This guy went into a coma and was condemned to death. But his spirit was stronger than the disease!

Martin Pistorius was born and lives in South Africa. He was a normal kid, is what happened to him in January 1988, completely changed his life, a few years turned into a nightmare. When he came home from school, the boy complained to his parents on a sore throat, but what seemed like the common cold, it was something more frightening: the state is rapidly deteriorating Martin, doctors shrugged. He quickly lost his memory, he was increasingly difficult to move, he stopped to talk and react to what is happening. Simply put, Martin fell into a coma.

It is still unclear what caused the coma Martin. Some believe that it was cryptococcal meningitis, but the exact diagnosis has not been delivered. Joan, the boy's mother even tried to kill herself, but she was rescued. B>

Almost a year later the doctors said they are powerless to help Martin, parents only had to take him home and care for him until the disease had exhausted child.

However, at the age of 16 years the consciousness has been slowly returning to the younger Pistorius. Memory gradually restored, but it was still not available to Martin. «You know, it's like in the movies: the hero died and became a ghost himself without realizing it. So I realized that people like me would not notice that whatever was going on inside me, no matter how I tried dokrichatsya them - anyway, no I did not see, i> - as later described those days Martin. - And then I realized that my cross - existence alone ». I>

The most frightening moment in the life of Martin were the words spoken by the person most dear - his mother: «I hope you die." i> It is wrong to think that Martin did not hear that. Just imagine how desperate was the poor woman ...

The breakthrough came when Martin was 25. In the rehabilitation center where the guy left in the afternoon, the therapist noticed that the patient came to himself: facial expressions, nodding his head, trying to establish eye contact. The Centre for Alternative Communication in the capital of South Africa, Martin passed various tests which proved that it is present and adequately react to stimuli. Inspired by her mother quit her job and began to devote all his time caring for his son: with the help of Martin mastered the computer program, through which the laptop "talking" for him. B>

The guy went further: having mastered the computer, he goes to college, studying programming, and even gets the job done. By this time Martin has full control over the upper body and facial expressions. And thanks to his sister, he met with Joan, who became his wife in 2009. B>

Two years later, Martin was released autobiography "Ghost Boy." Currently Pistorius - a successful web designer. B>

This story proves once again: Never give up. Even if the gray clouds completely covered the sky above you, there is still the lumen into which penetrates a ray of hope. The main thing - to see him, but the one who trusts will always find the strength to go forward.


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