most valuable company in the world. In 2010, Apple was worth 222, 12 billion dollars, while Microsoft was assessed as "only" 219, 18 billion. In August 2011, Apple replaced Exxon at the site of the world's most valuable company.
In July 2011, the US Treasury has been operating balance of $ 73, $ 7 billion. At the same time, the company's cash reserves Apple operating equal 76, $ 4 higher than the same article the government. While the United States spends $ 200 billion more than it collects in taxes, corporation Apple gets a great income.
The first logo of the company that created the Ronald Wayne, co-founder of Apple, portrayed by Isaac Newton, leaning against the apple tree. Figure accompanied line from a poem by William Wordsworth: "Newton ... The mind always wanders alone through the oceans strange thoughts." Steve Jobs felt that this logo was "too smart", and was later selected bitten apple.
Jean-Louis Gass (1944), the former CEO of Apple Computer, suggested that the logo looks like a symbol of passion and knowledge, "... bitten apple with randomly arranged in strips rainbow colors. You can not even imagine a more appropriate logo: lust, knowledge, hope and anarchy. " In 1997, Jobs, nevertheless, refused multicolored logo and replaced it with a completely white, bitten apple.
Apple Corporation received approximately $ 625 profit from each of the 40 million iPhones sold in 2009. It has also been obtained for 164 dollars for each sold iPods, 1279 - for each Mac and 6665 dollars for each Ipad.
Most of the annual income of the corporation Apple receives from sales of products developed in the last ten years. This iPods, iPhones, Ipad and aytyuns. Almost half of annual profits, more precisely, about 30 billion accounted for products developed over the past four years.
In 1983, Apple Corporation 500 US corporations with the highest incomes under 411 number, lasted only five years. This was the fastest growth among companies in the history.
On average, chain stores selling Apple products to 93,150 dollars a day, which is equal to 3,900 dollars per day or $ 65 per minute.
In 2009, Apple sold 40 million iPhones - which means that in the hour sold 4853 devices per minute - 76 and 1 27 iPhone per second. IPhones sold in 89 countries.
In 1989, the first portable Macintosh was the first portable computer company Apple.
Today the company receives from the sale of Apple portable hand-held devices and music recordings benefit twice as large as from the sale of Apple computers.
In 2010, a British newspaper was made that one of Chinese enterprises for the production of iPods registered arduous working conditions. It was noted that in some countries, enterprises Apple child labor is used.
Environmentalists have criticized Apple for not doing enough to develop special programs for recycling used electronics produced by the corporation.
The first iPhones were released in the United States June 29, 2007.
IPhones Apple Corporation brings about 39% of gross income.
Steve Wozniak ("Woz" and "Wizard of Woz") developed the first Apple computers corporation. Even though he left Apple in 1985 to found his own company, he still appears in the payroll corporations and sometimes represents the company at official events. During the life of Steve Jobs Fuss said: "Steve (Jobs) is not very savvy and electronics».
In 2010, sales of products Apple Corporation reached 65, 23 billion dollars. If Apple were a country, it would be placed on this indicator in 68th place in the world.
The biggest retail store Apple Corporation is on Regent Street in London and occupies 2320 square meters. The smallest Apple retail store is located in Santa Rosa Plaza in California and is located on an area of ​​50 m².
Get a job at the company store of Apple Corporation is extremely difficult. In 2009, Apple experts claimed that 10,000 people applied for a job at one of the shops in Manhattan. Of these, only 200 were employed.


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