20 of the most unusual bars from all over the world. Each one is unique in its own way ...

Bar - the perfect place to relax and have fun, meet old friends and make new ones, and generally have a good time. Some people like to constantly go to different places, while others prefer to stay in one favorite of the institution, which seems peculiar to them.

Today we show the coolest bars around the world, which you definitely want to visit.

«Sky Bar", Bangkok

This bar is located on the roof of the 63-storey building. Just imagine the feeling when you sip kokteylchik admiring the night city.

«Clinic", Singapore

Excellent restaurant for those who are no stranger to medical topics. Doctors are sure will feel at ease.

«Water and wind," Bình Dương Province, Vietnam

This bar is located in the middle of the lake. Its uniqueness is that during the construction of the building has not been used a single nail! Parts of bamboo structures were connected by the ancient way, borrowed from the Japanese.

«Zhoben Bistro", Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The interior of this restaurant is sure to impress fans of steampunk. The designers were inspired by the works of the bar of Jules Verne and HG Wells.

«Alyuks Cavern", Mexico

The bar is located in a cave, which is already more than 18 000 years. Just imagine how much needed spark for its lighting!

«Northern Lights», Iceland

This place got its name not accidentally. The architects of the building made sure that the windows of the bar you can admire the northern lights.

«White Rabbit", Moscow

From the windows of this restaurant offers a beautiful view. Here you can admire Moscow bird's-eye view.

«A breath as Tiger Leap", China

People who suffer from fear of heights, this Chinese bar hardly will like, because it is located right on the edge of a cliff! Whatever it was, just marvelous surrounding landscape.

«Blue Frog", Mumbai, India

Cutting edge design institutions - it is something! Bar tables arranged so that the music could be heard in every corner.

«monkey», Berlin

The bar gets its name from the location - it's located right next to Berlin Zoological Park. This place - a great place for rest and relaxation, because it reigns inexpressible atmosphere!

Pub "Sun Valley", South Africa

This pub offers the opportunity to skip a beer to everyone for more than 80 years. And it is inside a huge tree, whose age has passed for 6,000 years.

Cafe "Laundry", Iceland

This facility combines several functions: a bar, a laundry room and a library. Why torment yourself waiting for freshly washed laundry, if you can read a book and have a drink without leaving the laundry.

«Club 33", Disneyland, California

Visitors to this bar may be far not everyone. To do this, you need to be to a club membership that you want to wait for years. This fact can not but disappoint those wishing to visit this place as the "Club 33" - the only place in Disneyland, where you can drink alcohol.

«Ice Bar", Quebec, Canada

This place is really unique, because the walls and furniture of the bar built out of ice! Visitors to "Ice Bar" do not neglect warm clothing.

«Safe house», Wisconsin

The bar is full of cunning tricks. Go through the door it can only be called a password. In addition, the building can be found the secret moves!

«Aliens» Hans Rudolf Giger, Switzerland

The abundance of artificial skeletons and bones in the interior of the bar can be confusing especially impressionable visitors, but fans of science fiction and the movie "Alien" will be delighted.

«Star», Israel

The fact that the bar is under water, indicates not just a fancy restaurant interior sea, but also a real life underwater at a depth of 6 m, which you can contemplate the right of the window.

«Ozone", Hong Kong

The bar is located on the 118th floor of one of Hong Kong's skyscrapers. Anyone who visit this place for the first time, should be prepared to find yourself in a place similar to a den of aliens.

«Hemingway Lounge", Hollywood, USA

This institution - a popular place for local intellectuals. There can be not only a drink, but also to enjoy reading your favorite book.

«The Rock», Bali, Indonesia

Sitting in the bar on the cliff, visitors can admire plenty of beautiful views of the ocean.

Each of these places is beautiful and unique in its own way. This is their doing, not only the location of a specific or unusual design. First of all, this is a special, peculiar only to them, the atmosphere, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

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