"Mathematics - a type of art": post to the centenary of the birth of Martin Gardner

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I think the contents of this post will be interesting to anyone who likes math and its beauty to all who are familiar with a remarkable book by Martin Gardner and objectives, and will also be useful to teachers, pupils and students. All links in this post lead to websites Wolfram Demonstrations Project (collection of free interactive demonstrations created by users of the system Mathematica i> in the language of Wolfram Language using technology Computable Document Format (CDF), while available for you the source code of all demonstrations, and which means you can download each of them, to learn and to change for themselves) and Wolfram MathWorld (the largest and most respected online encyclopedia of mathematics) . i>

One hundred years ago, on October 21, 1914 in Oklahoma born Martin Gardner.

About Martin Gardner (Wikipedia) A leading headings mathematical games and entertainment magazine «Scientific American», which was presented to the public at large game "Life", invented by John Conway, as well as many other interesting games , tasks, puzzles.

Particularly popular articles and books have earned Gardner on entertaining mathematics. Gardner entertaining treated as a synonym for exciting, interesting in understanding, but alien to idle entertaining.

Also known as the author of several science fiction stories ("The Island of the five colors", "Nulstoronny Professor"), the commentator Lewis Carroll ("Alice in Wonderland," "Alice in Wonderland" and "Hunting of the Snark") and GK Chesterton ( "The Man Who Was Thursday" and "Ignorance of Father Brown»).

Among the works of Gardner has philosophical essays, essays on the history of mathematics, mathematical tricks and "comics", popular science studies, science fiction stories, tasks on intelligence.

"Gardner" style is characterized by clarity, brightness, convincing presentation, shine, paradoxical idea, originality and depth of scientific ideas, many of which are drawn from contemporary scientific publications and in turn became the impetus of the serious research, the active involvement of the reader in the independent creative work.
He wrote about the game hex and crosses -noliki .

Searching Hamiltonian cycles on the edges of the dodecahedron (game "Ikosian") and poliomino .

Flexagon paper , puzzles Sam Loyd , and game of Nim .

Digital root of the number , cubes Soma , labyrinths , logike , and magic squares .

Squaring the square and golden section .

Decided & quot; problem of spider and fly & quot ;.

Wrote about the problem of packing circles , the properties of ellipse , the number pi and conic sections .

group theory and its application in the theory of braids , Prime gap , Latin squares , теореме four color .

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hypercube , machines Turing , curves of constant width , Eight queens puzzle .

Klein bottle , cut into Tape , screw lines and & quot; izyaschnyh graphs & quot ;.

About Arecibo message , and Divisibility numbers .

About carpets and Ulam parity / odd numbers .

buildings on the basis of farms that are resistant , trisection of an angle , and the problem of blanket Mrs. Perkins .

About Pascal's triangle , balancing weights with the Trinity weights and the problem of billiard trajectory with respect to the problem of transfusion water .


About геометрических Built with restrictions , including e and доказательстве tasks induction .

About abacus , random walks , periodic decimals and type puzzles pyatnashek .

About Pythagorean theorem , gears , isskusstvo Escher and сферах .

pattern based on domino , tower on based on the harmonic series , endless rows and задачи about cutting the cake .

About Aleph-zero and Aleph-one .

About game of life and gun Gosper.

About worms Paterson and twisted into a knot torus , bending a sheet of paper and igre Mill .

On the problem, solved by Andrew Wiles (Fermat's Last Theorem).

About Dirichlet principle and Penrose patterns .

On the game tapeworm , figures from yarn , curves dragon , and book of changes .

about the figure, which can be broken down into very similar figure , and koltsah Borromeo .

About tiling of the plane pentagons , problem of shuffling , the problem of & quot; precise touch & quot; , tetrahedra , cycloid and cubes dice .

Diophantine equations and geometric errors .


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