Interesting facts about carpets

The oldest carpet is famous Pazyryk carpet, which is more than two thousand years. It was found in 1940 in a Scythian burial in southern Siberia.
The expression "clowns beggar" is a disparaging nickname of the northerners who sought political and economic benefits after the defeat of the Southerners in the Civil War in the United States. The name refers to a travel bag made of carpet. These bags northerners are used to transport their belongings.
The sign "swastika", whose name is derived from the Sanskrit "Swasti" (well-being), and was an ancient symbol of good luck and the usual motive for the manufacture of carpets.
Each year, the carpet accumulates inside and under a two to three kilograms of dust and dirt.
Bed bugs can live in the carpet fibers, and in the crevices of wooden floors. For their size, they are real sprinters and can crawl more than 30 meters in search of food. They usually feed on the blood of sleeping people. Nasasyvanie lasts up to 10 minutes, and people often do not even realize that they were bitten.
With man falls about 1, 5 million skin flakes per hour, most of which is accumulated in our carpets.
Scientists estimate that all surfaces falls in the United States over 43 million tons per year of dust. Indoor air usually contains twice more dust than the so-called fresh air outside. It is hundreds of thousands of microscopic particles per cubic centimeter. One ounce of dust clowns can live about 2 million dust mites.
Carpets, outstretched from wall to wall, are more harmful to health than small pads that are easy to shake. In large carpets and carpet, especially in those areas of which are difficult to clean, accumulated moisture, chemicals, chips and more, it becomes a good breeding ground for mold, fungi and harmful bacteria.
Typically, carpet cleaner contains naphthalene. If the concentration is high, naphthalene can cause headaches, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and urinary problems. Also Naphthalene is carcinogenic and toxic to children and pets.
Some modern carpets are made from synthetic plastic fibers, but other carpets made from wool bound in bundles, which is an excellent habitat for the larvae of carpet beetles. The chemicals contained in the stomachs of the larvae turn to sugar coat, and they can gnaw through woolen carpets these catacombs.
To make the carpet brighter hour before vacuuming it to sprinkle salt solution. Salt is also good for cleaning carpets of traces dirty shoes.
In the Middle Ages, the floors covered with woven cane or cane stalks, which served as a disposable carpet. When the litter was getting dirty, it is simply discarded. Nowadays, carpets are almost constantly, and no vacuum cleaner can not completely clean it from dirt and germs.
Silverfish home is more active at night, and a favorite place of its habitat are carpets in the warmest areas. It is a strange creature with a long, flexible body lives mostly in carpet near the fireplace and can eat almost everything.
Studies have shown that mice sometimes die after inhaling pungent smell of new carpets.
Dust mites thrive in warm and humid environment, eating flakes of dead human skin and multiply in the dust-collecting carpets. The remains of their life can mingle with the air of dust and cause severe cases of allergies.
All the carpets dry-cleaned should take no less than once a year and a half.
Toxic substances contained in cigarette smoke can be absorbed into the carpet fibers and expose children and pets at risk of malignancies.
New carpets can be a strong source of chemical fumes. Before the spreading of the newly purchased carpet in the room should be carefully ventilated.
When cleaning and caring for carpets made correctly, they can improve the quality of indoor air by capturing dust and allergic substances in the air. However, most people do not observe safety precautions when cleaning carpets and exacerbate health problems.
Fleas live not only in the fur of animals, but in the carpets. Adult fleas like to live in dry carpets and their eggs, on the other hand, lay on the moist areas. Then the plague flea bites your pet, not only, but also for people.
Vacuum cleaners in the early 20th century were large coal-fired plants, which had to serve three workers. Other early vacuum cleaners had to be installed outside the building, as long hose pushes into the room through the window. Another early version of this machine was installed in the basement and had a whole system of pipes that led into each room of the house.
The first vacuum cleaners Hoover was very difficult to sell, as potential buyers refused to believe (or have been offended by the assumption) that their carpets can be so much dust and dirt.
To remove stains from red wine spilled on the carpet, pour this place soda water or sprinkle salt to absorb the liquid. Remains remove a vacuum cleaner. If the stain remains, then wash the area with a solution of detergent and a few drops of white vinegar.
To remove the carpet chewing gum stuck, try to press her ice cubes and keep it as long as it does not become brittle and crumble.


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